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Circle of Twelve Healing with Penelope Smith Nov 30, 2022
Communicating with animals telepathically throughout her life, Penelope Smith discovered in 1971 that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques that helped humans. The training and experience that have contributed to her success are her educational background, with bachelor's and master's degrees in the social sciences; years of training and experience in human counseling, nutrition, and holistic body energy balancing methods; research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior, and care; plus the firsthand education from the thousands of animals she has contacted.

Since the 1970s, Penelope has been the founding pioneer for the field whose name she originated,
interspecies telepathic communication. Author of the popular classic books in the field, Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit, many audio recordings, and editor of Species Link magazine, Penelope has held the hub of the growing community of animal communicators world wide for decades.

Penelope's visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, numerous books, and on radio and television, in the United States and abroad. She has developed tried-and-true telepathic communication techniques, which complement current scientific knowledge and traditional methods. Her methods foster people's ability to understand and communicate with animals on many levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. As a world-renowned teacher of basic and advanced interspecies telepathic communication, she has helped launch the careers of numerous professional animal communicators.

Penelope feels that the sacred connection we make through telepathic communication with other species is essential for human wholeness. She believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and that, although it is long lost for most people, it can be regained for the benefit of all beings on Earth. 


Interview with Penelope

As an Animal Communication Specialist, what do you do?
I give lectures, courses, and consultations and have books, audio and video recordings, and a quarterly magazine to increase people's ability to understand and communicate directly with animals. I have communicated with and counseled thousands of animals and their people during consultations (in-person or by telephone) to assist them toward a more ideal relationship. We have successfully worked together to resolve misunderstandings, behavior problems, and the psychosomatic aspects of illnesses or injuries that do not respond well to veterinary care. My writing and speaking commitments preclude scheduling private consultations now; therefore, for personal help with animal companions, I often refer people to our network of animal communicators.           

How do you communicate with animals? Is it psychic ability? Psychic comes from the Greek word "psyche," meaning soul or spirit. Yes, I communicate to the individual animal, who is a spiritual being with a particular type of animal body, just as humans are spiritual beings with human animal bodies. This awareness of animals as intelligent beings with a spiritual essence is central to the ease in which animals communicate with me and increases their willingness to understand and change in positive directions. With or without physical contact, I communicate with animals telepathically, with feelings, intentions, thoughts, concepts or mental pictures. They communicate back to me in the same ways, and I translate their thoughts into words for human understanding. Animals can also understand the meaning of words when humans clearly transmit what they wish to communicate. Animals pick up the intentions, images, and feelings behind what people verbalize. Some animals even relay words mentally, especially those animals who are very close to people and so have learned the meaning of words or who have had past life experience in human form.      

What do animals say to you? They give their viewpoint on what is happening with them and what they have wanted to communicate to their people. Most animals are willing to answer any question about what they think and want, although they don't have the same priorities as people do. They have varying experience and interests due to their body types and their particular environments. They have different sense organs and functions, and therefore cannot be expected to talk about human activities that are not applicable to them, like golf or the stock market. When asked the right questions, they usually can recall their early experiences and even past lives. As with humans, their experience often has relevance to current behavior. Non-humans are individuals and communicate in different ways according to their awareness, intelligence, ability, and experience, as do humans.  

How do you know you are getting across to animals and receiving their communication? While I know that we understand each other, it is also evident to others because of the response of the animals or the results. Behavior problems often disappear, animals visibly become brighter, more active, relaxed, or cooperative. Illnesses lessen or the animal improves dramatically or gradually after a consultation.

What is your purpose in communicating with animals? To help all species co-exist in greater understanding, co-operation, and happiness. I love helping people and animals appreciate and learn from each other more, and I hope that this in turn will increase the health and harmony of all life on the planet.

How did you become an Animal Communication Specialist? I have always loved animals and have been talking with them and developing mutual trust since I was a child. I was able to use my ability to communicate with them more effectively when I became a counselor for humans. I discovered that the techniques that worked with people to help them sort out problems and relieve emotional traumas worked as well and usually more rapidly with animals. As I helped my own animal companions, and then those of friends and acquaintances, the word spread, until I finally decided to hang out a shingle and charge for my services.

