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Animal Communication: What How Why

Telepathy through your Feet on the Ground

As I was beginning to teach a Basic Course on How to Communicate with Animals years ago, my mentors, the Great Whales, communicated:

Have them feel the animals through their feet on the ground.

They showed me how we as individuals of all species are connected to each other through our bodies on the Earth no matter where we are.

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Scientific Approaches to Animal Communication

Researchers are studying the field of interspecies telepathic communication in new ways that go beyond old scientific research models that do not adequately approach or reveal the multifaceted results of this subject. These contemporary scientists have also taken intuitive interspecies communication classes. Some are even practicing professionals in the field. It is an exciting time for enormous expansion to new people who may not have been open to or even have heard of animal communication.

I put together this comprehensive article with revealing contributions from other seasoned animal communicators about scientific proof, published in
Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 53 Winter 2004. Enjoy the time you take to dive into its riches.

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Can Telepathic Animal Communication Affect Present Time Animal Behavior?

I would love to hear others' experiences of using animal communication to affect "present moment real time" behavior.

After communication sessions, I see dramatic and immediate behavior changes in client animals all the time. And yet, I can't telepathically say to my pony (who loves treats) "I have an apple for you; come get it!" and get any sort of response. Yet if I physically show him the apple, he stops grazing and trots right over.

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Using Photos in Animal Communication

In an online mentoring class I did recently, many questions were submitted that I didn’t have time to answer. Here’s one of them:

How does a recent picture of the animal help the animal communicator (if they are off of the premises)? Beverly Taylor

A similar question was answered in
Species Link, The Voice of Experience Column Issue 60, Autumn 2005.

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The Tone of Communication from Animals

Animals have much to teach us with their innate wisdom about life, including dealing with other human beings. This story by animal communicator, Dawn Hayman, illustrates how animals focus on the positive in their present environment. The tone of this example can help us recognize when we are receiving communication directly from animals rather than lacing it with human projection.

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Animal Communication Morsels, Part 2 Animal Consciousness, Telepathic Communication and Dementia, Communication Technique

People often email me their questions about animal communication or their animal friends. As appropriate, I refer them to animal communicators for a professional consultation. Others I refer to publications or other professionals such as veterinarians for help. When I feel I can answer quickly in a helpful way, especially with people I know, I buzz off a response. Here are a few more of these questions and my answers as food-for-thought.

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Interbeing and Telepathic Connection

Beloved Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh left his human form on 22 January 2022. His recorded wisdom and loving smiles continue to enlighten us about the connection of all life. This excerpt from The Heart Sutra: the Fullness of Emptiness by Thich Nhat Hanh expresses so beautifully what he learned from communicating with a leaf.

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Animal Talk 40th Anniversary

In the late 1970s, students taking my beginning classes on animal communication urged me to write a book on the subject. The first edition of Animal Talk: A Guide to Communicating with and Understanding Animals was born. Getting it published to reach an interested audience was another story.

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 4—The Body and Cancer Cells

Your blog on the coronavirus and how it is supporting the balance was very interesting! I am also from Hong Kong and have a similar question: have you ever had a word with cancer cells? If so, what were your findings? Moni

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 3—Other Approaches

There are times when telepathic communication and dialog may be only one part of working out a problem you are having with groups of animals.

I've had challenges with two types of ants: the fire ants which are very painful and bite before you know they are close. The ones who are a big problem for all my flowers are the harvester or cutter ants. They will take down an entire flower bed in one night. They use the cuttings to grow fungus underground (which is their only food source). I've almost given up on growing daylilies and some others. How do we talk to them?

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 2—Trusting Your Connection

Improving your telepathic communication with animals enhances your relationship with all of life. It is a spiritual journey that requires the discipline of digging in to practice. By validating your own native ability to telepathically communicate with your fellow animal friends, you also honor the intelligence, willingness, and understanding of the animals you communicate with.

The animals of the Earth are ready and willing to communicate with you. Are you willing to take the steps you need to get to the same place with them?

In that light, here’s a question asked about communicating with groups of animals…

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 1—Leaders and Oversouls

Each animal is an individual. You can communicate with them about their lives, desires, thoughts, feelings, and about anything you don’t understand about them or any problem you are having with them.

