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Explaining How Animal Communication Works

(Excerpts from a Species Link article, Issue 86, Spring 2012)

As animal communicators, we know what an animal is feeling, can identify the personality of the animal to our clients, see images, feelings, hear words, and more. For example: I tell a client that one of her three dogs is just the funniest dog in the world and she says, “Oh, he is, he is!” The animal tells us what s/he needs and then when I check in with clients a few weeks later, the issues are usually resolved. Sometimes I get feelings about what is going on with the animals before I even make the phone call to the client.

People often ask me how this works. What do you say to people when they ask you: How do you do this? How do we know all this? Is there a scientific explanation? I would love a simple explanation that would make sense to people and also for myself. Jeannie Lindheim.

Heart Communications
Dr. Laurie Moore Each being is emanating waves of energy from his/her heart into his/her surroundings. This can be filmed by particular cameras as color. It is possible, that in the future, the images and sounds of another’s emanating reality will be more meticulously photographed or recorded.

Each person, like each animal, exists in waves of imaginings, memories, thoughts, images, words, sounds, sensations, and feelings. Many animal communicators are receiving their communications through the telepathic heart.

The Sixth Sense
Thom Williams I’ve heard many people refer to this as utilizing the “higher self,” which in the science world is essentially the next evolutionary step of humankind using the brain on a higher level, also called the sixth sense.

Animals were living on Earth long before humans. So they have had much more time to evolve these higher skills. We’re simply catching up and have far to go. I have come across many animals who lived many lives, have gained great wisdom, and are willing to share with us. It’s our blessing to listen and embrace that wisdom.

Suzan Vaughn I really like the explanation given by Amelia Kinkade in The Language of Miracles. The scientifically-proven communication between subatomic particles is one place Kinkade draws parallels to telepathy. All matter emits a signature frequency, not of sound waves but of electromagnetic energy. “We can send out and capture thoughts, feelings, impressions, and memories.... Some scientists believe this is a latent attribute in the evolution of the human race that is suddenly becoming activated in people all over the world. We’re evolving into sixth-sensory beings.” she writes.

Like Radio and Electric Waves
Stephanie Brown I have found the easiest way to simplify my translation process is to compare it to a radio. Basically, there is a broadcast station sending out radio waves at a particular frequency. We do not see or feel radio waves and yet they are all around us. If we want to listen to classic rock or talk radio we “tune in” our radio to the station broadcasting at the frequency (channel) we desire. Our radio converts that frequency into something we understand so we can listen to our favorite song.

As an animal communicator I am able to “tune in” to the frequency an animal broadcasts and then turn that frequency into words the human client can understand. Then I am able to reverse the process and become the broadcast station to the animal.

Scientific researcher Rupert Sheldrake has been working in this field for many years, identifying telepathic communication between animals and their human companions. Currently there are ongoing studies with African gray parrots, dolphins, and dogs, exploring the same subject. Humans are just beginning to explore interspecies communication with curiosity and desire to find reliable, quantifiable and repeatable results.

Heidi Wright When I teach workshops and help others learn or remember how they can use their intuitive abilities, I tell them that I do it by quieting my mind, altering my brainwaves, and opening my heart. I mention that I have read books that talk about the zero point energy field in which the energy of thought waves are transmitted in a similar way that electricity moves through water or any conductor (The Field by Lynn McTaggart), and that there are theories about the role that the pineal gland in humans (behind our third eye or brow chakra) plays that are similar to the biosonar that dolphins have built into their nasal cavities.

Shirley Scott Telepathy is only another form of energy. This form of communication has been going on for many thousands of years. We just think that because we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. However we can’t see electricity either and we know it exists from the end result. We see the spark or lightning bolt that it causes. The lights in our house are not the energy itself but the light bulb reacting to the energy in it.

If you can explain to your clients that telepathy is just a transfer of thoughts and energy just like a hug and kiss is the transfer of energy, maybe that will help.

The Holographic Universe
Colorful outer space stars and nebulae
Dexter Del Monte How does it work? Clients have asked me the same question.

And I have always said, “I have no idea,” which made them laugh. I always added, “but it does.” Then I would explain how animals think in pictures etc., and about what we know and understand as communicators. It didn’t matter how the information flowed in. It flowed in.

Yes, there is a scientific explanation. Quantum physics has proven that we are all connected by waves of energy. Every atom and molecule is constantly sending and receiving information to the other. Even a photon (particle of light) from the stars connects to every atom it meets on its way to Earth. Our bodies share the same stuff that the universe is made of.

This back and forth interaction of energy between atoms is never ending. Even at sub-zero temperatures, where sub-atomic activity would normally come to a halt and form a solid mass, it is still in motion.

This is known as the Zero Point Field. In the field, also called the holographic universe, the matrix field, the Divine matrix or God, this cosmic web we call life, information is constantly being shared. This phenomenon is referred to as quantum entanglement. Even what we think of as empty space is charged and swarming with energy particles of information.

