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Orca Dreamtime Message

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

This story from Briana Halliwell (HolyWell) shows how important it is for us to take note when animals communicate to us while we are awake or through our dreams.

An Orca visited me in Dreamtime in early June 2023 while staying with my partner at a friend’s off-grid homestead in the desert near Crestone, Colorado. Our converted bus home nestled in amongst budding juniper trees and desert sagebrush in the dusty driveway, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains surrounding us like an ancient fortress of towering stone still capped with a dusting of powdery white snow.

I slept soundly in my bed one night shortly after arriving, enjoying the dark silence of our remote, off-grid lifestyle. I awoke early in the morning before first light and felt tired and groggy, not yet ready to greet the day. So back to sleep I fell, and before long, I was running down a street at dusk with my dog, Kali, by my side towards a looming body of water and a long, wooden dock in the distance. I feel hot and ready to dive in, excited to swim, and even more elated when I notice a sign at the top of the dock that reads “Swimming Area.” I dash down the rickety wooden plank with Kali hot on my heels but pull up short when I reach the end and peer into the dark water below.

Despite being dark, the water is almost crystal clear and easy to see into. What I see disturbs and frightens me. In the depths of the oceanic lake were gigantic sea creatures the size of small cars, fish so big they could easily swallow me whole in one bite. I lunge at Kali to stop her from diving in. We stand and watch as the fish swim just below the surface, feeling a mixture of fear and awe and a strange lingering compulsion to jump in with them. 

My reverie breaks suddenly when a massive black shape leaps out of the water straight at me and Kali. I notice streaks of white lining the glassy black body as the gargantuan creature hurls itself toward us and feel a gut-wrenching pang of terror. I quickly realize the enormous shape is a full-grown Orca, a Killer Whale from the deep, with the most brilliant eyes and impeccable control over its colossal sea-worthy body. 

Orca totem wood carving

The Orca almost flops onto the dock, apparently trying to knock us into the water, then flies over our heads before diving back into the water on the other side, scattering all the other fish. The massive sea creature swims in front of the dock back and forth a few times and then pauses at the left corner, where I’m standing and watching in awe on the very edge of the rickety wooden dock. We lock eyes, and I feel a profound tendril of connection and knowing pass between us, like the Orca has been seeking me out for a very long time and only now is able to transmit the information it’s been longing to share for many years. 

After the Orca encounter, I race back up the dock to tell my partner what happened but quickly get swept up in the commotion of a busy downtown street fair. Someone, perhaps my partner, hands me a flyer with a picture of the Orca I just met and the words “LOST SINCE 2017: $50,000 REWARD IF FOUND.” 

I feel excited, imagining what I could do with all that money to fund my dreams of becoming an interspecies communicator and wildlife conservationist. My excitement quickly becomes a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and a sharp sense of dutiful responsibility I can’t ignore. 

I know deep down in the marrow of my bones that Orca sought me out because I am one of the few humans they can trust. I feel clear that I cannot disclose Orca’s whereabouts to humans with questionable intentions, no matter how great the financial reward is. Just before I wake up, someone else claims the reward. I smile because somehow I know that the claim is false, but the humans are gullible enough to believe it and move on without seeing evidence, meaning that the wild Orca can continue to live peacefully in hiding.

About a week after the Orca dream, I received a message in my email inbox from the Grandmother of Interspecies Communication, Penelope Smith, titled “Orcas Send a Message.” Strange, I think as I click open the newsletter while remembering my vivid dream from a few days previous. Reading through Penelope’s email, I discovered that a pod of orcas has been consistently attacking small sailboats and motorized watercraft off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea for the past several weeks, starting around when I first had the dream. Really strange, I think again, still not letting the poignancy of the synchronicity sink in. 

I read through Penelope’s communication with a female leader from the orca pod that started the attacks, and I feel tremendous resonance and clarity with the message. In short, orcas are attacking boats to get humans to pay attention to the rapidly declining health of our planet, due in large part to human folly. 

Here’s a snippet of what the orca representative communicated to Penelope: “Human actions threaten our environment, our life, and the life of many beings…I want to help humans understand that now is the time to change to reverse the detrimental effects on water and land for the sake of all beings. We must speak up. We must be heard. I have passed on my message to my relations that we need to get human attention before they cause more harm.”

Indeed. The orca in my dream captured my attention, though I didn’t immediately know why or what I was supposed to do after being shaken from my reverie. Weeks passed. The dream memory persisted, but I was busy and distracted, unsure how to respond. I listened to podcast interviews where top marine biologists speculated about why the orcas were attacking boats - for fun, in their objective, scientific opinion. I’m a trained wildlife biologist, but hearing the theory that the orcas were deliberately targeting the rudders and engines of expensive yachts as a form of unintelligent play made my blood boil.

