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When I did animal consultations years ago, people would leave requests for consultations on my answering machine (later on voicemail) when I couldn’t answer the phone. I would return to find a message about their animal friend being in distress, asking if I could help them. Then, I would hear a following message thanking me for helping their animal friend. They said they didn’t need a consultation after all, since the problem resolved soon after they called me.

How did this happen? Was a genie in the answering machine fulfilling their wishes?

Through decades of consultations, I noticed that my work became simpler, faster, and more powerful. A consultation in the early days might take 30-60 minutes to handle a problem with one animal and their person. Later, in visiting or consulting by phone with a person who had questions about a number of llamas, horses, cats, or dogs, resolutions to problems would happen in the same amount of time as one animal used to take. Good results arrived almost instantly.

My healing and counseling training was distilled into a potent simplicity of pure understanding and holding the intention for a positive result while seeing it happen with little effort.

To add to the magic, a storehouse of healing energy from the universe and many spiritual helpers or guides accompanied me. Sometimes, former or current animal family members would post themselves to monitor the phone messages while I was gone and assist with their healing presence (the true genies).

As I traveled the world teaching, domestic and wild animals recognized me and gladly contributed to fulfilling our mutual mission of enlightenment and well-being for all species. I felt a huge support team of beings in-body and in the spiritual realm around me.

I had to chuckle when a recent email illustrated the genie phenomenon and reminded me of how this had worked before.

Marsha Andrews of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada wrote:

It was the 1980s when I first became aware of you, your books and your animal communication retreats when you were living in Point Reyes, California. Although very interested, it wasn't possible to attend.

I contacted you before, and you passed on a few people’s names who might help me in communicating with my little Yorkie-poo. They were not helpful at all, and I also followed through with other recommendations. Nope! The problem persists.

Yorkshire terrier on grass

The best way to put it is Rocky, my little dog, is consistently inconsistent! However, I will use last night as one example that bothers me enormously. All night, he kept barking, acting agitated, and panting. Nothing helped. I didn't know what to do and was concerned he might be in pain or in some kind of distress. He has had health issues in the past but is stabilized now and taking medication.

I do communicate with him very well and understand much of what he is saying but this has me stumped and worried. Rocky is a smart, sweet, sensitive little soul. The last thing I want is for him to be in pain or suffering.

If there is any light you can shed on this, I would be so grateful. This is so stressful, I'm very tired and want the best for Rocky. I love him very much. Definitely a gift from God.

I answered Marsha:
Thank you for writing. I’m sorry you haven’t received the help you needed for Rocky. Communicating with your dog may not offer a total solution for his behavior. Sometimes animals reflect stresses in the household or with their person like a mirror and it takes people doing some work to ease or heal their own part in the situation. (I gave her a few names of animal communicators who might be able to help her with this and also some referrals to animal behaviorists.)

All the best in working through this with Rocky.

Marsha replied:
Thank you for taking the time to reply, Penelope. I know much of this, and I also do Reiki as well. Rocky and I do communicate very well. There's just this one scenario that I can't figure out. The night after I sent you this he was very relaxed and quiet all night. Go figure!

I answered Marsha:
This has happened many times over the years when people contact me.
When animals feel the connection and are understood in a different way, they often shift on the spot. Fun!

All blessings, Marsha with your dear dog.

May all of us experience the magic of deep and true telepathic communication with our animal friends.

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