Animal Communicator Lifetime Adventures

Getting to the Root of Problems

Successful animal communication consultations are characterized by positive attitude and behavior changes in animals and their people about situations that have been brought up to handle. Getting to the root of problems through telepathic communication and understanding of the animal’s and human’s viewpoints rather than just giving advice based on past experience or others’ conclusions about animal behavior is the key. Here are a few examples.

A woman called me for help because her cat Misha repeatedly peed on the bed. This started after the woman broke up with her boyfriend and moved from a house where the cat could go outdoors and had more human company to a high rise apartment where cats were not even allowed. The apartment was sterile and the cat spent most of the day alone.

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Can We Listen to Animal Conversations?

A woman had a troupe of Amazon parrots who loved to perform for people. One evening she was holding her timid parrot, Kodiak, while watching a television program on dolphins, complete with recordings of them talking. All her parrots perked up and seemed to be listening, especially Kodiak. He became quite relaxed while the dolphins talked and seemed different when she put him back in his cage.

When she held him again while watching television, he calmly walked over to her left arm and sat on it for several minutes. She was astonished because he had been terrified of and unable to perch on her left arm. She felt that what the dolphins had said affected all the birds in the room. How she wished she could have understood what it was!

I’ve often been asked if we can eavesdrop on animal conversations to hear what they are communicating to each other. This certainly would have been useful to the woman with the Amazon parrots.

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Animals Confound Expectations

Throughout my long history as an animal communicator, I found that many humans have had low expectations about animal intelligence and awareness. They often have no idea of the depth of animals’ thoughts and feelings that we find when we truly communicate with other species.

Almost five decades of animal communication education, highlighting who animals really are and what they can understand and communicate has influenced the depth of an array of media presentations and the evolution of scientific research about animals over the years. However, I still find that many people hold preconceptions that undervalue what animals reveal about themselves with direct telepathic communication.

I was catapulted to review this subject when I got this feedback from my recent blog
in which a bull came forward to give his wise views on the subject of human cruelty.

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The Mother Earth Channel to Communicate with Animals

Here are a few approaches that you can easily apply in daily life practice to deepen your telepathic awareness and connection with animals. I used these techniques to great effect in the animal communication courses I taught.

The Mother Earth Channel
After having facilitated a number of whale journeys, one day the whales directly helped me improve my teaching of animal communication. They advised me to get people to connect with animals through their feet on the ground. By feeling their feet firmly on the ground, people could then feel through Mother Earth the common link they had to all the other animals on Earth.

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How Do Animals Feel About Human Cruelty?

A reader asks: I wonder how animals see suffering and that cruelty and lack of empathy typical to a large part of humankind. It is often unbearable to think of so many animals suffering all around the world.

When I began to connect with animals to answer this question, a large black bull standing in a grassy field came into my awareness and offered himself as a representative for animalkind.

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