Animal Communication Penelope Smith

The foundation book on animal communication.
Still going strong after almost four decades and many editions!

The book that led the way - Penelope Smith's classic book on how you can learn to directly communicate with animals. Picks up where Dr. Doolittle left off, for anyone who ever wondered what his or her dog/cat/tortoise was thinking.

All living creatures have the ability to think, feel, and communicate although most people have forgotten this. No hocus-pocus, no wishful thinking, this book teaches how to open up to the messages that animals around us are sending all the time.

Solve behavior problems. Find out where your animal hurts. Discover animals' likes and dislikes and why they do the things they do. Learn the "language" that will open the door to your animal friends' hearts and minds. Many professional animal communicators around the world use what they learned from this book as a foundation for their work.

Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster ISBN 978-1-58270-214-8, 180 pages. $14.00  (7th edition) First edition published by Pegasus Publications in 1982   

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I want to thank you for not hiding your light under a bushel. It is because of you I wandered into the wonderful world of animals on a deeper level. I talk to the animals who are around me all the time because of your book. As I dedicate my time to speaking on behalf of the animals, to the people of my church, understanding their world better because of what you have shared can only increase my ability to speak for them. Thank you so much, again, for choosing to move your life in this direction. It has blessed all of us who know you, or of you. L.S.

I love your real stories about communication with animals. They are such eye openers. I have read all three books and started communicating with them right after I read your first book. You make it so easy. No complications. P.R.

Deep, life-changing revelations communicated directly from the animals.

Discover who animals and other forms of life really are;
how they understand themselves and others;
how they feel about humans and life in general;
how they choose their paths in life and death;
the depth of their spiritual understanding and purposes;
and how they can teach, heal, and guide us back to wholeness as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings.

Regain the language natively understood by all species.
Laugh as you experience other species' refreshing and sometimes startling points of view about living, humans, and you.

Foreword by Michael J. Roads, author of Talking with Nature.
Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster ISBN 978-1-58270-235-3, 352 pages. $22.99 (4th edition) First edition (1993) titled Animals: Our Return to Wholeness

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Thank you for letting me rediscover the ability to talk to animals. I have always known there was something I was supposed to do, to know, and now I know. It was like opening a window and letting the air into my heart. S.N.

How do we say goodbye when it’s time for our beloved animal companions to pass?

Where do they go when they leave Earth, and how do we ease the loss and help them transition to the other side?

In her newest book, Penelope shows how to explore and transform the often traumatic experience of losing a cherished animal into a positive, uplifting experience for animals as well as their human friends. With true stories and insights from people and their animals about dying, death, and beyond, readers will learn how to release feelings of loss and separation and instead stay connected to their animal friends in spirit.

Informative and comforting, Animals in Spirit shares the process of dying from animals’ viewpoints. You will learn:
  •   how animals may choose their paths in life and death
  •   how to work through guilt and grieving
  •   when to consider euthanasia
  •   what happens after animals leave this world
  •   the messages departed animals have for us
  •   and reincarnation—meeting animal friends from life to life.
All people who care for animals must face their companions' deaths. Animals in Spirit is a powerful and practical guide that shows us how to help animals make their transition while strengthening ourselves by feeling their presence deeper in our hearts as we learn to accept and understand the full experience.

Based on the audiotape,
Animal Death: A Spiritual Journey, published by Pegasus Publications, 1991.
Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster ISBN 978-1-58270-177-6, 192 pages $14.00   

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I had been tending to my elderly, sick Irish Setter, Cinnamon, for several months. Having experienced the loss of furry family members in the past, I dreaded the inevitable time when Cinni would have to leave this earth--either naturally or with a vet's assistance. It was a constant struggle for me, which possibly translated into an unnecessary struggle for Cinnamon.

I purchased your book, Animals in Spirit and it has opened up a world of understanding, faith, and joy. Though my Christian background doesn’t promote reincarnation or the spirit of animals, my personal belief, since childhood, has embraced the unique energy within each living thing and the possibility of reincarnation. Your book helped validate a few events with pets that have left Earth and pets that are still physically here.

I made the fateful appointment today to assist our Cinni's transition from the physical plane. Though many tears have been shed in the last few months, your book reminded me that I should invest my time and energy in enveloping Cinni with love. Much love and words of comfort and gratitude were shared with her. I reminded her of how much we all love her, what a great job she had done, that she would always be with us, and that she could come visit any time. There were no 'good-byes' only 'see you soon!' We kept Cinni constant company and made sure she was warmly enveloped in her blankets and showered with kisses and gentle caresses. The vet was gracious to allow us to spend as much time with her as possible. Her departure was peaceful, quick, and (I never thought I'd be saying this!) uplifting.

Though I expected to cry (and continue crying for days), I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and joy...a joy that can only be described as pure, honest, and unselfish. Of course I miss her, yet I feel that as if I have been able to move directly to the "acceptance" phase of the grieving process in a rather healthy way. The understanding I gained as a result of reading your book helps me rejoice in Cinni's departure instead of wallowing in tears, which would make her transition much more challenging for her. I am grateful knowing that she will always be a part of my life, that we will soon meet again, and that she may even one day be back to teach me new things. Penelope, I am grateful that you have shared your insight and stories through your book. I cannot adequately describe how helpful your book has been during this challenging time. My hope is that others will also use your book to help find peace and comfort during their time of loss and grief.