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Honoring Early Animal Communicators: Dawn Hayman

This series highlights the inspiring breakthroughs of early animal communicators, who began their professional careers over thirty years ago. This article is based on the “Featured Animal Communicator” column where I interviewed Dawn Hayman for Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 67, Summer 2007. I hope you’ll find Dawn’s story as fascinating as I did.

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Honoring Early Animal Communicators: Carol Gurney

Moved by the recent death of animal communicator, Jeri Ryan, I wish to celebrate early animal communication students who became dedicated professionals in the field. This article is derived from the “Featured Animal Communicator” story I wrote for Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 62, Spring 2006.

Carol Gurney was one of my first animal communication students who became an accomplished animal communicator and teacher of animal communication.

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The Passing of Animal Communicator, Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan left her physical form on Earth and took off for more expansive realms on March 25, 2022. After studying animal communication with me in the late 1970s/early 80s, she became the first professional animal communicator who had trained with me.

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Tell It Like It Is

When people first start training as animal communicators, they are often unsure and hesitant about relaying the communication they receive from animals. As their instructor, I commonly had to coax students to say what communication they got, since they weren’t sure it was “right” or that they got anything at all and didn’t want to look foolish.

When students were doing course exercises with other people’s animal companions, instead of just telling what they got from the animal to the person, they might
hedge their bets.

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Animals and Unresolved Issues

I was speaking to a puppy, Tutu, who had transitioned recently. She was living on the street with her family and was in and out of homes when her mother was neutered, then again when she had Parvo. She was adopted for a few days and abandoned. She was upset when I connected with her, and wanted closure as to why she was not allowed to just be by the feeder and that she could never really belong and felt unwanted. This was my first experience for an animal seeking closure and I was not sure if it was me projecting. When I spoke with other experienced communicators, everyone said it was my projection or the animal mirroring the need for closure of the human. But I still feel in my heart that it was the animal. Would you have an insight into an animal's soul journey? Could they like us also need closure? Could they too have unresolved issues?

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How to Ground Disoriented Animals

Lisa Mapes writes:
I was called upon to meet with a dog that I helped in the past. This time I found his behavior so unusual. He seemed to be in another dimension and was very ungrounded. How do you ground someone who is so taken over by another realm? I know food can help, and play with the other dogs, and I know he loves the land. But the energies come over him and he floats away, sometimes ending up down the road in the subdivision! I am amazed with what I am seeing and was wondering if you have had dealings like this? Such a fascinating and powerful situation. The horses honored him and the dogs just allowed him to be, even as he paced or floated through the house at night. When he would look at me he would hold my gaze and look through me. I just feel so honored to know him, to have the experience of him.

Yes, I have been asked to help animals who were so immersed in other realms that they did not function well in the physical world and remained in an expanded but dysfunctional, ungrounded state, partially or wholly disconnected from their bodies. Bodies may be left to run on automatic when beings are not fully connected and in control. They may be jumpy, easily startled, prone to run away, or have behavior and health problems.

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How Can You Know Telepathically if an Animal is Dead or Alive?

Some animal communicators have had the experience in long-distance consultations when clients test them by asking them to communicate with an animal but hide the fact that the animal has died.

Readers have asked:
Why doesn’t an animal communicator know if an animal who is not present is alive or dead?

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Animal Communicators Can Be Fooled

Helping people with their animal friends as an animal communicator can be demanding work. To do it well requires a great deal of sensitivity, calm, centered presence, compassion, clear and deep communication, dedication to our own spiritual/emotional growth, strength, and courage.

It is not a profession for the faint of heart.

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Real Wild Documentary: The Animal Communicator

The Real Wild Documentary about the work of South African animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach, is exquisitely produced to demonstrate the power and foundation of animal communication. Anna has found, as I have in my lifetime of work in the field, that people transform and emotionally heal when they connect and rediscover how to communicate with animals. She dedicates her work to awakening the power of animal communication in all humans to heal the Nature separation humanity is suffering that negatively affects our whole world.

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How to Use Animal Communication Effectively for Behavior Problems

In this guest blog, professional animal communicator, Teresa Wagner shares her well-written, thorough coverage of what an effective animal consultation is about and how a client can get the most out of it.


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Do You Want To Be An Animal Communicator?

Continuing on the theme of what it takes to be an animal communicator from my last blog, here are wise words by Dawn Hayman, a very experienced animal communicator who trained with me. She submitted this article at my request when I was editor of Species Link journal in 1994, and I also included it in my Interspecies Counselor Course.

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What Does It Take To Be An Animal Communicator?

You might think that the most important prerequisite for being an animal communicator is loving animals and wanting to help them. That is a natural, deeply felt characteristic of all animal communicators I know. Even more important is a willingness and ability to communicate well with people to help them understand their animal friends and increase harmony among humans and other species.

People who feel they love animals but loath people do not do well in this field. Vital to being a good communicator or counselor is love and compassion for all species and individuals you work with, including humans, and (perhaps, most of all) yourself.

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Getting to the Root of Problems

Successful animal communication consultations are characterized by positive attitude and behavior changes in animals and their people about situations that have been brought up to handle. Getting to the root of problems through telepathic communication and understanding of the animal’s and human’s viewpoints rather than just giving advice based on past experience or others’ conclusions about animal behavior is the key. Here are a few examples.

A woman called me for help because her cat Misha repeatedly peed on the bed. This started after the woman broke up with her boyfriend and moved from a house where the cat could go outdoors and had more human company to a high rise apartment where cats were not even allowed. The apartment was sterile and the cat spent most of the day alone.

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PET PSYCHIC or Animal Communicator?

Every individual of every species is born with the ability to communicate telepathically by direct feeling and thought transfer. I have emphasized in my teaching and publications that people who have lost their ability to communicate with animals in the course of their human socialization can rediscover it again.

Consciously communicating telepathically with animals my whole life, I never denied or abandoned this natural intuitive connection. In 1971, I did my first counseling session with an animal using telepathic communication.

As I continued to do animal consultations to help people with problems they had with their animal companions, I called myself an
animal communicator. That was a natural choice. What I did involved exchanging communication in the form of thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, emotions, intentions… with animals, domestic or wild.

Why not Pet Psychic?
Why don’t I use the popularized term “Pet Psychic” to describe what I do?

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Why I Became an Animal Communicator

I’ve been asked, encouraged, and cajoled to do a blog for years. Now, at last, in this phase of my life, I have the time. And the new website program and redesigned website that I launched in October 2017 handily supports a blog.

I look forward to sharing many animal communication experiences and insights I’ve had for the seven decades I’ve lived so far this life. I’ll start with a foundation subject, “
Why I Became an Animal Communicator.” So, here we go…

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