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How I Was Guided to My New Dog Companion

He came presaged by visions, signs, synchronicities, and messages like many animal companions before him. Guidance mysterious yet clear, laced with wondering and excitement.

A few years ago, while my beloved dog Belinda was still alive, I started to have
visions of my next dog - a small dog with fringes of hair on ears, tail, and down the sides like a Papillon or Pomeranian mix.

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Do You Want To Be An Animal Communicator?

Continuing on the theme of what it takes to be an animal communicator from my last blog, here are wise words by Dawn Hayman, a very experienced animal communicator who trained with me. She submitted this article at my request when I was editor of Species Link journal in 1994, and I also included it in my Interspecies Counselor Course.

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What Does It Take To Be An Animal Communicator?

You might think that the most important prerequisite for being an animal communicator is loving animals and wanting to help them. That is a natural, deeply felt characteristic of all animal communicators I know. Even more important is a willingness and ability to communicate well with people to help them understand their animal friends and increase harmony among humans and other species.

People who feel they love animals but loath people do not do well in this field. Vital to being a good communicator or counselor is love and compassion for all species and individuals you work with, including humans, and (perhaps, most of all) yourself.

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Ask Before You Ride A Horse

After I wrote the September 21 blog on How Horses Feel About Humans, a reader wrote to me about horses having pain when they are ridden with a reference to a book and articles by Maksida Vogt, which scientifically shows how this is so.

Before I talk about these studies, I’d like to give you my perspective from communicating with numerous horses and falling in love with these sensitive, beautiful beings.

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The Departure of My Ultimate Dog

I am eternally grateful for the magical life with my ultimate dog, Belinda. She had the best traits of all my former dog companions and added some qualities and quirks of her own, as we individuals all must do. It is fitting that she departed this life on November 1st - All Saint’s Day.

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The Great Cycle of Life

As my sweet, wise canine partner, Belinda and I wend our way through the end stages of her life on Earth, I am reminded of the departure of our dearest friend, Sherman, orange tabby wonder cat. Sherman and Belinda loved each other deeply and curled up together often. With similar size, coloring, and loving energy, I called them the Butterscotch Twins.

Here is the wondrous story of Master Sherman’s last steps on Earth…

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Telepathic Animal Communication: An Affair of Heart and Soul

Telepathic communication with animals is an affair of the heart and soul. It involves getting in touch with the deep core of your being so that you can meet another in the same place. From that strong foundation, you can truly listen to animals’ deepest desires, feelings, and thoughts and understand who they are and what they are communicating to you.

You may have buried and thought you lost your native ability to telepathically communicate with animals.

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How Horses Feel About Humans

Horses enter the spotlight in our animal communication focus as a reader sent me this thoughtful question:

I am 17-year-old girl from Poland and I have recently been fascinated by Animal Communication. I also love horses and have ridden for 10 years. But now it is time in my life when I am wondering if maybe I should end riding, as it might be too cruel (even "natural horsemanship").

I wonder, what do horses think about being ridden and generally about humans? Do at least some of them like their work? And what would they like us to do to make them happier? Has any horse told you anything on this matter? I would be very grateful if you could write about it. It is really important for me...

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Wild and Buzzing Animal Communication

Sometimes people think that when you can communicate with animals telepathically, they will be willing to do what you want. No, communication doesn’t equate to obedience. Animals are individuals with their own agendas in life. We can communicate with each other and still have different perceptions, different priorities, and different ideas about how things should be.

Good communication and understanding of another’s viewpoint usually opens the way to understanding and cooperation. However, sometimes other animals are not willing to listen, understand, or cooperate, especially wild animals who often don’t have a desire to get close to or please humans like domesticated companion animals do.

I’ll give you a few examples of when communicating with wild critters did not go so smoothly and what I learned.

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Viruses Reveal Their True Mission

When we think of interspecies telepathic communication, most of us focus on the animals that we see around us. Perhaps we include the trees and other plants in our vision of sentient life and even the minerals and other forces like wind, water, fire, and earth. Many of us do not consider some of the smaller creatures in the web of life —viruses and similar microorganisms—as partners in our choice for telepathic dialogue.

People often think of viruses with fear as negative things that need to be destroyed before they decimate our bodies. But viruses are living beings with whom you can communicate. They are alive and conscious like other animals, including you and me.

