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From Birds Mighty and Small

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

A reader wrote to me of her Bald Eagle experience:

Bald Eagle's message to me changed my direction on life. I love animals and would much prefer hanging out with the furry, feathered, and scaled than my own species. I've been deeply hurt in the past, numerous times by people I trust and had happily been cocooned up to protect myself using COVID and my chemical sensitivities as the perfect excuse. Bald Eagle aims to change that.

She first arrived at our home we had newly moved into just outside the back door in a tree with her fledgling not a stone's toss away. We made eye contact and held it until her child lost balance on the thin branch on and awkwardly flew away. She followed.

We would meet regularly on her fly by across the coastline, and I would call out to her mentally when I needed confirmation that I was going in the right direction with my life. She never failed to show up.

One day after she flew past, I felt it must be just a coincidence and that my ego must be out of control to think I could call on her like that for a fly by. I spoke those words aloud to my husband who was strolling the coastal cliffs with me and Bald Eagle responded by circling back around and hovering over me for 30 seconds, looking down at me before continuing on her way. 

One day while meditating, I visualized Bald Eagle and sent her, her flock, and species love and gratitude. A few moments later I heard a high pitched sound I'd never heard before. It startled me and I looked out my second story window to the trees. The sound came again, more urgent this time, and I went out onto the balcony overlooking a forest. The sound again led me to find two yearling Bald Eagles staring straight at me, eye level on a thick branch about 10 feet away. I nodded my respect to them and they flew away.

Bald Eagle on a branch

I began asking others in the neighborhood about the bald eagles. One man I'd met on the trail said he'd never seen one and had lived there for 10 years. Others said they were rare but known to nest from time to time in the cove not too far from us.

I decided I wanted to do animal communication professionally because I wanted to help humanity to love and respect the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth. I asked Bald Eagle for a fly by confirmation on that decision. She flew by and this time with a message for me. She told me,

“In order for humanity to love and respect the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth, they must first learn how to love and respect themselves. Learning self love is the first step. Once they open their heart to themselves, they can then open it to other humans and then open their heart further to the Animal Kingdom and finally to our precious Mother Earth.”

I can help best by loving and helping humanity to do that. We must have love and peace as a species before humanity can bring those qualities to other species and see us all as One. As a survivor of abuse and an empath, I knew then the best way I could do that was to share my story of learning to love myself and how to forgive others. I completely changed direction and started to write a book.

A year went by and I got side tracked. My book was emotionally difficult to write and I found myself procrastinating. Bald Eagle wasn't around much, and I began to worry. I didn't see her for over 5 months.

Last month I took up the reins again to finish my book and start a companion online course. I began to call out again to Bald Eagle. Where was she?

I was rewarded this weekend on the day of the full moon eclipse with Bald Eagle swooping down into the calm waters before me. She effortlessly plucked out a large fish with her huge talons and carried it over to a rock not far from where I was standing to feast upon.

I stood in awe for 20 minutes watching her and understood her unspoken message.
I was back on track with my life and this book would sustain me like the fish was sustaining her.

Thank you Bald Eagle. Thank you for your grace, your regal presence, your strength and confidence. Thank you for your love, support, and your message.

We must shine our light on the darkness until the darkness transmutes to love. Where there is love there is no fear. In a world where fear rules, humanity must bring more love to light.

Sharon McCullough shared an experience she had with a small bird. While it was not intended as an ecological message, it is relevant to how we can treat animals to live in more harmony on Earth.

At work we have a parking garage on the street level and the doors are open 24 hours a day. Lots of birds nest in the rafters of the garage.

One day a few years ago when I pulled into the garage there was a little bird hopping on the ground. I wondered why he didn't fly away when the car approached but instead he hopped away.

I went up to my office and when I came back at the end of the day, he was still on the ground kind of flying around but only going up in the air about 2 feet. I was worried that he would be hit by a car and wasn't sure what was wrong.

I called a local Wildlife Centre and they suggested that I bring him in. A man who happened to be in the garage helped me get the bird in a box to take to the centre. Apparently he was just a baby bird. They called me a few days later and said they had to put the little bird down. He was born with a deformity and wouldn't have been able to survive on his own. The best thing they could do was to put him down because he wouldn't be able to fly back into his nest.

It was pretty sad and I still think about the little bird occasionally. This morning it dawned on me that maybe his mommy would have been wondering what happened to him. So I thought I'd try to reach her.

It didn't take long to "hear" her and I told her that if she was thinking about her baby, I took him to a centre where they helped him go peacefully. She said she had been worried that maybe a predator got him. I said no, and they thought they were doing what was best for him because he would have struggled. I told her I was so sorry that I didn’t contact her sooner. She said,
“time is an illusion. It doesn't matter that you're just telling me now.” We thanked each other and said bye.

I went down to the garage on my lunch hour today, got into my car, and a bird landed on my windshield wipers, stared into the car at me for a few seconds, and then flew away!

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