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Animal Suffering and What We Can Do About It

I frequently get e-mails from people lamenting the suffering of animals, how horrible it is and how terrible they feel about it. Some people even conclude that efforts such as education to raise human awareness are fruitless when there continues to be so much abuse of animals in the world.

One person sent me a notice by an animal rescue organization about an animal who was rehabilitated after abuse and adopted into a loving home and commented:

Another life saved, but I continue to be concerned that we are continuing to put bandages on problems when we do not prosecute those cases of abuse and neglect. Please let me know your procedure to address the root of these human cases of animal abuse. I support other groups who are actively lobbying to address this issue, so we can arrest those who perpetrate such horrors. I know what you do is critical in saving lives yet if we do not have a pro-active plan to legally hold those cruel humans fully accountable we will never stop these cases of neglect and abuse.

I continue to be grateful for your work and look forward to knowing who is working on the macrocosmic issues that this awful case cries out to remedy so loudly.

Each person and group can help in the evolution of humankind to end cruelty to all beings by doing their own particular mission and expressing their good energy in their unique way to help others of any and all species. Many different roles are needed: the legal fight to end abuse, the care of those abused, the education of children and all on caring for all creatures, enlightenment about who animals really are and how to communicate with and learn from them….

human hand palm to palm with ape hand

We have countless examples of people giving their best to make the world a better place, so heartening amid all the suffering inherent in life on Earth. Here are philosophical and practical ways to approach and handle animal suffering.

Macrocosm and Microcosm
The macrocosmic perspective encompasses the totality of all beings' spiritual journeys from life to life in experiencing different realities and fulfilling our Self-created divine tasks. It extends from this limited physical dimension to all the realities beyond. It is vast and understood only when we stand in unity with ourselves and all as spiritual beings - a state few achieve fully while incarnate.

The microcosmic physical view of life is very restricted and full of illusions. Maintaining that life on Earth is confined to one existence in a body and we are nothing more than the form we inhabit can lead to despair and a sense of futility about the evil or suffering we encounter. Without a macrocosmic spiritual view as a foundation, people often try to medicate or distract themselves from facing the resultant pain of living as if the smaller views of life were the total reality.

It helps to be able to see the longer, larger view of our continuous existence in and out of form. Realizing how we are long and short-term creators of the games we play on Earth steps us back into a more balanced view of how all life forms exchange energy and learn from each other. We advance on our path of many lifetimes as we interact with other souls with a variety of viewpoints developed when we adopt individual identities as humans, plants, animals, and Mother Earth.

Peace is found in following our own plan or mission to enlighten ourselves and others as we help make the way lighter for all we meet and even for those we don’t meet, past, present, and future. Our animal friends offer us compassion for ourselves and others. By communicating with them, we can directly tap into their native wisdom, love, and helpfulness. We are not alone on the journey to walk in balance and enjoy life together on Earth.

Practical Approaches
Animal communicators have to face animal cruelty, rescue, and welfare as part of their work. I’ve compiled a variety of animal communicators’ thoughts and practical solutions on the subject on this webpage.

Topics include how to face the enormity of animal suffering without getting overwhelmed, steps to take to be active in animal welfare, facing the dark side of humanity within ourselves and others, how to respond to cruelty, the nature of taking care of and healing self and others.

The CDs on
Animal Intelligence and Awareness, Understanding Animals’ Viewpoints, and Healing and Counseling with Animals in the Animal Communication Mastery Series can help you perceive the wise, compassionate views, both microcosmic and macrosmic, of our fellow animal species on the Earth.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be at peace. It starts within and then extends to all around us.

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