What are some examples of your work? One racehorse, who had been a winner but then did not do well, made consistent placing in races after I helped her handle the mental trauma affecting her from some of her past injuries. Another horse that I counseled revived a past-life purpose and achievement as a race horse and did so well in her next race that she had to be tested for drugs (which, of course, were not used), as she was such a long shot to win.

I counseled a dog with a broken leg who would not keep his cast on, and the vet said he would be lame the rest of his life. When I arrived, he was dragging the leg. After a half-hour session together, he was running on it, and he subsequently healed normally.

For television, radio, or other public appearances, I often demonstrate communicating with animals and relay answers to questions posed to them. To minimize distractions, a consultation for handling problems is best done in the animal's home environment, but even public demonstrations can provide therapeutic insight and relief for those involved.

Can other people do what you do or be shown how? Yes, if they love animals, they can be taught to increase their abilities to be receptive and communicate with other species. Some people are more sensitive and open than others and learn faster. Willingness to listen and realize that animals are fellow spiritual beings from whom you can learn a great deal is a major factor in opening up receptivity. My books, tapes, journal, lectures, and courses are aids in increasing telepathic communication ability. As in developing any skill, it takes patience, practice, and determination.

What training and experience enabled you to become an Animal Communication Specialist? My educational background, with a B.A. in Latin American Studies and Sociology and an M.A.T. in Social Studies, plus years of training and experience in human counseling and spiritual studies have increased my understanding and capacity to help human and non-human animals alike. Besides practical experience in communicating with animals since childhood, I've had excellent results in applying human counseling techniques to animals since l971. Since becoming a professional animal communication specialist, I have worked successfully with thousands of animals using mental, spiritual, and physical communication techniques. Years of study and work in human nutrition and holistic body energy balancing methods, as well as research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior, and care have also increased my ability to help animals. Besides asking animals if they have any pain or where it hurts, I can perceive inside their bodies for areas of distress or blocked energy and help locate what needs veterinary attention. Telepathic communication functions successfully both in person and at a distance. I can focus on and contact animals telepathically through their connection with their people along with a physical description of them.

What about animal diet — what do you recommend? As do many holistic veterinarians, I advise preparation of a diet as close to natural as possible, i.e., for cats and dogs — raw or lightly cooked meat, eggs, cooked whole grains, fresh vegetables, some fruit, nuts, dairy products — free of synthetic additives and chemical preservatives. Degenerative disease and behavioral or emotional problems in animals, as in people, can stem from poor nutrition. Such items as processed, low-grade meat by-products with doubtful additives found in most commercial dog and cat food can create toxic residues in the body, leading to illness. Some manufacturers specialize in more wholesome fare, which can be used by those who cannot prepare homemade food. Focusing on nutritional needs has often helped to resolve disorders and create happier, healthier animals.

3 animal communication books by Penelope Smith banner

Have your discoveries in animal communication been published?
Yes, in numerous books, newspaper and magazine articles, and in my books, Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication (originally published in 1978; latest edition published by Beyond Words Publishing, Inc./Simon and Schuster) and When Animals Speak (Beyond Words Publishing, Inc./Simon and Schuster; (originally published as Animals...Our Return to Wholeness in 1993). I have also produced a series of audio recordings, Animal Communication Mastery Series, (CDs individually titled: How to Communicate with Animals; Animal Intelligence and Awareness; Understanding Animals' Viewpoints; Healing and Counseling with Animals); The Basic Course: How to Communicate with Animals; Animal Healing Power, and Animal Spirit Call. We also have published a quarterly journal called Species Link.

What else do you like to do?
I love being with my own animal family, creating works of art, gardening, and contemplating in Divine Communion with all of life.
Penelope Smith hugging Buddha Boy Afghan hound

I don't know if you have any idea of the magnitude of light you hold for so many and the help, hope and love you give to all who know you and also those who don't. I think sometimes the work must be overwhelming for you, but I hope you can gain strength from this knowledge when you need it. You are a truly incredible being and I am honored to know you. G.C.

