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How Do Animals Feel About Human Cruelty?

A reader asks: I wonder how animals see suffering and that cruelty and lack of empathy typical to a large part of humankind. It is often unbearable to think of so many animals suffering all around the world.

When I began to connect with animals to answer this question, a large black bull standing in a grassy field came into my awareness and offered himself as a representative for animalkind, delivering this message:

The Bull Speaks
Bull in grassy field
We understand humans are animals who have lost their way. We other animals know we are here to enjoy our physical bodies and the tasks we do to create harmony and support in the web of life for all other beings. We enjoy our lives and are not hampered by mental complications that build walls and cause humans to forget to be happy in being who they are.

We are eternal spirits in the play of form. We appear in a body for a short time to enjoy creation and being creators on this Earth until we return home to the spiritual realm to dwell in the fullness of Spirit, Oneness, or God.

Humans live much of their lives in fear of what may happen. We do not. As I stand in this field, I breathe the smell of grass and earth and feel how beautiful it all is. The sky and field are one space surrounding me with light and life. When I lie down to sleep, I dream of floating in the light of my beautiful life here and all that is beyond.

I am aware that my body is bred to be food for humans. I chose to experience this form and I do not dwell on death, which will come to all in one way or another. When I die, my body goes to nourish others’ lives, as my life was nourished by other bodies, and on it goes. After enjoying the spiritual realm again, I have a choice to return to Earth according to my journey through time, dwelling again in cow form or experiencing other forms in the grand adventure.

Any suffering I experience is a brief moment of holding on to something in the vast drama of life-to-life learning. I learn what I need to evolve as a soul and move on. I am aware of having experienced many types of existence, including human lifetimes.

I have enjoyed being a cow a number of times. It is a peaceful, connected life of great compassion for all. We have plenty of time and space to contemplate, whether we are in a field or in a confined space.
The truths of life permeate and supersede the agonies you may perceive we endure. All species, all forms of life, endure privations such as hunger, cold, separation from loved ones, and rough treatment by others. We rise through it all because we know who we are and we know the truth of eternal existence.

Any lessons to be learned as givers or receivers of pain or love further us along on our journey. Eventually, all that is left is Oneness and bliss - peace in the Allness.

Evolving On The Journey
I do not minimize that cows and other animals suffer at the hands of humans. I see it as a lower condition of evolution that humans must grow through. There is joy in the growing - the realization of love instead of the suffering of separation from love. Those who dwell in states of agony, such as rage and hate, must change themselves or experience further enslavement to suffering.

I do not judge humans for their condition or the pain that moves them to inflict more pain. I stay in the space that most serves my journey as a spirit and in this lifetime as a bull. I contemplate beauty and peace and ever increasing compassion for all that is, including the brutality inflicted by others.

My next lifetime I may choose to be human again to apply the lessons and states of being that I have learned as a cow to a much more difficult existence. A human life is full of boobytraps of mental separation and forgetting of eternal truth. It would be a good test and adventure after the peaceful state of being a cow.

As a human, I would wish to focus on advancing evolution by alleviating suffering and uplifting others to higher awareness. If I get caught up in confusing human mind games, I would pray to be guided back to my truest path. I could also experience another form for a time, such as the happy, free state of being a bird. It has been a long time since I enjoyed being a bird.

Enjoyment is being full of joy in the moment that embodiment can bring. Earthly existence in the physical dimension is fun, despite the painful things we must endure to live a full life.

Learning from Animals
I could interview countless animals and ask how they view human cruelty. They, as individuals, would give various answers according to their current state of awareness on their unique spiritual journey. The bull who offered his viewpoint shared views common to many animals that I have previously communicated with.

We can learn from animals who have compassion for humans who hurt them.
As caretakers of Earth and guardians of all species, we can focus on furthering the well-being of all, even when other humans are committing acts of cruelty. Communicating with animals gives an understanding of life as an immediate experience to be relished in each moment. We can contribute to everyone’s happiness in the long run when we live and act from the center of who we are and bring joy to living.

Hone your ability to communicate with animals to get their viewpoints of any aspect of life and learn from it. Groove with animals. Feel what they feel. Get into their experience. Your life will be enriched.

You don’t need to dwell on their or your own suffering. Getting stuck in recirculating depressing thoughts that pose as reality brings you suffering. Feel the richness of living like other animals do, letting emotions, thoughts, and states of being flow like a river to the expansiveness of life’s great Mother Ocean.

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