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The Alpha and the Omega

On Tuesday, May 22, the day after Mo’s passing, as I gave his body back to Mother Earth in tender ceremony, a female tortoise contacted me. She told me it was part of their plan to be with me as guardians and friends in ancient reptile form. He got the first turn, and now she was coming to me. Her presence was powerful and friendly, with a sly sense of humor.

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The Last Flowers of Master Mo

Mo, my deep and wise Sonoran desert tortoise friend, died today, 21 May 2023. This morning, I picked 60 desert willow and ruellia flowers. He happily chomped his favorite treats. That’s the last time I saw him alive.

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Explaining How Animal Communication Works

As animal communicators, we know what an animal is feeling, can identify the personality of the animal to our clients, see images, feelings, hear words, and more. For example: I tell a client that one of her three dogs is just the funniest dog in the world and she says, “Oh, he is, he is!” The animal tells us what s/he needs and then when I check in with clients a few weeks later, the issues are usually resolved. Sometimes I get feelings about what is going on with the animals before I even make the phone call to the client.

People often ask me how this works. What do you say to people when they ask you: How do you do this? How do we know all this? Is there a scientific explanation? I would love a simple explanation that would make sense to people and also for myself.

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Telepathy through your Feet on the Ground

As I was beginning to teach a Basic Course on How to Communicate with Animals years ago, my mentors, the Great Whales, communicated:

Have them feel the animals through their feet on the ground.

They showed me how we as individuals of all species are connected to each other through our bodies on the Earth no matter where we are.

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Telepathic Communication in the Garden

It’s spring and the garden beckons. An article I wrote in Species Link Journal over thirty years ago illustrates how gardening can deepen our interspecies telepathic connection.

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The Secret Dreams of Cats

The feline members of our families bring a professional craftsmanship to the art of premeditated slumber. Even a catnap can make a hard windowsill look like the coziest spot in the house. A cat’s truest, deepest sleep is ardent, purposeful, intense.

Just exactly where are these sleep aficionados going when they close their eyes? What is it they’re doing in their dreams?

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Virus Helper

Communicating with viruses or other microorganisms may feel like a stretch if you think of animal communication applying mainly to dogs, horses, cats, or other mammals. However, communicating with smaller life forms, even as tiny as cells, can yield enlightening results. Sue Becker echoes my experience in communicating with viruses in her article here.

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Scientific Approaches to Animal Communication

Researchers are studying the field of interspecies telepathic communication in new ways that go beyond old scientific research models that do not adequately approach or reveal the multifaceted results of this subject. These contemporary scientists have also taken intuitive interspecies communication classes. Some are even practicing professionals in the field. It is an exciting time for enormous expansion to new people who may not have been open to or even have heard of animal communication.

I put together this comprehensive article with revealing contributions from other seasoned animal communicators about scientific proof, published in
Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 53 Winter 2004. Enjoy the time you take to dive into its riches.

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The Passing of Animal Communicator, David Louis

David Louis left our Earth abode for spaces beyond on January 24, 2023. As I ponder and connect with his journey, I’m writing this tribute to him.

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Honoring Early Animal Communicators: Val Heart

This series highlights the inspiring breakthroughs of early animal communicators, who began their professional careers thirty or more years ago. Val Heart has cultivated expertise in an ever increasing variety of healing modalities to help animals and their people. Amber Petrik interviewed her for this “Featured Animal Communicator” column for Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 82, Spring 2011.

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