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Elephants Explain Their Deaths and Warn Humankind

I’m a South African, but have recently moved to Botswana where I operate a small company with my twin sister that does private guided wildlife safaris. Up until a few months ago I didn’t know much about the topic of animal communication until I did a hypnosis session with my clairvoyant friend and the animal kingdom came to me and told me I must learn to communicate with animals before I moved from South Africa to Botswana. I have recently arrived in Botswana and I have had some profound communication with the animals. I’m quite new at this still. I have been reading your books and found so much inspiration and guidance from your wisdom.

I’m reaching out to you to ask if you know anything about the mysterious deaths of the elephants in Botswana? They have been mysteriously dying in a kneeling position. Around 330 elephants died between May-July 2020 in the northern Okavango Delta near the area where the Okavango River flows from Namibia into Botswana. 11 have died again very recently.

I have asked some of the animals I communicate with about this, but I’m still trying to figure out what they showed me and it doesn’t make much sense right now. One thing I was shown that was consistent was the Shell logo in different conversations. I have seen today by chance that some company was given oil and gas mining exploration rights in the same area. This is also a protected UNESCO Site.
Could there be a link between the elephants and mining/fracking? Many elephants have been dying in a kneeling face-down position, it’s strange to see them in this position when one is used to seeing them on the side when you find a carcass in the wild.
Stephan van der Merwe

Ask for Clarification
I gave Stephan this advice about his inability to figure out or make sense of the communications he was receiving:

Remember that when you don’t understand something you’re getting from animals and aren't clear what it means, ask them for clarification—to explain what you’re getting in a way you can comprehend. Keep asking questions so you can learn from them more instead of being puzzled.

The Elephants Declaration
When I contacted the Botswana elephants, they showed me why so many had died in a short time period. They pictured and transmitted their thoughts on what is happening to the Earth in their area and beyond that is affecting their health and all life on the planet.

The elephants showed me a thick, dark, oily substance coating the earth with elephants face down in it. Poison was coming up from the earth, with dark and multi-colored shimmering like oil slicks.
(I understood that this dark oil was not visible on the surface when they died but their vivid images were clearly pointing to the contamination.)

They explained and showed me that the water and soil were both contaminated. Since they take long, deep drinks from the water holes and cover themselves with soil, their bodies take in a great amount of contamination. Those who died had reached the tipping point where their bodies could no longer filter out these poisons and literally collapsed back into the earth.

Elephant throwing soil over his back
In addition, I heard from the elephants loud, discordant sounds rumbling through the earth and hurting their sensitive, long-range hearing, causing disorientation, damage to their nervous systems, and overall physical weakening. The sounds seemed to shriek on and off around the clock and cause pain to them and to the Earth itself.

The elephants declared:

This contamination must stop. We feel into the earth and even under and through the oceans and hear how this sound contamination affects creatures of the sea, especially our cousins, the great whales, who also suffer from the floating poisons and noise.

We elephants and whales have long worked to transform these discordant sound waves so they do not harm the rest of life. Now, there is too much for our bodies to handle, especially as our physical numbers decrease and the onslaught of toxic pollution increases.

In many ways, life on the planet is on its last legs and falling to its knees, like the elephants and other animals. The ancient deposits of organisms must stay deep in the Earth now or a tipping point of death and destruction affecting all life on Earth will be reached. Many humans are dying already from the imbalances caused by these assaults on our Earth and many more will die. The time has come when these cascading effects will eliminate much of the life on Earth if the human gouging of the planet does not cease.

We know that many humans are conscious of these dangers and working on solutions, but it is not enough. They must be joined in consciousness by many others to reverse course and live in balance or the consequences are grave for current and future generations of living beings. Will you help us, yourselves, and all?

Time to Listen
I have found that the messages from wild animal leaders are becoming more dire recently. Normally I and other animals are optimistic and see the good side of people and situations. This message reminds me of the orca message in my September 2020 article Orcas Issue a Wakeup Call to Humanity.

It would be wise for us to listen to our fellow animal species who are so in tune with Mother Earth. There is still much we can do to right the balance.

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