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Animal Ecological Messages

Bluebell Bison on Healing the Planet

Bluebell is a bison who lives at Earthfire Institute and Wildlife Sanctuary in Idaho. Years ago, the director, Susan Eirich, requested that I ask her these questions about healing the planet.

I am Bluebell, named by humans in a very appropriate way for my character, which is peaceful and connected with flowers.
I am united with all the other bison, not just those in the present, but the rolling ancestral herds of long ago that thundered across the plains.
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Water Consciousness and Ecosystem Purification

What does Water think, and how does it feel about the current situation on our planet? How does it feel about humans, and what does Water suggest we do to help sustain its life-giving essence?

How do animals see Water? How do they feel about this necessary element? What effects does pollution have on them? What can we do to purify our water?
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Herd Perspectives on Global Health

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

I communicated with a herd of giraffes, specifically an elder female.

Conversing with cows living in a sanctuary…

I asked the American Buffalo what they felt about the decimation of their population…

I received this from three horses that I meditate with and from deer that live nearby…
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From Wolves and Dolphins about Humans Exterminating Them

Pam Youngquist wrote to me recently:

I have an urgent request for your communication services on behalf of the American Grey Wolves in Idaho.

The immediate situation is that 2000 wolves (their total population) living in Idaho are in immediate danger of state-sanctioned eradication of their species. The state wolf depredation program has just hired an expert animal control outfit to do all in its power to kill every wolf in the state.
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Whale Breath Essence

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

Kerrie Searle,
Animal Communicator and Flower Essence Practitioner, shares her experience of making a Whale Essence.
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From Water and Air

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet. These contributors turned to water and air elements for guidance.
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From Birds Mighty and Small

A reader wrote to me of her Bald Eagle experience:

Bald Eagle's message to me changed my direction on life. I love animals and would much prefer hanging out with the furry, feathered, and scaled than my own species. I've been deeply hurt in the past, numerous times by people I trust and had happily been cocooned up to protect myself using COVID and my chemical sensitivities as the perfect excuse. Bald Eagle aims to change that.
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When Trying to Figure It Out Shifts to Listening and Learning

Regula Kramer wrote to me in July requesting assistance in communicating with the bee population in Switzerland.

I am in contact with plants, and try to get the needs from and send messages to the cats I am living with. I am in doubt whether it's accurate, but I will continue.

Now I have a concrete issue I'd wish help for.

I wish to enhance the living conditions for bees in my home country, Switzerland. I wish to know how we can best support them to be healthy and thriving again. I would like to know from their perspective what the biggest threat is in Switzerland and what they think could be solutions.
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Orca Dreamtime Message

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

This story from Briana Halliwell (HolyWell) shows how important it is for us to take note when animals communicate to us while we are awake or through our dreams.
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Nuggets of Animal Wisdom on Restoring Planetary Health

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

We hear no-nonsense advice from a sparrow, robin, blackbird, two cats, and bees.
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Cetaceans Illuminate Planetary Changes

A reader asked about the large pod of about 100 pilot whales stranded off a beach in western Australia recently. They formed a heart shape before they died.

Please read the long communication of a larger group of pilot whales stranded in 2020, which also applies to the current stranding.
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Whale Healing Counsel

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on Earth, on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

Lisa Fraser wrote this communication she received from whales, published in Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 86, Spring 2012.

This morning I awoke early. It was still dark as I went out into the cold. I felt the magic of the waning full moon bathing my world in white light. But so early? It was the whales. They wanted me to feel the moment and hear their message.
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Ecological Messages from Other Species

After my last blog with the Orca message, Leslie Corin-Ash wrote to me about her desire to find out from other animal communicators around the world if they have asked animals what they are thinking and feeling about the huge climate changes on Earth and what they might want to do about it.

