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Pilot Whales Explain Why the Tasmanian Stranding Happened

Readers asked me about the stranding of about 500 pilot whales that happened a few days ago on the Tasmanian coast. One person asked if the whales could be guided back to the sea and if they are beaching on purpose?

I connected with the whales and asked the oversoul/pilot whale leader about the cause of the stranding.

2 pilot whales
Geomagnetic Travel
S/he showed me how the pilot whales navigate by use of their sonar and other senses but mainly by attunement with the Earth’s magnetic field. S/he showed me how the whales have a magnetic component in their brains that locks into the geomagnetic field currents of the Earth to guide them when they are traveling in their groups. I saw a section of the pilot whales’ brains light up with smaller lighted areas along their spines.

S/he showed me, and I could feel how the pilot whales synchronize with the magnetic field lines as a group. It’s similar to how groups of birds navigate when they migrate long distances. Most of the time, this works extremely well for their travels.

S/he explained that sometimes the Earth’s magnetic field fluctuates and leads them into shallow waters, as it did in this instance. They cannot “unlock” from the field individually, since they are organized to stay together for safety. The disruption of their smooth travel by getting stuck on sandbars or beaching causes a huge shock and disorientation to their directional sensing.

Human Help
Sometimes human attempts to guide them out to sea only results in them beaching again because they can’t sense correctly where to go. Their navigation program and link with their pod is disrupted. It’s a huge shock from which they often cannot easily recover and, combined with stranding, can lead to rapid physical deterioration.

Communicating with them in this state and trying to direct them out to sea does not often help. They cannot connect well and understand in their physical state of shock. Long distance energetic healing may also not be possible, since it requires their permission, receptivity, and willingness, which they usually cannot provide under these circumstances.

Sometimes rescuers’ physical contact and strong positive intentions can help the whales out of shock and they can then re-orient, especially if other pod members recover at the same time. About twenty percent of this pilot whale pod were able to be helped to return to the ocean in this way.

Other Strandings
Geomagnetic field fluctuation is not always a component of other whale and dolphin strandings. I have communicated with beached cetaceans who are ill or starving, some poisoned by accumulation of toxins, and others whose bodies have been damaged by ship strikings, military sonar, or exploratory commercial explosions in the ocean. Other dolphins or whales have followed ill or distressed pod members to the shore and beached themselves, trying to assist their companions or out of confusion. Sometimes it is a number of these factors coming together.

Our own loving intentions and positive energy toward the whales can assist on our spiritual journey together, even when it may not help as much as we would like to rescue them physically.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be at peace. Blessings on the journey for us all.

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