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The Vital Role of Pure Presence

Want to know the key ingredient for successful animal communication consultations and life in general? Revealed in an article I wrote for Species Link Issue 84, Autumn 2011.

You may have experienced the following conditions other animal communicators have related to me:

  • Being frustrated when a client won’t change or doesn’t get what you espouse or advise; trying to convince a client about your point of view;
  • Animals will not communicate with you, or you can’t seem to get anything from animals at times;
  • Issues don’t resolve; a solution or program of action does not present itself in the consultation dialog;
  • Clients (all species) feel puzzled, dissatisfied, misunderstood, frustrated, or angry after a consultation.

What do these situations indicate? All of them can be symptoms of an animal communicator’s lack of presence and telepathic connection, vital for a positive experience for clients of any species.

The Foundation
Cultivating, maintaining, and increasing pure, positive, listening presence and telepathic connection in consultations is a major factor in resolving problems and facilitating positive change. It is a major focus in my Interspecies Counselor Course and builds a solid foundation for a rewarding animal communication career.

An animal communicator’s pure presence and telepathic connection are magical.
Clients of all species expand emotionally and spiritually when they feel listened to, respected, understood, and embraced for who they are. True telepathic communication brings healing light on the situation presented. Doorways open, and ways to resolve problems spontaneously arise. Clients see, discover, understand, and embrace solutions.

Animals Are Willing to Communicate
Animals are also very willing to communicate to animal communicators who have a calm, focused presence and everyone’s interest at heart rather than their own distractions or agenda in the forefront. When animal communicators listen on a telepathic level to the human client’s feelings along with the animal’s, all feel drawn into cooperation, and problems begin to dissolve. In the atmosphere created by this listening presence, the animal communicator’s skill, knowledge, and experience are readily available, including wisdom beyond what was previously known.

To have a “miraculous” resolution is not just a matter of trying to figure out what to do or handling a situation using wit or previous solutions. When an animal communicator is deeply present and listens to those who are confused, conflicted, ignorant of what to do, and seeking guidance and meets them with compassion,
a door opens. Everyone works together instead of being mired in conflict. Wisdom can arise out of this union.

Woman facing horse in communion

Calming, compassionate, focused presence helps beings of any species melt resistance, begin to see each other’s points of view, ease into cooperation, and heal.
The older cat softens about accepting the new cat. The very ill dog who veterinary attention has failed to help, lifts out of emotional malaise and begins to get well. The person who believed that they should dominate dogs and horses into desired behavior now sees how animals are fellow beings with their own feelings and viewpoints, that animals can be helped to understand human wishes, and all species can work as a team.

Creating a Field
Dropping back into the bigger picture of our fundamental union as soul/anima creates a field for connection, resolution, realization, and breakthrough.

While imposing our agenda may bring us a temporary triumph of will, this vehement stance may create overwhelming or stressful emotions in clients. Advocating one’s viewpoint can also create conflict and continuance or hardening of a problem. If a consultation does not bring more goodwill, joy, peace, love, understanding, and harmony, then true telepathic connection has not been fully served or realized.

Compassionate, empathetic presence helps bring resolution through mind, heart, and soul-sparking revelation. Deep presence and telepathic connection often bring instant positive changes.
I have seen complex problems unravel or melt away as animal communicators relay communication and understanding. It opens the door to animals and people taking their next steps to a more evolved, happy, peaceful, harmonious state of being—the litmus test of a consultation.

I have heard animal communicators complain about human clients or animals who couldn’t “get it.” A major contributing factor may be that the animal communicators got caught in their own fears or distractions and were not 100% present for their clients. Being fully present will also help you to see when your skill or experience is not what is needed to handle the situation and the person and animal needs other professional help with holistic veterinarians or other therapists.
Presence will also help you see that a person is not responding to your help, and you can be honest in admitting that you cannot do anything more for that person.

Sparking in the Grid of Light
Staying in telepathic attunement, empathy, understanding, and alignment with the goodness of all beings creates clarity and dissolves barriers and misunderstandings. Becoming one with all the others in a consultation and feeling what they feel has a unifying effect, a dissolution of differences that melts opposition and brings higher awareness beyond the details of identities and positions.

Presence and telepathic connection bring everyone where they see situations as they are, and organic solutions come to light. The spectrum from physical pragmatic approaches to the highest loving understanding, spiritual awareness, and healing come forward as needed. When we practice and deepen our presence and telepathic understanding, miracles happen.

You will know you are in a state of pure presence when everyone involved feels validated, connected, understood, and free to expand. In centered presence, we tap into a grid of light, the ubiquitous essence that sparks us all.

Behind all creation of viewpoints, worlds, species, there is a latticework of light, pure light energy that knows no shortage, no division, no separation, where true beauty resides, and laughter is the sound of creation. Meet your clients there.

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