Animal Communicator Lifetime Adventures

How I Found My Remarkable Canine Partner

I’ve had many adventures in communicating with animals throughout my life. Some of the most exciting adventures have been when I am moved to adopt a new animal companion. These times are filled with compelling spiritual guidance, evolving communication with the new animal friends even before they arrive, mystical signs, revelation of mutual purpose and support, and pure delight.

I am celebrating the arrival on January 22, 2004 of my dear Belinda - one of the most special canine companions of my life.
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"We'll Never Really Know" True or False?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’ll never really know” uttered with a shrug of the shoulders, eyebrows raised, and palms open to the sky when something mysterious happens and no one can readily explain the cause of it.
Penelope Smith shrugging shoulders and smiling

A very common attitude of people unaware of their telepathic connection is that humans will never be able to understand what animals think and feel. People relate amazing stories about animals and then add the caveat,
“We will never know what the animals were really thinking or what really happened to them?” This rests on a supposition that animals are something very separate from and incomprehensible to humans and we cannot communicate with them.
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Real Deal Communication with Animals

In teaching telepathic communication with animals, I emphasized that students develop fullness and depth in communicating. This involved learning to use all their telepathic sensing ability to get what an animal feels right down to the smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing of it.

The most direct way of communicating with animals that is the least likely to mix in human thinking involves becoming or uniting with animals spiritually. A mutually agreed upon connection like this enables you to feel what animals feel and receive their thoughts simultaneously in a rich, nuanced way.
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PET PSYCHIC or Animal Communicator?

Every individual of every species is born with the ability to communicate telepathically by direct feeling and thought transfer. I have emphasized in my teaching and publications that people who have lost their ability to communicate with animals in the course of their human socialization can rediscover it again.

Consciously communicating telepathically with animals my whole life, I never denied or abandoned this natural intuitive connection. In 1971, I did my first counseling session with an animal using telepathic communication.

As I continued to do animal consultations to help people with problems they had with their animal companions, I called myself an
animal communicator. That was a natural choice. What I did involved exchanging communication in the form of thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, emotions, intentions… with animals, domestic or wild.

Why not Pet Psychic?
Why don’t I use the popularized term “Pet Psychic” to describe what I do?

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Why I Became an Animal Communicator

I’ve been asked, encouraged, and cajoled to do a blog for years. Now, at last, in this phase of my life, I have the time. And the new website program and redesigned website that I launched in October 2017 handily supports a blog.

I look forward to sharing many animal communication experiences and insights I’ve had for the seven decades I’ve lived so far this life. I’ll start with a foundation subject, “
Why I Became an Animal Communicator.” So, here we go…
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