They know exactly what they’re doing I kept thinking as I listened to more and more top-tier scientists write off the orca attacks as a childish game that would soon peter out as the orcas lost interest and moved on to another type of fun. I couldn’t tell if the scientists were saying that to protect the orcas (a playful wild animal is far less of a threat than an intelligent, conspiring one) or if they genuinely believed in their theory and could actually dismiss the blatantly obvious sentient intelligence behind the encounters. 

About two weeks after the Dreamtime visit from Orca, I scheduled a call with my mentor Carolyn, an experienced dream worker and spiritual guide for mystics such as myself. I relayed the images from the dream to her and felt seen, held, and believed in a way I hadn’t been alone. She shared with me that another mystic she works with, who happened to be residing in Crestone, Colorado on a long-term solo wilderness sabbatical, had also been visited by deep-sea Whale energy numerous times in the past several weeks. She wondered if there might be some unseen connection between our numinous encounters. She encouraged me to share the message I received from Orca in the Dreamtime and to continue connecting with Orca and Whale energy despite being in the desert far away from their home in the ocean. 

I decided to communicate with Orca about a week after that call with Carolyn, despite being out of practice and skeptical of my ability to telepathically communicate with non-human beings, since I hadn’t ever dedicated myself to learning and practicing consistently. 

As I begin the communication, I set my doubts aside and quiet my mind, expanding the love in my heart to include all beings on the Earth, especially Orca. I send an energetic greeting to the Orca from my dream, and immediately I plunge into darkness. I feel pain coursing through my body like an electrical current and a terror I cannot name. A deafening noise clutters my senses, and I feel awash with grief, loss, despair, and helpless distress. 

I hear the words, “Our people are dying. We need your help. We are calling you.”

Along with the heavy darkness and pain, I glimpse light and feel a smile inside. I'm invited to witness a playfulness, an irresistible joy and levity mixed in with the grief and despair.

Orca says, “You are warriors of the land. We are warriors of the sea. We must work together to set each other free.”

“Why me, Orca?” I ask without meaning to.

“Because you listen. And you hold a key.”

I feel a sense of being circled by a pod of orcas. They are spiraling and spinning me around in the deep, dark ocean where I feel a profound sense of belonging mingled with trepidation.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“We want the pain to stop.” They respond with such simple clarity I’m taken aback and overcome with devastating grief. 

“You visited me in a dream. Why?” 

“You belong to us. We are calling you home.”

The connection falters, then breaks. I thank Orca and send them an energetic farewell, officially closing the communication. 

After the conversation with Orca, I feel led to draw a card from the Medicine Card deck that was gifted to me and my partner by an elder a few years back. The cards all represent different animals. I’m often surprised at the accuracy of the response I receive from my readings, especially when I’m the most connected to my higher self. 

I ask, “What do I need to know about my spiritual gifts?” while shuffling the cards and pouring my energy into the deck. Within a few shuffles, two cards fall out: Dolphin, upright; and Antelope, reversed. I laugh out loud when I see Dolphin. Of course, I would draw a dolphin, considering Orcas are actually dolphins not whales. Hah! 

Dolphin represents Manna, or life energy, AKA the breath. “You are to be a link to some solution for the Children of Earth,” the description reads. It goes on to say, “This can be a time when you are to link with Great Spirit and bring answers to your own questions or those of others…this can mean a time of communication with the rhythms of nature…Break existing barriers and connect to the Dreamtime.” Wow! How spot-on the description is!  

I move on to Antelope, which is all about action and right timing. In reverse, Antelope signifies that I’m not listening to and not acting on the will of Great Spirit. Contrary Antelope also indicates that it is time to make a decision to start something. I feel clear I’m being asked to start a regular practice of intuitive interspecies communication and dreamwork. 

I was shocked when I read the last lines of the description for Antelope because it rings so true to my struggles with doubting myself and my ability to communicate across species boundaries: “The main element in procrastination is lack of conviction. To honor your chosen destiny is to honor your commitment to doing what you ‘proclaim’ you are doing.” Clearly, it is time for me to walk my talk and start listening and responding to the ones calling me like the Orcas of the sea!

No matter where we are in the world or our lives, we all have the ability to connect with our higher selves and the more-than-human community of beings with whom we share this Earth. Our non-human kin have been trying to get our attention for a long time to lovingly let us know now is the time for action and retribution for our wayward ways. The sense I received from the orcas, shared by interspecies communicators worldwide, is that they mean no harm to human life, but the irreparable damage to our oceans and Earth needs to stop. Orcas are guardians of the sea. We humans are guardians of the land. If you are one who listens, you, too, hold a key. We must work together to set each other free.

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