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Finding Lost Animals

Finding Lost Animals - Part 4

How Do Animal Communicators Find Lost Animals?
What skills are required? Are missing animals always lost or do they leave for other reasons?

We’ll answer these questions in this section of Brenda Fullick’s interview of animal communicators and other research.

Working with lost animals is hard. But it can also be thrilling.

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 3

How to Know if Lost Animals are Dead or Alive
It’s something that most people who are searching for their lost animal friends want to know, especially as time goes by and their precious ones have not returned home. Animal communicators hear clients plead “I just want to know if my animal is dead or alive. Please just tell me if she’s dead or alive. I want closure. ”

do animal communicators tell if a missing animal is dead or alive?

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 2

Brenda Fullick interviewed animal communicators about finding lost animals for an article in Species Link - The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, spring 2004, when I was editor and publisher. This edited section of the article is full of helpful tips for people whose animals are lost.

Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
The most difficult, daunting call a communicator may ever face — the desperate plea to find a missing animal — can also be the most fascinating.

Barb Monroe’s Doberman, Chance, and his German shorthaired pal, Pepper, escaped from their yard one day for some sightseeing in Toledo, Ohio. When Pepper came home from their romp, the friendly, outgoing Chance wasn’t with her.

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 1

The Challenge
People often consult with animal communicators to help find lost animal companions.
Black and white cat on brick wall
It can be one of the most difficult things animal communicators are asked to do and frustrating for clients urgently wanting their animal back home. Both the lost animals and their people are under stress. Animals often cannot communicate well where they are due to confusion and disconnection from familiar places.

In their desperation to find their animal friends, people often consult with a number of animal communicators and receive different answers. This letter (edited for length and clarity) illustrates a common bewilderment.

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