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Whale Healing Counsel

Part of a series of communications received by people from other species and life forms on Earth, on how we can help restore the health of our planet.

Lisa Fraser wrote this communication she received from whales, published in Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 86, Spring 2012.

This morning I awoke early. It was still dark as I went out into the cold. I felt the magic of the waning full moon bathing my world in white light. But so early? It was the whales. They wanted me to feel the moment and hear their message.

For many mornings now, I’ve been meditating. But as soon as I start, I hear the whales as they pass by my home. I’ve been on dolphin journeys and listened and taken in their love as I swam side-by-side with them. But even though I live several hundred yards from the ocean, I’ve never heard the whales.

Beach with rocks

They had just journeyed through the debris headed our way from Japan (from the earthquake and tsunami). They were confused by it.

They told me clearly
“We must clean our Mother; she’s all we have.”

I saw the debris as the whales tried to navigate through the muck—lumber, cars, unidentifiable pieces of metal and wood.

They continue on.
“We hear the deafening sounds near your home. We can lose each other as we try and listen for each other’s voices, even separated at times, but we move on towards our destination.” This I saw rather than heard.

Animal communication doesn’t always come to me in straightforward words. I see things. I feel them in my body. I hear words but watch and listen to the entire message.

The whales talk with me most mornings as I sit outside. They are teaching me that
they are the memory keepers of the planet. They travel hundreds of miles each year for thousands of years to reach their destinations. Each year the journey becomes more perilous. Each year they battle the sounds of more and more ships that travel the oceans and throw off their communication with each other. It’s like trying to talk with someone with the TV blasting—loud and confusing. Yet, they seem to know where they are to meet up with their respective pods and move on.

This morning the message was for us humans—the ones who need to wake up. Their society long outdates ours.

“We teach our young the world of the whales, as you teach your young the message of being human. But you have lost your way. It’s not too late. You can each clear the Mother and make her whole again simply by feeling love in your heart space and passing it on.”

The other day I heard the beautiful laughter of a child swinging on a swing. The whales showed me that moment.
“That little child filled her heart space with joy and laughter. The energy she sent out from that laughter reached your whole community. Perhaps beyond. The humans didn’t hear it, but they felt it.”

“This is what you as humans must do. Each day, you must fill your heart space with love and joy. This will branch out to others. They too will feel it. It is the way to heal our Mother. Joy.”

They showed me the trees in my yard. The power of the winds they endure. The trees are dancing. They aren’t being harmed by nature; they love to dance in the winds and drink in the rains that fall to quench them.
“You humans hide in your dwellings, worry about the power of the winds. The trees are not afraid. They live on.”

They showed me that when I am in nature, my heart space fills with joy. The love that my dog radiates through his heart from simply being with me on the beach is enough to heal a human who has forgotten.

“We, the whales, have very large hearts that send love when we are in joy. We send it around the planet, yet humans need to do their part, too. Humans need to feel joy, not despair, and send it out. It radiates. It is a powerful tool.”

It’s so simple. All we need to do is feel love in our hearts and it will cure another of their pain whether they know it or not! This is how we can change our planet.

“Why do you think the message of ‘do what you love’ is so strong right now? It’s because when we do what we love, we send love. And in that very action, we are healing our Mother.”

The moon continued its path across the skies as I listened and glowed with it. I felt the love the whales were sending and now I’m sending the message to you. Are you practicing joy? Are you finding time in your hectic day to smile? One smile can cure a village. It truly is this simple.
Do what you love. Stay in your heart. And the whales will continue to send us their love. This is the simple start to curing Mother Earth.

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