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Earth Communion: Merging with Grand Canyon Bedrock

In early October, I visited a friend in Flagstaff, Arizona, 125 miles from my home north of Phoenix. Afterward, I decided to continue to the Grand Canyon since it was only 80 miles further, and I hadn’t been there in years. Gazing into the canyon from the rim above is always awe-inspiring, expanding, and revitalizing.

At one overlook, the sign explained that this view showed where the river hit bedrock after carving into the earth more than four thousand feet to create the canyon over millions of years (photo). As I gazed at this monumental corridor, I felt myself mystically lifting out and over the divide. I became a giant earth woman figure stretched out on my back on the canyon floor with long straw-colored hair trailing in the river. My spine fused with the bedrock, and my features transformed into the rock underneath. I felt a deep peace, lying at the bottom of the canyon, married to Mother Earth. Listening to the cool water rippling over my rock form and feeling the pulsing movement of plants, animals, and other beings around me, I was one with everything in the ancient earth passage.

Grand Canyon with river at bedrock

After this sublime shamanic experience, I moved slowly to other overlooks as I continued to feel inter-dimensional communion through my merged earth form far below. My Grand Canyon experience was fulfilling, complete, and timeless.

After walking along the rim with my long-haired Chihuahua travel companion, Pepito, and eating lunch together, we wound our way through the beautiful countryside on the long drive home.

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