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The Timing of Death

Barbara Woodtli Huber wrote to me with questions about animals’ timing of death. She explained:

Many of my animals have told me that when they or a human dies, it is the right time on the soul level. I would never put an animal to sleep if they would not ask me for help. Many animals have asked me to give them time or let them pass on their own.

I have a dog who has returned to me after being with me as my dog when I was a child over fifty years ago. My dog (now female) still says his death by my brother and his wife taking him to the vet for euthanasia was very quick and unprepared. This troubles and confuses me very much. My dog said she reincarnated now so we can change the end of this sad story. She also said my brother and his wife, who live near us in Samos, Greece, could care for her and help heal this painful event and their consciences.

In animal communication courses, other animals also complained that they did not want to die and got thrown out of their bodies unprepared. Some said that far too many are put down against their will.

On the other hand, I communicated with a dog with many problems who was hoping his people would release him out of his body. Instead, his people tried again and again to keep him alive. I read whatever I found on this subject and talked with many animal communicators about it, but the answers did not satisfy me. 

Can animals die too early or too late? What does this mean on the soul level? Is what bothers me a question of guilt and responsibility?

The Soul Journey
Each of us is on a soul journey. We focus uniquely on what we need to learn each lifetime, attracting the elements that find the next piece of the puzzle.

Autumn leaves path leading to light

We are at different stages in our return to wholeness.
Some animals, including humans, feel free and whole after they die. They see how everything fits together and how they completed what they wished to do on their soul journey through space and time on Earth and other places in this vast universe. They are at peace in union with Spirit and All. They often look over us with great love and give us many blessings.

States of Awareness
However, many incarnate souls, whether humans or other animals have many things to sort out, understand, learn, or complete before they come full circle to oneness. They may resolve some issues while in the spiritual realm. Yet, they often reincarnate to learn more lessons, complete things they haven’t completed in themselves and with others, rectify mistakes by learning the point of view of those they wronged, or fulfill pledges to others or missions to help.

Some people think animals are all pure souls who have nothing to learn. I have not found this to be the case. No matter our physical form, we are all at different places on our soul journey. We may have understood, integrated, and come to peace with some things but not others. We may feel compelled to learn more on the physical plane. When, where, and how we reenter and continue that ascension into full awareness is our soul choice according to what will help us be complete.

Soul Families
We often travel in soul families or groups with similar missions and even recognize the deep connection we have. We may call each other soul mates or friends who feel they’ve always known each other. We are also attracted to those who will help us learn what we need to discover. We are here to help lift ourselves and each other out of the ignorance of living in darkness, pain, and misery, separated from our true selves, and remember how to live in the love and light that we are.

Each being, place, and experience is our teacher. When we recognize that and are open to increasing our awareness, we are able to find more peace, joy, and understanding. We are responsible for our actions. When we complete our lessons, we see how the pieces of the puzzle of all beings and life fit together. No regrets, blame, guilt, confusion, lack, or incompleteness remain.

The Need to Come Back
An animal (of any species) who does not see the perfection of their soul journey and regrets how anything in a lifetime turned out is usually not finished working out the issue in the physical realm. When they reincarnate, they may feel anger, blame, or regret about their circumstances. They aren’t yet aware of how they orchestrate and attract each experience for the next step of their journey back to wholeness. They have work to complete to learn to be open to life, relax, and trust the sacred adventure that they have set up for themselves.

Many beings don’t remember why they came back once incarnate, but every move they make is influenced by what they came here to do and discover. Some very aware beings return to Earth consciously in service to assist others open up to who they really are.

Eventually, everyone remembers and sees the flow and sense of their journey from life to life and how each experience led them to wholeness. No regrets. Nothing to finish. A state of Divine Wholeness. This state may be hard to imagine when stuck in the drama of the game of life and the suffering of attachment to old ideas and states that fall short of the full picture and peace.

You and your dog companion have the opportunity to continue to help each other on your divine journey. What a fruitful reunion of friends!

For more on animals’ viewpoints of dying and death and how you can communicate with them about the timing of their death and even after they have made their passage to the spiritual realm, read my book,
Animals in Spirit.

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