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Getting to the Root of Problems

Successful animal communication consultations are characterized by positive attitude and behavior changes in animals and their people about situations that have been brought up to handle. Getting to the root of problems through telepathic communication and understanding of the animal’s and human’s viewpoints rather than just giving advice based on past experience or others’ conclusions about animal behavior is the key. Here are a few examples.

A woman called me for help because her cat Misha repeatedly peed on the bed. This started after the woman broke up with her boyfriend and moved from a house where the cat could go outdoors and had more human company to a high rise apartment where cats were not even allowed. The apartment was sterile and the cat spent most of the day alone.

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Can We Listen to Animal Conversations?

A woman had a troupe of Amazon parrots who loved to perform for people. One evening she was holding her timid parrot, Kodiak, while watching a television program on dolphins, complete with recordings of them talking. All her parrots perked up and seemed to be listening, especially Kodiak. He became quite relaxed while the dolphins talked and seemed different when she put him back in his cage.

When she held him again while watching television, he calmly walked over to her left arm and sat on it for several minutes. She was astonished because he had been terrified of and unable to perch on her left arm. She felt that what the dolphins had said affected all the birds in the room. How she wished she could have understood what it was!

I’ve often been asked if we can eavesdrop on animal conversations to hear what they are communicating to each other. This certainly would have been useful to the woman with the Amazon parrots.

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Animals Confound Expectations

Throughout my long history as an animal communicator, I found that many humans have had low expectations about animal intelligence and awareness. They often have no idea of the depth of animals’ thoughts and feelings that we find when we truly communicate with other species.

Almost five decades of animal communication education, highlighting who animals really are and what they can understand and communicate has influenced the depth of an array of media presentations and the evolution of scientific research about animals over the years. However, I still find that many people hold preconceptions that undervalue what animals reveal about themselves with direct telepathic communication.

I was catapulted to review this subject when I got this feedback from my recent blog
in which a bull came forward to give his wise views on the subject of human cruelty.

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The Mother Earth Channel to Communicate with Animals

Here are a few approaches that you can easily apply in daily life practice to deepen your telepathic awareness and connection with animals. I used these techniques to great effect in the animal communication courses I taught.

The Mother Earth Channel
After having facilitated a number of whale journeys, one day the whales directly helped me improve my teaching of animal communication. They advised me to get people to connect with animals through their feet on the ground. By feeling their feet firmly on the ground, people could then feel through Mother Earth the common link they had to all the other animals on Earth.

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How Do Animals Feel About Human Cruelty?

A reader asks: I wonder how animals see suffering and that cruelty and lack of empathy typical to a large part of humankind. It is often unbearable to think of so many animals suffering all around the world.

When I began to connect with animals to answer this question, a large black bull standing in a grassy field came into my awareness and offered himself as a representative for animalkind.

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Animals Answer About God

I was asked by a reader, “Do animals believe in God from birth and do they communicate with Him?”

The One in All
When I first started to contemplate getting fresh answers to this question from animals, Ziggy, my black cat, was nearby. Asking him about his awareness of God, he answered with this spacious concept,

“The One in All. All That Is. All That We Are. I Am That. We Are That.”

I could feel his awareness of an open space of living essence in everything. To him, God is that which unites us all and is in us all that makes us alive and conscious. His awareness of God was not restricted to a personality or gender or an individual. He was aware of a
nurturing force, an open-ended or infinite consciousness that permeated us and IS us all.

To find out what other animals communicated:

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Animal Acceptance of Death

Conscious of their spiritual nature and living fully and happily in their current animal form, animals generally do not fear a natural death. Nearing their physical demise, they often leave their bodies gradually, relatively painlessly, and peacefully if they are allowed to do so. Dying can get painful and prolonged if they feel obligated to stay in their worn-out bodies for the sake of people they love who do not want to let them go.

A woman called me for a phone consultation about her aging standard poodle. He had refused to eat for a week after a series of veterinary treatments for various ailments. She realized that her dog was dying and that she could probably do no more for him. She was gravely concerned that for several months, her formerly affectionate canine companion avoided her and seemed morose.

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Animal Awareness and Interspecies Communication

This consultation I had years ago with a person and her horse and donkey is a great example of how aware animals are. It also shows how even when animals are being stubborn or rebellious, they can be reasoned with to cooperatively solve problems.

Handling a Depressed Horse
A horse called Chaca suffered so severely from a foot disease that she was not able to be ridden. When she became very depressed, stood in one place in her pasture, and did not want to eat, her person, Elaine, phoned me for help.

