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Bluebell Bison on Healing the Planet

Bluebell is a bison who lives at Earthfire Institute and Wildlife Sanctuary in Idaho. Years ago, the director, Susan Eirich, requested that I ask her these questions about healing the planet.

I am Bluebell, named by humans in a very appropriate way for my character, which is peaceful and connected with flowers.
I am united with all the other bison, not just those in the present, but the rolling ancestral herds of long ago that thundered across the plains.
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Remembering How to Hear Animals

Article written by Kate Brower (now Solisti) for Species Link Issue 10, Winter 1993 about her animal communication journey

As a young child I heard plants, animals, and minerals speaking to me. I thought everybody could hear them. I quickly learned that this was not the case.

Hearing over and over, "It's just your imagination, dear" made me doubt the truth of my deeper connection. In order to be accepted by family and friends, I shut down my ability to hear. I tried to forget what I had heard, but somehow always remembered conversations with my cat.
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Dragonfly Vision

An article in the June 2024 Sierra magazine talked about how dragonflies "hunt the insects humans hate—mosquitoes and gnats, deerflies and wasps—and their 95 percent success rate makes them nature’s most lethal predators….They can fly backward and sideways, dip up and down with ease, hover in place, and reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour. With their compound eyes, odonates process 200 images per second—over three times more than humans do—which produces a slow-motion effect that allows them to hyperfocus on prey.”

I marveled at this description of dragonfly abilities. It intrigued me enough that I decided to find out more from the masters themselves.
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Owls Who Fly with Broken Wings

At a 1993 course in Massachusetts, an owl visited our group of animal communication students. She came from “Animals as Intermediaries” whose animal residents could not return to the wild after injury or human habituation. They were willing teachers in human education and therapy programs.
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Animals that Inspire Fear or Loathing

The ability to communicate with animals may begin with creatures you are comfortable with, such as cats and dogs. In my courses, I have loved to help people stretch their boundaries and become curious about animals outside their comfort zone to gain revelations and experience insightful breakthroughs. It is a very useful exercise to shift feelings about animals, especially those people are afraid of or even hate.
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