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The Song is Love - Messages About Our Ecological Crisis

I received this inspiring letter from Ruggero Grottanelli. His words reminded me of a message I received from the dolphins on the first dolphin journey I facilitated in the Bahamas in 1997. Both messages are very relevant to our relationship with other species and Mother Earth.

Ruggero’s Inspiration
Now, planet Earth is facing a deep environmental crisis. Many people make efforts to avoid the worst, dedicating their lives to saving a small piece of the wonderful Nature of this planet. This text is for you. If you find it true or you just like it, you can use it, post it or send it to anyone you care to.

Don't despair: every action in the right direction helps and gives breath space to Nature to recover. In this moment the whole planet Earth is working to overcome this crisis, every living being is leading with all its energy towards the restoration of the natural state of every place, all they need is for us to stop waiting on the rest of the planet. Even if it seems that things constantly get worse, even if it looks like an uphill battle, the power of recovery of our planet is much greater than we can imagine, and every effort helps.

Let's remember why we do the right thing, how much value it has, how much difference it makes. Let's feel inside of us how deeply we love Nature, to whom we dedicated our lives, how beautiful it is working with animals, with plants, in a place where everyone cooperates to live better. Let's truly live what we chose to do, in the field, at home, in a crowd. Let's embody everything we feel deeply inside ourselves, let's always remember it, let's show it to others, let's bring about change. Let's take the courage to admit what we believe inside, how great and beautiful Nature is, how wonderful this planet is, it is waiting for us to notice it.

Change is coming, the time of transforming the whole planet is now. Let's give the example, let's show people the truth, how deep and important is the heart of Nature; we already have all we need. When we see the truth, the truth resonates within us; let's become bringers of truth, let's make it resonate in the hearts of people, let's give the example that changes lives.

Enough with the compromises. Let's act without hesitations, for the change of consciousness of everybody, without heeding those who might take offense from it, let's keep stating the truth even in the face of injustice and power, even in the face of interests: Nature does not belong to us, it must never be exploited, be speculated or profited upon, we are part of Nature, we have to come back to our origin as natural beings in harmony with Nature. Every life is sacred, it has its own place and its purpose to help the others. We have our place too, it is what makes us happy, let's find it again. We have to take back our place in the natural order, find again the great responsibility that being so powerful, being human, means.

This battle is not fought only in the field, in the offices and through money, the most important things are the hearts of people. Nature loves us and living naturally makes us happy. Let's share this awareness to everybody, let's share how beautiful Nature is and how much we are loved to change the life of people. Love is the thing that changes lives, that transforms everything it touches. The heart of Nature is love, if you feel it inside you, share it, find the way to explain it with easy words and with scientific studies.

Life is based on collaboration, on symbiosis, on living to make others live. Everyone does it in its own way which nobody can replicate and which helps everyone. We are one, we are bound to every living being on the planet and beyond, every life is important, every life cooperates to allow us to exist, let's be aware of it and be grateful for it. Let's be grateful to all the planet who with incredible determination keeps on accepting everything we do wrong working always to better things, to restore balance and better the conditions of our life. How much can we give in return, how much effort can we make, how much do we want to commit ourselves? We can devote our life to change things, to do what we truly feel right, to live every moment for the whole planet Earth, to feel within us how important is what we believe, what we do.

This is the way: to act on what we feel deeply in our heart, what truly brings us happiness. When each one of us does it, the world changes.

There are a lot of studies showing how love is at the basis of natural processes (love is what aids life for free, one's own and at the same time the life of others), even if we have to find it ourselves.

The Dolphins Speak
Group of dolphins - one with top of head out of water and light shining

At the final meeting of our dolphin journey group on land, one person asked me to ask the dolphins this very relevant question:

"What information can the dolphins give us about what we can do to assist the ecosystem?"