Sometimes, people have challenges with
groups of animals.That may require a different approach than communicating with only one individual.

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How to Connect with the Animals Around You

I am hoping you would address how to follow your program for someone who does not have an animal helper/partner.

I am about halfway through your book,
Animal Talk, and it has struck me that my current situation is my biggest stumbling block. Due to life events since the 2008 financial crash, I no longer have animal companions. The condo complex I live in in San Diego County, California, borders a golf course. I am blessed to have a unit that overlooks the course and the local wildlife here is quite diverse: hummingbirds on up to red-tailed hawks, ducks and egrets, rabbits, lizards, even the occasional coyote.

While I have birds nest on my deck, none of the wildlife takes time to commune with me, not even the spiders who show up inside and on my deck. Nesting obviously is seasonal and I’m going to assume the parents are a bit too distracted with the nest to be proper candidates, regardless of their close proximity at those times that my presence doesn’t cause them to abandon the nest. While San Diego does have the zoo and safari park, Birch aquarium, and the various local Humane Society facilities, I’m not sure those would be useful resources.

So, again, I would appreciate your input on how I might best move forward in applying your recommended steps given a lack of actual live-in and/or eligible/agreeable/receptive participants.

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The Reality of Telepathic Communication with Animals

A concerned animal lover sent me an article published in the September/October 2001 issue of The Animal's Agenda (a magazine published by "The Animal Rights Network") entitled "Hear Spot Talk — Are Animal Communicators Psychics or Shams?" by Elizabeth Hess. While the author exerted genuine efforts to explore the field of animal communication, her general tone in this lengthy article came across as cynical to mocking.

The title of the article seemed strange, juxtaposing “psychic" and "sham." Usually people who are suspicious of spiritual realities assume psychic and sham to be inseparable. I wondered if she was going to elucidate the difference between a true psychic and a phony. In relaying different practitioners' approaches, she appeared to cast doubt on all of them.

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Day-to-Day Communication with Animals

People have often asked me about what my daily life communication with animals is like. I’ll answer some of their varied questions.

Do you talk aloud to your animal family or is it always silent telepathic communication?

How do you connect with your animal family members to get their attention and start communicating?

How do they show they understand?

Are you constantly talking or listening to your animal family?

Do you always understand your animals? What happens if you make mistakes interpreting your animal friends’ communications or miss things they are communicating?

Do other animals around you or from long distances contact you and communicate with you often? Is it like a cacophony of communication coming from all directions or can you turn it off or decide when and who to hear?

Does your telepathic communication help relationships between animal family members?

What do animals think about all the time?

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Telepathic Animal Communication: An Affair of Heart and Soul

Telepathic communication with animals is an affair of the heart and soul. It involves getting in touch with the deep core of your being so that you can meet another in the same place. From that strong foundation, you can truly listen to animals’ deepest desires, feelings, and thoughts and understand who they are and what they are communicating to you.

You may have buried and thought you lost your native ability to telepathically communicate with animals.

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Can We Listen to Animal Conversations?

A woman had a troupe of Amazon parrots who loved to perform for people. One evening she was holding her timid parrot, Kodiak, while watching a television program on dolphins, complete with recordings of them talking. All her parrots perked up and seemed to be listening, especially Kodiak. He became quite relaxed while the dolphins talked and seemed different when she put him back in his cage.

When she held him again while watching television, he calmly walked over to her left arm and sat on it for several minutes. She was astonished because he had been terrified of and unable to perch on her left arm. She felt that what the dolphins had said affected all the birds in the room. How she wished she could have understood what it was!

I’ve often been asked if we can eavesdrop on animal conversations to hear what they are communicating to each other. This certainly would have been useful to the woman with the Amazon parrots.

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The Mother Earth Channel to Communicate with Animals

Here are a few approaches that you can easily apply in daily life practice to deepen your telepathic awareness and connection with animals. I used these techniques to great effect in the animal communication courses I taught.

