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Penelope Smith and Jerry orange tabby cat
Is it really possible?

Have you ever wondered if you could communicate with animals? 

Is there a way to understand what your dog, cat, horse, and even wild animals are thinking and feeling?

You can tap into the universal language of all species through telepathic communication with animals.

Learn how to communicate with animals
through the work of Animal Communicator founding pioneer,
Penelope Smith, author of classic books,
Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals In Spirit

Penelope Smith's books, audio, video display
A complete program for you to learn animal communication

Other Features

ACCAW Prayer Circle Prayers and spiritual healing for you and your animal companions

Meet Penelope - interview and photos of the animal family, home, and land

Animal Communication Tips - articles and stories about animal communication, animal consultation information, dolphin & whale messages

Animal Communicator Blog - a lifetime of animal communication adventures and teachings

Products - books, audio, video, teleseminars

Resource Links - holistic animal services

AnimalTalk frontcover

The adventure starts here with Animal Talk

Visitor Comments
Your website is easy to navigate, to the point and has beautiful colors and design.

Lots of interesting animal and nature articles. Regularly updated so you know there is always something interesting to come and read on a regular basis.

Elegantly designed, without clutter, and yet very informative.

I have explored your website extensively, and watched a pre-recorded webinar, where you answered guest callers' questions and communicated with their beloved animals in spirit. I found solace in your ability to connect with the spirits of your guests' departed animals. Your website has been a source of inspiration, empowerment, and re-assurance that my soul-mate is forever with me in spirit.

Your website is wonderful. The information is amazing and I love to read your blog. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift.

Compassion flows from your site like mama's milk. The world needs these oases. Wonderful.

Really like your website! I appreciate the in-depth info on Penelope, her courses, the books and other publications. The info is very complete - one stop shopping! The technical aspects of it are very attractive also: the graphics, colors, and this feedback request. In contrast to many other websites I've seen it is one of the more efficient and effective. 

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