Watch Beyond Words Presents webinar interview, Q&A, and live consultations with Penelope

I just watched your video and I thought it was warm, wonderful and so wise and informative! A.O.

Video excerpt from a Wildlife Communication Retreat Penelope teaches at Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary and part of Wild Animals Speak DVD

Healing a Grizzly Bear through Telepathy video 
Susan Eirich of Earthfire Institute tells the story of how grizzly bear, Teton, and Penelope communicated and worked long distance together energetically to help heal his paralyzed state.

This podcast with Susan Eirich tells more about Teton's healing process.

Understanding Animals Voices with Penelope Smith, Part 1
A lively conversational podcast about animals' voices with Susan Eirich of Earthfire Institute (wildlife sanctuary). Full of information about how telepathic communication works and how to access our own ability. Also how animals grow as they help humans understand them.

Understanding Animals Voices with Penelope Smith, Part 2
This second half of an interview with Penelope Smith begins by exploring the question,  "Do animals grow spiritually as they age?"

Penelope Speaks with Mother Earth
In this age of ecological emergency, Penelope Smith, founding animal communicator, communicates with Mother Earth and several representative species about humankind’s role on the Earth. What comes forth is a powerful message about our roles as Earth Protectors.  

Penelope's YouTube Channel

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Responses to the Coast to Coast Art Bell Radio Show
On January 17, 2002, I was interviewed on the Coast to Coast radio show with Art Bell, one of the top rated radio talk shows in the country, broadcasting then on over 500 radio stations nationwide to an audience of 10-50 million listeners nightly.
The three-hour interview (from 11 P.M.-2 A.M.) was a great experience. Art is a very intelligent interviewer and passionate about animals and getting to know how they think and communicate. Out of the flood of e-mail responses, I'd like to share some that show a range in public attitude.

Last night I listened to you on the Art Bell show and I never heard of anything as ridiculous as your trying to say animals were rational beings. If that was so and they were capable of reason, do you think a herd of cattle would go to slaughter without a battle? Why wouldn't all the animals in the wilds organize against humankind? Do you think a herd of elephants would turn and run from a hunter? I don't think so. Get real.

Penelope's e-mail response:  Thank you for writing. Food for thought: Substitute "humans" for cattle and elephants, "people" for animals, and "oppressors" for mankind, and think of examples. What is rational? Different people have different definitions. We all have emotions, fears, and different ways of looking at things and responding. It's wonderful to listen to different individuals of different cultures or species and learn how many different ways there are to view situations. Blessings with all life on Earth.

I really enjoyed your conversation last Thursday, Jan. 17, on the Art Bell, "Coast to Coast A.M." program and wanted to share with you the reaction my cat had to you. Here is the first letter I sent Art: Thursday night when you were interviewing Penelope Smith, the animal communicator, my cat, Mike-y, was fast asleep in an adjoining room. Approximately twenty minutes into the discussion, he came trotting into my room, jumped up onto my bed, and lay next to me, as if listening to the show. At 5:00 A.M. when the show ended, I turned off the radio, and he left for a drink of water to return to the room where he'd originally been. Quite amusing and thought provoking.

Second letter to Art:
I was listening to your show Friday evening via 840 WHAS (Kentuckyanna). They broadcast the last hour of previous show, which happened to be with Penelope Smith. Amazingly, after only a minute or so, here came my cat into the room and he jumped onto the bed, seemingly the better to hear! Maybe this was not so unusual given his like behavior during Thursday's initial show with her. Of course, he only stayed that particular hour. When her segment was over, he was gone!

There was a definite perception that he gravitated to her voice. Can the same actions TWICE be a fluke? I think not!

