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Nuggets of Animal Wisdom on Restoring Planetary Health

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

Kerstin Jung
Watching a young sparrow at our stable, I worry that he has fallen out of the nest, wonder whether his parents will find him and feed him, does he need anything... He hops around and sends me his thoughts:

You don't have to worry so much. Most things here in the world work very well and as they are supposed to without you interfering. You have to make sure that whatever you do, you understand and minimize or reverse the effects. And take what you need and stop hoarding.

Sparrow on wood looking at camera

I had a moving encounter with a robin and a blackbird in the middle of Cologne (buildings and streets, grey and dusty surroundings, not a lot of green or nature, me walking by and seeing them searching around):

All is not lost yet but rather there is so much to gain. If you love the sun, learn to love the shadow and the rain. Our world is drying out because we only focus on the sun and want the shadow to be gone. But the shadow asks for the same focus and acceptance as the light.

This is the world of duality. If you want light, there will be shadow. Where there are mountains, there will be valleys. Embrace the light as well as the dark. We animals call the dark, the shadow, a heavy energy. It nourishes but also weighs down, especially if there is too much and it cannot be digested anymore. You want the sun and avoid the shadow, but your only focus is on all that is heavy, lifeless, and tiring. You do so much all the time and never rest, admire, or value things. You are out of balance. Learn to value the dark. Split your focus evenly.

The danger for us is that the closer we live with people, the more we can become as zombie-like as you are. We have to be so loud here, draw attention to ourselves to get space. If you have to fight too much for your space against too great powers, you will die at some point.

Suzan Vaughn
I asked my cat friend, Mr. Milo, what he might offer for planetary healing. He said,
Orange tabby cat face closeup
Some animals give themselves for food. I live in the city. I am a carnivore and, for the most part, I rely on humans to feed me in my current incarnation. But my food sometimes has meat in it from animals who are mistreated in their mission to become food. It is lacking in its full nutrition because of that. Animals that offer themselves as food need to be treated well in order to offer the proper sustenance down the food chain. Become aware. I have a primary person, but I belong to a village of humans. I serve a lot of different people in different ways. I am not visiting you for food all of the time. Sometimes I come for connection and to say hello.

Marcia Barclay
When I asked my cat, Pancho, what we can do to help heal the earth, he was concise in his response:

Humans can stop being so greedy and selfish. They could extend their circle of caring just a little bit farther beyond themselves so that they care about just a slightly larger bubble than what they are currently in. Like my humans caring for and tending the land around our house. If everyone just extended their boundaries for love and respect a little more, you could almost cover the world! 
Black & white cat on back of red couch

Antje Blees
When I was worrying about bee death while watching bees in my garden, I suddenly heard:

Replace your sorrow with love.

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