She relates her experience:
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Mediterranean Orca Message

I am curious about the orca attacks in the Mediterranean. Since 2020, orcas have been mysteriously attacking sailboats. They don't hurt the sailors, but they have been known to aim straight for the rudder, with no playing whatsoever. Since 2020, there have been 500 interactions. Three resulted in sunken ships. Reports say that one female orca has begun the attacks, and the others are copying. Scientists are unsure whether the orcas are attacking, playing, or teaching their young to "hunt" by pretending that rudders are tuna.

Do you have any insight into this situation? My husband and I are both sailors and we planned to sail through this region. I am curious to hear about the orcas' motives, and if there is anything we can say to them to discourage them from attacking boats.
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The Silent Work of All Species

People often underestimate animals’ awareness, understanding, and conscious engagement with the world around them, especially their awareness of human activities.

Animals can be masters of being quiet while fully surveying and feeling their environment with heightened awareness. They can be aware of currents of energy and events far beyond their immediate surroundings and survey events happening around the world through their own species or interspecies connections.

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Elephants Explain Their Deaths and Warn Humankind

I’m a South African, but have recently moved to Botswana where I operate a small company with my twin sister that does private guided wildlife safaris. Up until a few months ago I didn’t know much about the topic of animal communication until I did a hypnosis session with my clairvoyant friend and the animal kingdom came to me and told me I must learn to communicate with animals before I moved from South Africa to Botswana. I have recently arrived in Botswana and I have had some profound communication with the animals. I’m quite new at this still. I have been reading your books and found so much inspiration and guidance from your wisdom.

I’m reaching out to you to ask if you know anything about the mysterious deaths of the elephants in Botswana? They have been mysteriously dying in a kneeling position. Around 330 elephants died between May-July 2020 in the northern Okavango Delta near the area where the Okavango River flows from Namibia into Botswana. 11 Have died again very recently.

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Pilot Whales Explain Why the Tasmanian Stranding Happened

Readers asked me about the stranding of about 500 pilot whales that happened a few days ago on the Tasmanian coast. One person asked if the whales could be guided back to the sea and if they are beaching on purpose?

I connected with the whales and asked the oversoul/pilot whale leader about the cause of the stranding.

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Orcas Issue a Wakeup Call to Humanity

My name is Mohana, and I'm from India. I've been an avid reader of your blog for years now.

I recently read an article about how killer whales/orcas have been carrying out what seem to be planned attacks on boats for the last few months.

I'm curious to know about why they're doing this. Your articles about whales and dolphins being wisdom bearers only makes me all the more curious. Why are these gentle giants attacking now? I do understand that there's only so long they will take what we as a species put them through without fighting back. But, why now? What changed?

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From Australia: The Spirit of the Land Speaks

I am really struggling with what is happening to our magnificent country, our wildlife and environment. What do you think the message is with all the heartbreak and devastation that is happening with the Australian bush fires? Your feedback is greatly appreciated as my heart breaks to witness this. Bianca Parkyn

When I scanned over the burned Australian land and wondered what species or spirit of nature would come forth to answer this question, a presence began to speak, identifying as
The Spirit of the Land:

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The Song is Love - Messages About Our Ecological Crisis

I received this inspiring letter from Ruggero Grottanelli. His words reminded me of a message I received from the dolphins on the first dolphin journey I facilitated in the Bahamas in 1997. Both messages are very relevant to our relationship with other species and Mother Earth.

Ruggero’s Inspiration
Now, planet Earth is facing a deep environmental crisis. Many people make efforts to avoid the worst, dedicating their lives to saving a small piece of the wonderful Nature of this planet.

Don't despair: every action in the right direction helps and gives breath space to Nature to recover. In this moment the whole planet Earth is working to overcome this crisis, every living being is leading with all its energy towards the restoration of the natural state of every place, all they need is for us to stop waiting on the rest of the planet. Even if it seems that things constantly get worse, even if it looks like an uphill battle, the power of recovery of our planet is much greater than we can imagine, and every effort helps.
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