You may or may not remember Baron or me but I feel I must write to you as again you have helped me and don't even know it. While I was at a clinic of Robyn Hood's in Vernon, BC, my chow Teddy got out of the gate while he was being cared for at home in Alberta and was killed on the highway. My other chow named Xi-Xi (pronounced She-She) was devastated at the loss of her best friend and refused to eat. It took me several days to return home and on the way I picked up a six-month old male chow named Baron. He was more than a handful and was going to be put down if I didn't give him a chance. He tried to kill everything in sight. He and I had more than a few SERIOUS disagreements. I spoke with you one night as he lay in the back porch sleeping and you assured me that he would be okay, that he needed lots of remedial work and that he would be with me "for many years". Well, he was and just recently passed on. One night recently I couldn't sleep and asked for a more concrete sign that Baron is okay in his new surroundings. I got out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and turned on the radio and there you were on Art Bell's program. I knew immediately that my 'sign' had been delivered.  

I heard you about a week ago on the "Art Bell show" and never in my life have I been so spellbound to a conversation/discussion. I am a hardworking, middle-class, conservative Bronx New Yorker and must praise you on your breakthroughs in your field. May God bless you and keep you strong to continue to go down the road you've started and to spread the word of your breakthroughs to other people.

WTBS - Superstation (cable): “Nature”
CBS Television (NY City): Video clip shown on “The Late Show” with David Letterman
Watchmaker Productions (London): “The Clive James Show”
KRON (San Francisco) (NBC): “The Daybreak Show” with Henry Tannenbaum
KPIX (San Francisco) (CBS): “Mac & Mutley”; “People are Talking”
KOVR (CBS) News Special
Lifetime Cable Television: “Attitudes”
The Wisdom Channel Cable Television “Omega Presents”
FOX channel news
     The Coast to Coast Show with Art Bell
Good Day Program (Boston, MA) The Doug Stephan Show
       Talk Radio Network (San Francisco, CA) The Hollywood Pets Radio Show
       WCBM (Baltimore, MD): “21st Century Radio” with Dr. Bob Hieronimus
       KCMX (Medford, OR): Bob White's “Heart to Heart”
       CFRB (Toronto): “The Pet Doctor Show” and “The John Oakley Show”
       KZUM-FM (Lincoln, NE): “Exploring Unexplained Phenomena”
       KVI-AM (Seattle, WA): “The Laura Lee Show”
       WGN (Chicago, IL)
       KKMG (Colorado Springs, CO)
       CFRO (Vancouver, Canada) “Animal Voices”
       NPR Weekend America
WLRN Morning Edition “The Rich Roffman Show” (South Florida’s NPR station)
       Take 5/Channel 155/XM Satellite Radio "The Pet Hour" (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
       Omega Institute for Holistic Studies (Rhinebeck, New York) workshop presenter
       Interface Foundation (Boston, Massachusetts) workshop presenter
       Kripalu Center (Lenox, Massachusetts) workshop presenter
       Hollyhock (Cortez Island, British Columbia, Canada) workshop presenter
       Infinity Foundation (Highland Park, IL) workshop presenter
       Los Angeles Whole Life Expo speaker
       San Francisco Whole Life Expo speaker
       Whisker’s Natural Pet Care Expo (New York, NY) speaker
       Conference on Animal Rights (San Francisco State University) panelist
       American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Conference speaker
       International Environmental Exposition (San Jose, California) panelist
       International Llama Association Conference speaker
  and many others.

Penelope Smith has been featured in these NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, & JOURNALS
The Wall Street Journal 1992
San Francisco Chronicle: October 1994
Pacific Sun 1995
Chicago Tribune 1997
New York Daily News September 1997
The New York Times July 22, 2001
The Toronto Star July 2001
The Los Angeles Times Feb 9, 2002
Newsday September 18, 2002 
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Animal Wellness Magazine 2000, 2008, 2017
Cat Fancy August 2000
Natural Home March 2002
Whole Cat Journal March 2002
Paint Horse Journal June 2004
Alternative Medicine October 2004
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and many more . . .

 Penelope Smith and her works are QUOTED or FEATURED in these BOOKS

The 100 Top Psychics in America by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble; Pocket Books, 1996
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Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication In The Web Of Life by Dawn Baumann Brunke, Bear & Company, 2002 and others...        

I want to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for all that you taught me, about love for all life and connection. You are my inspiration, always! S.W.

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