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Break through the layers of cultural conditioning that separate you from total connection and communication with animals.

See, hear, smell, touch, taste, feel, and experience the world through other beings’ perspectives. Understand animals to depths unimagined. Learn how to help resolve animal behavior and emotional issues, illness, and pain and deepen mutual understanding and cooperation.

This series of six compact disc recordings on four major topics covers the theory and practice of directly communicating mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart with other species. Filled with timeless and many-layered wisdom, you can listen to these recordings again and again for growth in understanding and skill. Your animal friends may want to listen along with you.

The wealth of knowledge and insight on these recordings has helped many animal communicators begin their careers and improve their professional practice.

1.    How to Communicate with Animals Practice simple, basic steps extended from the techniques in the classic book, Animal Talk. (Not as comprehensive as the exercises and pointers in the Basic Course CD set) (1 hour)

2.    Animal Intelligence and Awareness How intelligent are animals? Is Homo sapiens the only species that is self-aware? Find out about animals' comprehension, reasoning, and awareness based on actual communication and observable responses from animals. (1 hour)

3.    Understanding Animals' Viewpoints Get the "inside story" on how animals view humans and the world around them. Numerous experiences reveal animals' purposes, sense of humor, deep feelings, and spiritual insights. Release blocks to your full connection with other species. (2 hours)

4.    Healing and Counseling with Animals Learn straightforward methods to help animals through emotional trauma, fear, injury, illness, and dying (not a substitute for veterinary assistance but ways to promote healing). Bodywork and counseling in-person and at a distance. Contacting animals who have died. Entities. Insight into Penelope’s seasoned approach to counseling with animals. (2 hours)

Anima Mundi Incorporated ISBN 978-0-936552-18-7, 6 CD set, 6 hours. $75 - now on sale $55
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(Earlier edition audio cassette album, The Interspecies Telepathic Connection Tape Series Pegasus Publications ISBN 0-936552-12-3, 4 audiotapes, 6 hours. Out of print as full album; individual audiotapes #1, 2, 3  are still available by e-mailing )

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THE BASIC COURSE How to Communicate with Animals

Now you can practice at home the time-honored “How to Communicate with Animals” course developed by Penelope Smith! 

Reawaken your telepathic communion with all of life and experience the joy of understanding other species, from dogs to whales to butterflies.

Penelope began teaching how to communicate with animals in the 1970’s. Since that time she has tested, expanded, and refined the methods found in the Basic Course, teaching thousands of students all over the world to rediscover and develop their telepathic connection with other species. Many animal communicators around the world have also apprenticed with Penelope to teach this course.

In this recording and accompanying booklet, Penelope clearly guides you through the topics, exercises, and practical guidance found in a live Basic Course. It is intended for those who cannot attend a course in-person with an instructor, and is also effective for continued practice of the materials after attending a Basic Course. It is recommended that you read
Animal Talk before you begin.  

Anima Mundi Incorporated  ISBN 978-0-936552-20-0, 2 CD set, 2 hours 11 minutes plus booklet. $55 - now on sale $44   
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Receive clear, inspiring information on who animals really are. Learn how you can help heal animals through direct communication with them and how animals can assist you in your journey of self-discovery.

Understanding exactly what our animal companions think and feel enhances all healing approaches and results in a reverence for all life. A moving, historical talk not to be missed.

Recorded live at the San Francisco Whole Life Expo. Produced by Penelope Smith. Art Direction and Production: Lauraine Bacon/The Rainbow Company; Illustrations: Capucine

1          Animals as healers and teachers                       
2          How animal communication works                                  
3          Penelope’s animal communication history                       
4          Counseling and healing with animals                               
5          Animal meditation and global awareness                         
6          Healings and greatest lessons from animals                    
7          Questions/answers about animal communication             

Anima Mundi Incorporated ISBN 978-0-936552-19-4, CD, 45 minutes $11 - now on sale $8 Formerly available as audiotape: The Healing Power of Animal Communication Pegasus Publications ISBN 0-936552-17-4, 45 minutes. (out of print)
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A powerful embrace of our ancestral roots honoring kinship with all life. Chant, dance, drum, and sing with animal powers and ancient healing spirits.