The answer, transcribed from a taped recording came through me like this:

Oh wow, these are the ones that came to us, the group that we got to swim with. It's the baby that is here. The baby is considered a master who has come in a master dolphin who also carries the whale energy. This is why this baby was allowed to swim free and actually move away from its mother for a short time in order to grasp the whole human pod as assembled. Then I get a clear picture of me (Penelope) still in the boat, and the dolphin communicated, "We acknowledge the one above who is connected with me." This baby is a master being. I see him encircled by a white light in the blue water. He continues speaking to me:

All you have to do all around is to let that sweetness, that light, that nourishment of your soul, (that milk that you see is the white light from the soul that feeds the soul) is to send that light out wherever you go. You can, by your very nature, just as I do, just as all the dolphin brothers and sisters do, be in the water and clear it, and clear it of all things by the same method that I am showing you. By clearing it in the same method, which is sending out the milk of the soul. When you send out the milk of the soul, it nourishes all souls. All energies align around it in a pure light. If you send this out enough times and with enough people, the consciousness of people who are unconscious, who are ignorant of their connection to others, changes. They go into the same trance that you felt, and what happens to them is that their love is realigned so they cannot put out anything but the milk of pure love.

Do not underestimate your own ability to put out that spiritual force. All of you have been charged in the waters of love. I was brought here by my dolphin and whale brothers; the entire pod actually is here to hold me in space so that I could send this all to you. Now feel the energy that comes from your own body no matter what infirmities or what impurities you feel you have. Feel the milk of pure sweetness and love radiating in the vortex all around you. Now as you feel that energy, you will feel yourself dwelling in the ocean of pure love. The ocean of pure love is that which surrounds us at all times and connects us to all life. You will see in this ocean everything that is on this planet and in other realms; there are impurities, there is beauty, there is love.

Send the milk that sustains your soul out into that ocean, and as you increase that in magnitude and quantity, the entire quality of the ocean changes, both the physical ocean that you see with your body's eyes, and the ocean of pure love that sustains us and in which we all dwell. This is the secret. All the technological wonders of this world are pale in comparison. This encompasses all those technological details that humans love to wear as part of their minds.

I charge all of you now in this room, and all of you who have gone on these trips, and especially this group which I was sent to be with, I charge you now with the service, with the solution of sending out the milk of pure love and soul into the ocean. I promise you will see that all things will grow. The whales, as you have said, will return, and the dolphins will multiply in number. The ocean will be sweet to all those who drink it and the Earth itself will mature and expand in this new richness from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the tallest mountain. Never forget these words. It is not these words that I charge you with, I charge you with entering pure love. That is the mission for each of you. It is why I came here to this place and why we now go forth out into the world. You have all been touched and changed. You will never be the same. We love you. We are with you. You are the same as us. We are you. You. You.

The message was spontaneously tape recorded by one of the group, but we were unsure how much of it would be understandable since the tape recorder was at a distance from me. So, while still deep in a dolphin dreamtime trance, I thought I would attempt to reconstruct the message the following day. The dolphins came in again and amplified the message with additional dynamic material on healing the ecosystem.

The only thing that will restore the ocean and Earth to purity is the balm, the vibration of pure love. All of you have been touched and changed. You are in the vortex of eternal love encoded in your beings and reactivated by this contact among us.

It is not the technologies of men that will save the oceans, but the energy of love brought to bear on the situation. Within this love, the proper actions, mechanical devices, minerals, and herbs will be created that change the impurities' magnetic alignment so that they are removed from toxic emanation and are realigned as nutrients for the Earth.

All of you are charged with the mission of spreading the energy of love
like nourishing milk from the mother surrounding you to all beings, to help align their lives with love and union with all beings. (The baby dolphin imaged itself in the water surrounded by a soft white light, like its mother's milk, spreading through the ocean. Then the master baby turned pure white, and I felt us as one being.)

The vibration and halo of love emanation that you spread will enlighten all beings, so that all act in harmony and peace. This will bring the alignment necessary to restore the purity of the environment, which all the inventions of humans without the love could not do. We are here to help you to remember and return to that oneness that is in your memory, and is your true nature.

(photo - in clear blue water of Bimini/Bahamas)

Dolphin and Whale messages.
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