The Mother Earth Channel
After having facilitated a number of whale journeys, one day the whales directly helped me improve my teaching of animal communication. They advised me to get people to connect with animals through their feet on the ground. By feeling their feet firmly on the ground, people could then feel through Mother Earth the common link they had to all the other animals on Earth.

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Animal Awareness and Interspecies Communication

This consultation I had years ago with a person and her horse and donkey is a great example of how aware animals are. It also shows how even when animals are being stubborn or rebellious, they can be reasoned with to cooperatively solve problems.

Handling a Depressed Horse
A horse called Chaca suffered so severely from a foot disease that she was not able to be ridden. When she became very depressed, stood in one place in her pasture, and did not want to eat, her person, Elaine, phoned me for help.

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How Animals Interpret Thoughts and Feelings

Animals are capable of receiving telepathic communication of thoughts, intentions, and feelings of humans and other animals. However, like individual humans, they may interpret or understand others’ communication in unique ways and respond according to their familiarity with human or other animals’ ways of being. As with individual humans, they see how the thoughts and feelings of others make sense and can be interpreted according to their own nature and current way of understanding life.

Humans puzzle about why their animal friends behave as they do. Instead of getting the animals’ points of view and how they understand things, people often imagine that animals should understand and react just as they do in the same situations. This leads to confusion, misunderstanding, and problems with animal friends.

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Authentic Telepathic Communication

Nancy Windheart writes this guest feature, "Is it Authentic Telepathic Communication or My Own Thoughts." Nancy trained with me to be an animal communicator and is an excellent teacher. Her article is a well-written summary of my teaching and Nancy's experience on the subject.

One of the most common questions that I receive about interspecies telepathic communication is:

How can I tell the difference between my own thoughts and direct communication from an animal?

One of the biggest challenges that we as humans face in reclaiming our natural ability to communicate telepathically is differentiating authentic telepathic communication (especially when it comes from non-human beings) from the thoughts, ideas, and projections of our human intellectual, thinking minds.

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Accessing Telepathic Oneness

In my article on the stages of growth people experience on their journey of opening to telepathic communication with animals, I mention the concept of oneness, a universal connection with all life.

Spiritual connection and oneness brings the possibility of full telepathic communication according to our focus and awareness.
An expansive, rich, tender, full feeling of understanding can accompany realization of this state of telepathic connection. We can learn how to feel the joy and wonder of it with our animal friends and all other forms of life, if we take the time to re-discover what is already within us as a native ability.

Becoming an Animal
I emphasize becoming one with an animal as the most complete way to step out of our own thoughts, preconceived notions, beliefs, and world view and truly experience what an animal communicates through the animal’s senses, feelings, and thoughts. It is a direct and immediate telepathic experience of communication.

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What to Do When Emotions Interfere

To receive true telepathic communication from animals requires that you are undistracted by your thoughts and emotions, calm, centered, and ready to connect and listen. You need to be able to receive incoming thoughts and feelings that an animal is communicating, unmixed with your own thoughts so you don’t misinterpret what you receive.

An Emotional Storm
A recent e-mail exchange highlights the effects of an emotional storm and how the person handled it to help handle a situation with her cat.

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"We'll Never Really Know" True or False?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’ll never really know” uttered with a shrug of the shoulders, eyebrows raised, and palms open to the sky when something mysterious happens and no one can readily explain the cause of it.
Penelope Smith shrugging shoulders and smiling

A very common attitude of people unaware of their telepathic connection is that humans will never be able to understand what animals think and feel. People relate amazing stories about animals and then add the caveat,
“We will never know what the animals were really thinking or what really happened to them?” This rests on a supposition that animals are something very separate from and incomprehensible to humans and we cannot communicate with them.

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Real Deal Communication with Animals

In teaching telepathic communication with animals, I emphasized that students develop fullness and depth in communicating. This involved learning to use all their telepathic sensing ability to get what an animal feels right down to the smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing of it.

The most direct way of communicating with animals that is the least likely to mix in human thinking involves becoming or uniting with animals spiritually. A mutually agreed upon connection like this enables you to feel what animals feel and receive their thoughts simultaneously in a rich, nuanced way.

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