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Cetaceans Illuminate Planetary Changes

A reader asked about the large pod of about 100 pilot whales stranded off a beach in western Australia recently. They formed a heart shape before they died.

Please read the long communication of a larger group of pilot whales stranded in 2020, which also applies to the current stranding.

Pilot Whales stranding 7-2023Photograph: WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

When I connected with this pod, a representative communicated:

The water is getting too warm and polluted. We are sick from the toxins that riddle our bodies. We cannot survive well in these conditions.

I felt them lift off from their dying bodies and
join the great pod of cetaceans in the etheric realm. They showed me that the light they emanate is available for all to uplift themselves in evolutionary harmony.

Krys Batts received communication from a dolphin representative that echoes the thoughts of the pilot whale and adds to the understanding of our current events.

I began consciously communicating with animals over one year ago and have been particularly drawn to sea life this year. When I reached out to speak with a dolphin in February, I wound up in the presence of a master representative of the dolphins. He calls himself Kynamoo. According to him,
we know each other in a different realm. He was waiting for me to awaken to revive our friendship in this realm.

Kynamoo has consistently expressed that
he and Earth's sea life, in general, will not fall victim (become extinct) because of mankind's devastating impacts. Rather, it is mankind that will be forced to change if we are to remain on the earth.

When I saw your Facebook post inviting ecological messages from the various beings on Earth, I decided to check back in with Kynamoo to see if he had anything he wanted me to share. Here's the message I received. 

We wish to say that our hearts can and will withstand this catastrophic time. Our lives do not depend upon your neglect. However, we recognize that our hearts and minds are not in the calculus that drives the human mind and heart.

So it is with great joy that I say to you that
the being that is in charge of humankind has already decided that this world is too important to allow the unhealthy inclinations of any of its occupants to prevent the changes that planet Earth has decided to undertake. It will be a new era for the entire planet, and its inhabitants will not be in a position to continue with unkindness toward her lands or seas.

It will not be the end you think about as an end. Instead, think of it as a new beginning that will ensure that everyone has a good, enjoyable life without the fear of being enchained by another. In this way, we can be happy and recognize that each one has a right to exist. It is with great joy that I say to you that this will be a new way that we exist in the sea as well as those who live on land. Our lives shall be made over so that we can exist in a world without the strife that is currently in the wind. This new way shall promise a new era of boundless happiness that very few may understand at this time.

Are you referring to the 5th dimension on Earth?

Yes. It is in a tunnel that the Earth is shifting into, and the light has begun to heal the planet. As she continues into this light, the planet will change such that her mountains become plateaus and her seas unveil her lands anew. We will see these changes in this lifetime. It is happening now.

What will happen to humans during the changes?

That, dear friend, is in your hands. You may choose to shift with the Earth, or you may choose to leave. It’s a decision that each will make as you experience turmoil that causes unavoidable migrations. And you will learn to be more respectful as you also learn a new way of living. It will not be an easy change; however, it will be the only way that your kind can remain on a changing planet. Infused with respect for the lands, seas, sea life, and all the lives that you can and cannot see, we can all coexist with a sense that we share this planet equally.

Krys’ ending words to Kynamoo:
It is truly an honor to converse with you, dear friend. We are indebted to you and the love that you have shown. We will continue to be in discussion with you as the beautiful planet ascends as is her decision. We are glad to have this conversation with you, and it is with great joy that we conclude this communication.

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