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From Water and Air

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet. These contributors turned to water and air elements for guidance.

Emily McCay related:

I was introduced to interspecies communication more than a decade ago in one of my spiritual communities. I have been practicing it regularly for the last two or three years. 

I recently participated in one of a series of ceremonial dialogues between humans and Nature Elders organized by Danielea Castell of
The Listening Field. The response I received then seems appropriate to offer now.

Danielea invited us to ask a body of water we felt called to, “[Body of water name], what new story would you like Humanity to know about you?

I asked the question of the very beloved-to-me
Niagara Falls.

Niagara falls waterfall

It took a little while for me to perceive a response. Then came a single word that, for several moments, simply landed and stayed by itself.


Eventually the message followed:

You [humanity] try to manufacture power; you don't understand that you have it intrinsically when you align with the life force within you. This manufacturing both exponentially limits you and also contains and perpetuates/increases distortion because it distracts you from that life force. 

You start to see life according to this manufacturing rather than according to life force, to what is intrinsic. Your entire paradigmatic worldview/viewpoint is turned toward this direction, and these two worldviews/awarenesses are very different. So you are and have been moving toward a worldview that is limiting and distorted. As happens with a worldview, more and more it looks to you like what the world actually is.

I don't try to have power. I don't have to. It is simply there. This power will always be truer than anything manufactured. And all true power is the same thing. It comes from the same place and has the same essence and the same purpose: to support Life. Evolution. Love. Truth. Beauty.

Your power is intrinsic. It is within. You do not need to create it. 

Just find it. 

Patricia Mortlock communicated with AIR.

In response to your request for thoughts from other life forms regarding the health of the planet, I received this from AIR;

I am the very air that you breathe. There is no place I am not.

I hold within me your thoughts, positive and negative.

Your negative thoughts pollute me, your positive thoughts enliven me.

Be aware, be always aware you are contributing to the space around and distant from you.

Fill me with thy light and love. Be ever conscious that we are always interacting.

Live and dream in a way that I might help to inspire others.

Be conscious of how very powerful your thoughts are, and how you are capable of changing all things around and you in.

In thy name, I am the very air you breathe.

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