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When Trying to Figure It Out Shifts to Listening and Learning

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

Regula Kramer wrote to me in July requesting assistance in communicating with the bee population in Switzerland.

I am in contact with plants, and try to get the needs from and send messages to the cats I am living with. I am in doubt whether it's accurate, but I will continue.

Now I have a concrete issue I'd wish help for.

I wish to enhance the living conditions for bees in my home country, Switzerland. I wish to know how we can best support them to be healthy and thriving again. I would like to know from their perspective what the biggest threat is in Switzerland and what they think could be solutions.

Maybe the answers are far from what we think is important. Just as an idea: if they need more safe and nurturing housing, how would that have to be? Could we actively offer it? Or if it is enough to have good food without pesticides, could we offer it and communicate which grounds are safe and which are not? How would that communication have to be? Or is it magnetic fields? They could be desensitized like it is possible to do for human houses. And more.

I wonder if this is a way to start a bee-volution. To ask the bees what they need from us. That is what I need your counseling help for.

Moreover, do you know of bee projects that fit into this idea that I could get in touch with?

I feel the urge to help the bees. And I believe it will help all of Mother Earth. Is it correct to say that bees are crucial in healing the Earth as they are both a thermostat to the state of an ecosystem and a catalyst for change if we can positively influence a given region?

I am curious and excited to get your answer.

Bee on sunflower

In my answer to Regula, I offered: Your request sounds like a long-term project that you may want to work on with a group of other animal communication students as part of your study. A person recently sent me a beautiful communication she received from bees. You can see it at the end of my blog of 16 August.

A month later, Regula wrote to me about how she listened and learned from bees:

I actually believe I got a message! I heard it when I was close to a bee hive at work (the Swiss agricultural office):

We do our job. And you do what you have to do. Just do it with loving care. It doesn't matter what it is that you do.

I loved that message! It was so peaceful and took away my stress because I felt such an urgent need to help. Now I am relieved. I got clear that it is more about the energy, the love, the field, not so much about the physical materials. It was a revelation for me.

I will continue listening and trying to communicate back. I have already done it with our cats, too. I am also happy that through another channel at work, the State Office for Animal Health & Laws, I got relevant information about what the bees need on a physical level. So I have both now!

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