Experiments were also done to demonstrate how the universe exists as a hologram, in that the whole is contained in every part. In experiments involving the cutting of a green bean into several pieces, it was found that the complete DNA coding and information found in the whole green bean was also found in each of its parts. The same thing was found when water was frozen, then a chip examined from the block.

This explains why an amputee still feels the presence of the limb removed. There is still the energetic imprint that remains which holds all the information contained in its physical equivalent. In the same way, we are not separate from each other or other living beings, but bound together in this field of entanglement. “What we do to others, we do to ourselves” is true!

Thoughts are energy. Signals being generated by thought can be sent and received. Distance does not matter. Thoughts travel faster than the speed of light. All the knowledge and wisdom is there in the matrix. All we have to do is tap into it.

Quantum theory and quantum biology also explain how our thoughts create matter, how our emotions and feelings can change our DNA, how intention can affect an outcome, and how hands-on healing or distant healing work.

And now that I have all this juicy material in my back pocket, clients rarely ask me how it works!

Editor (Penelope’s) note: Perhaps you were the one who really needed to know, and since we are all one, your clients know it now, too, and don’t need to ask.

Explanations for Your Toolbox
Janet Dobbs I would love a simple explanation myself but I don’t feel that is possible. One explanation may make perfect sense to one person but if I were to say the same thing to someone else, she might look at me with a blank stare and total confusion. I feel it is important to understand what happens as best we can and then have several explanations or versions in our “toolboxes.”

One possible explanation is that of being a translator and telepathic communication is like a foreign language. Another that I love to use is explaining how radio or TV transmitters work. It used to be we could talk about tuning a dial but now we no longer tune things in that way, we have cell phones, satellite transmissions, and other very fast communications. These fast communications offer a good way to explain how the telepathic communication happens. Fast. Instantaneously. The animal might even give us the answer before we can get the words out of our mouths.

How do we know this? Many of us have that sense of “knowing” or the gut feeling. That is how the communications come to us. How do we know or prove these things? The best way is the validation that the client gives. There are scientific studies that have been done that prove telepathic communication actually happens. You could have a list of these studies to give people.

How we do it? How do we explain questions like: How do we see? How do we smell? How do we breathe? We don’t think about these things. We just do them naturally. Each of the questions can be broken down into steps and scientific and/or biological explanations but is that what we are looking for?

One example that I love to give is comparing telepathic communication to being a parent of a pre-verbal child. How does the mother or father of a baby “know” that the cry means he is hungry, angry, or needs a diaper changed? Every parent who I have asked that question thinks for a moment and then replies, “I just know.”

I also like to ask a person that has asked me the question, “How does it work?” if they have ever experienced certain things with their animal companions. One example is asking them if they have ever been totally focused on the TV, computer, or reading a book, when all of a sudden they feel moved to turn their head and see their animal companion sitting there staring at them. Then they either ask the animal, “Do you want to go out?” or “Do you want dinner now?” and then respond in kind. I ask them how they know that. I then tell them that is telepathy and they are communicating with their own animal companions every day telepathically.

Nedda Wittels There is a scientific explanation for telepathic and other psychic abilities.

Carl Sagan, on his TV program,
Cosmos, said, “We are all star stuff.” He explained that everything in the universe is composed of the same energy, the same particles and waves.

Rupert Sheldrake, the British biologist, has documented and demonstrated in his books,
Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and The Sense of Being Stared At and Other Aspects of the Extended Mind how there are overlapping fields of energy surrounding and interpenetrating all physical forms.

Today there are advanced computer programs that photograph and/or display our auric fields. All physicality has an aura which consists of multiple, interpenetrating energetic bodies, and they overlap each other so that none of us is ever truly separate. Even the Earth, who has consciousness, has more than one body. The physical one is only the densest.

So, if everything is energy and even our thoughts and emotions are energy, then telepathic communication is an energy exchange within a particular range of frequencies with the intention of communication. The reason we are able to tune into these energies is that the bodies of our auric field and our chakras also have the ability to sense various frequencies. Our consciousness interprets these signals and our mind translates what we experience into words.

When clients asked me, “How do I do animal communication?” most of them are asking how I set up a session. So I tell them, “I’m on the phone with you; the animal and I don’t need the phone: I translate what I experience from the animal into English and we all have a conversation. The animal can hear you through me, so you don’t have to be physically present with the animal if that is not possible.” This seems to satisfy most people.

However, for those who want a technical explanation, the short version of what I tell them is this:

• We are all energy, including our thoughts and feelings.
• We all have consciousness, including animals, who are self-aware, sentient (feeling) and sapient (thinking) beings.
• Animals and I exchange energy with the intention of communication.
• I translate the energy frequencies I receive into human speech so that you can participate in the conversation.

To learn how you can remember and develop your telepathic communication with animals, read the classic book
Animal Talk.

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