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Animal Death - Guilt and Grieving

When an animal dies, we often experience feelings of guilt and remorse that compound our grief yet again. Could I have done more for my beloved companion? Why was I so preoccupied with my work that I failed to notice his illness? Did the treatment plan I chose to follow make him suffer more? These questions and many others may haunt us for weeks, months, or possibly years.

Our rational minds may say that it isn’t logical to grieve so much for a beloved animal friend. However, every bond we share with other beings creates a kind of energetic blending of our auras or energy fields. When a friend leaves, there is a tearing of this bond, which can hurt just as if our bodies were ripped open. We have to heal that energetic wound before it becomes easy to connect with our friends solely as spirits.

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The Song is Love - Messages About Our Ecological Crisis

I received this inspiring letter from Ruggero Grottanelli. His words reminded me of a message I received from the dolphins on the first dolphin journey I facilitated in the Bahamas in 1997. Both messages are very relevant to our relationship with other species and Mother Earth.

Ruggero’s Inspiration
Now, planet Earth is facing a deep environmental crisis. Many people make efforts to avoid the worst, dedicating their lives to saving a small piece of the wonderful Nature of this planet.

Don't despair: every action in the right direction helps and gives breath space to Nature to recover. In this moment the whole planet Earth is working to overcome this crisis, every living being is leading with all its energy towards the restoration of the natural state of every place, all they need is for us to stop waiting on the rest of the planet. Even if it seems that things constantly get worse, even if it looks like an uphill battle, the power of recovery of our planet is much greater than we can imagine, and every effort helps.
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How Animals Interpret Thoughts and Feelings

Animals are capable of receiving telepathic communication of thoughts, intentions, and feelings of humans and other animals. However, like individual humans, they may interpret or understand others’ communication in unique ways and respond according to their familiarity with human or other animals’ ways of being. As with individual humans, they see how the thoughts and feelings of others make sense and can be interpreted according to their own nature and current way of understanding life.

Humans puzzle about why their animal friends behave as they do. Instead of getting the animals’ points of view and how they understand things, people often imagine that animals should understand and react just as they do in the same situations. This leads to confusion, misunderstanding, and problems with animal friends.

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Animal Suffering and What We Can Do About It

I frequently get e-mails from people lamenting the suffering of animals, how horrible it is and how terrible they feel about it. Some people even conclude that efforts such as education to raise human awareness are fruitless when there continues to be so much abuse of animals in the world.

One person sent me a notice by an animal rescue organization about an animal who was rehabilitated after abuse and adopted into a loving home and commented:

Another life saved, but I continue to be concerned that we are continuing to put bandages on problems when we do not prosecute those cases of abuse and neglect. Please let me know your procedure to address the root of these human cases of animal abuse.

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Authentic Telepathic Communication

Nancy Windheart writes this guest feature, "Is it Authentic Telepathic Communication or My Own Thoughts." Nancy trained with me to be an animal communicator and is an excellent teacher. Her article is a well-written summary of my teaching and Nancy's experience on the subject.

One of the most common questions that I receive about interspecies telepathic communication is:

How can I tell the difference between my own thoughts and direct communication from an animal?

One of the biggest challenges that we as humans face in reclaiming our natural ability to communicate telepathically is differentiating authentic telepathic communication (especially when it comes from non-human beings) from the thoughts, ideas, and projections of our human intellectual, thinking minds.

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Accessing Telepathic Oneness

In my article on the stages of growth people experience on their journey of opening to telepathic communication with animals, I mention the concept of oneness, a universal connection with all life.

Spiritual connection and oneness brings the possibility of full telepathic communication according to our focus and awareness.
An expansive, rich, tender, full feeling of understanding can accompany realization of this state of telepathic connection. We can learn how to feel the joy and wonder of it with our animal friends and all other forms of life, if we take the time to re-discover what is already within us as a native ability.

Becoming an Animal
I emphasize becoming one with an animal as the most complete way to step out of our own thoughts, preconceived notions, beliefs, and world view and truly experience what an animal communicates through the animal’s senses, feelings, and thoughts. It is a direct and immediate telepathic experience of communication.

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Animals Taking On Our Issues

Some people believe that animals take over illnesses from their humans. A shamanic practitioner I know tells a client that his dog is sick because of his suppressed emotions and the person feels very guilty after that.

I believe that animals too could get sick because they have their own karma. At least I cannot be sure if it is true so I find it not right to say this to a client. What is your experience with this ?

