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Whale Breath Essence

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

Kerrie Searle,
Animal Communicator and Flower Essence Practitioner, shares her experience of making a Whale Essence. (Essences are usually made by soaking flowers or plants in water to release their energetic pattern or qualities. The infusions are used to harmonize emotions and increase well-being).

Each year, humpback whales migrate and pass through what is known as the “whale highway” at the northernmost tip of K’Gari (formerly known as Fraser Island) in Queensland, Australia.

For three years, I have spent a week sailing amongst the whales. Last year, 2022, the whales asked me to make a Whale Essence. I have made many essences and blends to assist in my healing and for others in my work. As those who have made Mother Tinctures from flowers, trees, and plants will know, the usual process is to place the foliage or flowers into a bowl of water and place them in the sun for approximately three hours. Making a Whale Essence, however, did not fit the usual in any way. Having spent many hours trying to logically work out how to do the same process with a whale, I was told by the whales that all I needed to do was bring all the necessary equipment and be grounded and present and that the whales would guide me on what to do.

The whales told me to place clear quartz crystals in a bowl. Each day, I was to scoop some water from the ocean at the precise time the whales said to do so and place the water into the bowl kept on deck under the sun each day and the moon each night until the full moon on the last night. Over the next five days, the whales would tell me the EXACT moment to go to the rear of the boat and retrieve water from the whale that was “pushing’ the water into my glass scoop.

So precise were their instructions that on one of the days, they directed me to move the bowl from one side of the boat to the other, which made no sense to me. Moments after moving the bowl, a whale surfaced and blew over me and into the bowl. I had just been talking to the group about the scientists who had collected specimens of air expelled by whales with drones. I had just commented how amazing it would be to “be able to bottle this” when the whale did this.

Humpback whale breath in the air

On the evening of the full moon, the whales asked me to stay up all night to listen to what they had to communicate to us. As I reflected on the different energies the whales had shown (times of play, mating, calmness, stillness, breaching, and spy hopping), I was excited to imagine what the Whale Essence would bring to humans. As I watched the “footprint” the whales left as they surfaced from the water, the whales told me that humans need to have a deeper awareness of their footprint and its impact on the planet. They said that each decision we made and every act we were part of had far-reaching ripple effects that we could not always know of or measure.

As I sat with this, I wondered how we could become more aware of our actions and their impact. The whales said that as they had shown their many different energies and behaviors over the week and made all of them part of the Whale Essence through the collection of the water each time, we also exhibit many different energies and behaviors. Every time the whales directed me to collect the water, a deep, conscious level of connection occurred. All the whales, sometimes ten or more, were connected to the process taking place and part of it. I was starting to comprehend the energy and reason behind the whales wanting me to make the essence and what it was for.

The whales then said that humans had become disconnected and disassociated from themselves, which created a disconnection from Mother Earth. They explained that this disconnection meant that humans had lost their ability to connect and communicate with themselves, thus preventing them from connecting and communicating with animals, plants, oceans, and other beings. The whales were now “demanding” that we show up for ourselves and reconnect. They said that the impact of this disconnection in humans meant that they were making decisions that were harming and destroying the planet and that it needed to stop.

As I listened to the whales communicate, I realized the importance of the Whale Essence and that it was a great resource to assist humans to consciously reconnect to themselves and Mother Earth. We held a beautiful ceremony the morning after the full moon to make the Whale Essence, which is now being used by many to help be consciously connected.

These messages were confirmed when I returned home and sat amongst the indigenous Moonah Trees. They reminded me that when I made the Mother Tincture from the Moonah Tree, she told me they were all connected via a root system that traveled to all the Moonah Trees. They start as a single trunk and gradually “split” into many trunks. The Moonah Tree told me that her essence was for the parts of ourselves that had “split off” or been disconnected or suppressed. The whales had “directed” me to make a Whale Essence to assist humans to make better connected conscious decisions, and the Moonah Tree reiterated the same message.

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