Over the years, students of our Advanced Interspecies Communication Courses have requested a recording for remembrance and further practice of the drumming and chanting we do to gather our energy and call in the spirits. The form of this Spirit Power Circle came from my guiding spirits and through knowledge of the Native American Medicine Wheel. The Student Power Song came as I drummed with students to call in the spirits of all the directions. It has now been sung in circles around the world.

The Ancient Grandmothers, our wise female ancestors from many cultures, conduct us deeper into our true source of divine power within. Powerful, playful, and loving characters, they have added their blessings to this recording with some transformational healing songs.

1. Entry into the Spirit Power Circle: Cleanse body, heart, mind and spirit as you listen to the heartbeat drumming and chanting
2. Connecting to Mother Earth and all her creatures
3-8.Calling the Spirits of all the Directions with drumming, rattling, and the Student Power Song
3. East (Eagle Power, Fire Element, Spring Season, Spiritual Body)
4. South (Coyote Power, Water Element, Summer Season, Emotional Body)
5. West (Bear Power, Earth Element, Autumn Season, Physical Body)
6. North (White Buffalo Power, Air Element, Winter Season, Mental Body)
7. Above (Father Sky and all that is above)
8. Below (Mother Earth and all that she holds)
9. Dancing all the Directions within us with our power animal guides in a clockwise direction
10. Connecting to all in the Spirit Power Circle and beyond: feeling our gathered spirit power and the intentions in our hearts; joining intentions in the center of the circle; gathering the energy of our circle between our hands; directing energy into our body or out to the world; walking out of the circle and into the world to the heartbeat drumming
11. Ancient Grandmothers Blessing for the Earth and all her children
12. Ancient Grandmothers Healing for the Individual Soul
13. Ocarina call of the Ancient Ones
14. Shamanic journey drumming        

Anima Mundi Incorporated UPC 603888 112225, CD, 70 minutes $16.00 - now on sale $11 
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The CLASSIC DVD on the subject

Introduction and overview of the subject. Eye-opening for skeptics!

Penelope Smith demonstrates ways of increasing our understanding and harmony with other species and makes clear why it is fundamentally important to heighten our awareness of other animals' spiritual nature and to expand our abilities to fully
communicate with them.

We witness consultations and interviews with people and their animal companions who have benefited from Penelope's communication, counseling, and healing work. In scenes of courses, we get a taste of techniques that help people regain their power
to telepathically communicate with other species.

Kelly Hart/Hartworks, DVD, 46 minutes ISBN 0-916289-11-7 $29.95

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was filmed during a rare wildlife communication retreat facilitated by Penelope Smith at Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary in Idaho with the Teton mountain peaks in the background.

It is the combination of Penelope Smith's lifetime work of communicating telepathically with other species and the ability of the animals to make their voices heard and their wisdom and powerful energy felt. In this retreat, Penelope helps the human participants release the mindsets that limit their ability to listen and walk in understanding with other species. Fostering heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul connection with animals brings people into a refreshing relationship with wild animals as fellow intelligent beings.

Basic principles of telepathic communication are used to enable people to experience thoughts, feelings, and energetic transmissions from coyotes, foxes, bears, a cougar, bison, and other Earthfire residents. In this holy ground of true meeting, witness how the animals respond favorably, magic happens, and human perspectives are deeply shifted. You will be moved into a receptive state of communion as you watch this DVD.

Film directed by Anthony Birkholz New edition of DVD published by Beyond Words Publishing $24.95 ASIN: B006Z9XHB4

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Part of the DVD proceeds will help support the wild animals of Earthfire Institute.

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