We Are Connected
Often there is a correlation between what humans are learning in life and what animals experience or respond to in us. No matter our species, we are each other’s helpers and mirrors, giving us a chance to see, often in an exaggerated way, what needs to be illuminated next and which may be clouded due to our habitual patterns or suppression.

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What to Do When Emotions Interfere

To receive true telepathic communication from animals requires that you are undistracted by your thoughts and emotions, calm, centered, and ready to connect and listen. You need to be able to receive incoming thoughts and feelings that an animal is communicating, unmixed with your own thoughts so you don’t misinterpret what you receive.

An Emotional Storm
A recent e-mail exchange highlights the effects of an emotional storm and how the person handled it to help handle a situation with her cat.

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 4

How Do Animal Communicators Find Lost Animals?
What skills are required? Are missing animals always lost or do they leave for other reasons?

We’ll answer these questions in this section of Brenda Fullick’s interview of animal communicators and other research.

Working with lost animals is hard. But it can also be thrilling.

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 3

How to Know if Lost Animals are Dead or Alive
It’s something that most people who are searching for their lost animal friends want to know, especially as time goes by and their precious ones have not returned home. Animal communicators hear clients plead “I just want to know if my animal is dead or alive. Please just tell me if she’s dead or alive. I want closure. ”

do animal communicators tell if a missing animal is dead or alive?

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 2

Brenda Fullick interviewed animal communicators about finding lost animals for an article in Species Link - The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, spring 2004, when I was editor and publisher. This edited section of the article is full of helpful tips for people whose animals are lost.

Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
The most difficult, daunting call a communicator may ever face — the desperate plea to find a missing animal — can also be the most fascinating.

Barb Monroe’s Doberman, Chance, and his German shorthaired pal, Pepper, escaped from their yard one day for some sightseeing in Toledo, Ohio. When Pepper came home from their romp, the friendly, outgoing Chance wasn’t with her.

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Finding Lost Animals - Part 1

The Challenge
People often consult with animal communicators to help find lost animal companions.
Black and white cat on brick wall
It can be one of the most difficult things animal communicators are asked to do and frustrating for clients urgently wanting their animal back home. Both the lost animals and their people are under stress. Animals often cannot communicate well where they are due to confusion and disconnection from familiar places.

In their desperation to find their animal friends, people often consult with a number of animal communicators and receive different answers. This letter (edited for length and clarity) illustrates a common bewilderment.

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Telepathic Communication with Animals - A Few Things It Can and Cannot Do

Communicating with animals telepathically is a very useful skill to re-discover and develop. It doesn’t solve all problems we may have with our animal companions, but it sure does help a lot. It’s a handy tool to have as a natural part of daily life.

People who are new to animal communication often assume that if you can telepathically communicate with animals, they will be obedient and do what you want. That’s like saying if you and I can communicate and understand each other, you will do what I want. It doesn’t work that way with human animals, and it doesn’t work that way with other animals, either.

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How I Found My Remarkable Canine Partner

I’ve had many adventures in communicating with animals throughout my life. Some of the most exciting adventures have been when I am moved to adopt a new animal companion. These times are filled with compelling spiritual guidance, evolving communication with the new animal friends even before they arrive, mystical signs, revelation of mutual purpose and support, and pure delight.

I am celebrating the arrival on January 22, 2004 of my dear Belinda - one of the most special canine companions of my life.

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"We'll Never Really Know" True or False?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’ll never really know” uttered with a shrug of the shoulders, eyebrows raised, and palms open to the sky when something mysterious happens and no one can readily explain the cause of it.
Penelope Smith shrugging shoulders and smiling

A very common attitude of people unaware of their telepathic connection is that humans will never be able to understand what animals think and feel. People relate amazing stories about animals and then add the caveat,
“We will never know what the animals were really thinking or what really happened to them?” This rests on a supposition that animals are something very separate from and incomprehensible to humans and we cannot communicate with them.

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Real Deal Communication with Animals

In teaching telepathic communication with animals, I emphasized that students develop fullness and depth in communicating. This involved learning to use all their telepathic sensing ability to get what an animal feels right down to the smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing of it.

The most direct way of communicating with animals that is the least likely to mix in human thinking involves becoming or uniting with animals spiritually. A mutually agreed upon connection like this enables you to feel what animals feel and receive their thoughts simultaneously in a rich, nuanced way.

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