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Water Consciousness and Ecosystem Purification

Animal communicators answered these questions for Species Link Issue 94, Spring 2015.

What does Water think, and how does it feel about the current situation on our planet? How does it feel about humans, and what does Water suggest we do to help sustain its life-giving essence?

How do animals see Water? How do they feel about this necessary element? What effects does pollution have on them? What can we do to purify our water?

My response:

Water is a living, conscious being composed of trillions of living beings (cells). It has an overarching sentience, meaning it feels its role in the whole space of Earth, the universe, and throughout time. It has awareness of the bigger picture and does not “think” in human terms or think at all in the human definition. It feels essence. It IS. It goes about its business no matter what is immersed into it by humans. It tends toward cleansing and purifying. Only in the short term of human thought it can appear polluted. In its greatness, it moves in the surging cycle of life, restoring itself and all it touches.

Humans hurt themselves when they foul the Earth. The Earth continues to move in her wholeness and grand plan. It is important for us and for all living beings to move in the same purifying cycle with water as it does. Then our energy duplicates the essential nature of water, and we contribute to purity and wholeness. There are many ways to align our vibration with our true soul nature, which is the nature of all beings, including animals, plants, rocks, water, and earth.

Tree frog on handA tree frog once sat on my hand, turned to me, and spoke a message to humans, “We need pure water; we need clean air.”

The dolphins we visited in the Bahamas in 1997 gave me a message for our group about how to align ourselves and contribute to the purification of the ecosystem. The essence of the message from a master baby dolphin who spoke for all dolphins:

All you have to do is to let that sweetness, the milk-white light that nourishes your soul, go out from you wherever you go. You can, by your very nature, just as all the dolphin brothers and sisters do, be in the water and clear it of all things by the method I am showing you, which is sending out the milk of the soul. When you send out the milk of the soul, it nourishes all souls. All energies align around it in a pure light. If you send this out enough times and with enough people, the consciousness of people who are unconscious, who are ignorant of their connection to others, changes. They go into the same holy trance that you felt, and their love realigns, so they cannot put out anything but the milk of pure love.

Do not underestimate your own ability to put out that spiritual force. All of you have been charged in the waters of love. Now feel the energy that comes from your body no matter what infirmities or impurities you feel you have. Feel the milk of pure sweetness and love radiating in the vortex all around you. Now as you feel that energy, you will feel yourself dwelling in the ocean of pure love. The ocean of pure love surrounds us at all times and connects us to all life. You will see in this ocean everything on this planet and in other realms; there are impurities, there is beauty, there is love. Send the milk that sustains your soul out into that ocean, and as you increase that in magnitude and quantity, the entire quality of the ocean changes, both the physical ocean that you see with your body's eyes, and the ocean of pure love that sustains us and in which we all dwell. It is the secret. All the technological wonders of this world are pale in comparison. It encompasses all those technological details that humans love to wear as part of their minds.

dolphins swimming underwater

I charge all of you now with the service, with the solution of sending the milk of pure love and soul into the ocean. I promise you will see that all things will grow. The whales and dolphins will multiply in number. The ocean will be sweet to all those who drink it, and the Earth will mature and expand in this new richness from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the tallest mountain. Never forget these words. It is not these words that I charge you with. I charge you with entering pure love. That is the mission for each of you. You have all been touched and changed. We love you. We are with you. You are the same as us. We are you. You. You.

As I transmitted this message, my right arm swirled above my head in a spiraling vortex. A number of people reported seeing dolphins swimming in circles around their heads and feeling the experience was what they needed for closure of the trip.

One of our group participants spontaneously tape-recorded this message. We were unsure how much of it would be understandable since the tape recorder was far from me. So, while still deep in a dolphin dreamtime trance, I thought I would attempt to reconstruct the message the following day. The dolphins came in again and amplified the message with additional dynamic material on healing the ecosystem.

The only thing that will restore the ocean and Earth to purity is the balm, the vibration of pure love. All of you have been touched and changed. You are in the vortex of eternal love encoded in your beings and reactivated by this contact among us.

It is not the technologies of men that will save the oceans, but the energy of love brought to bear on the situation. Within this love, the proper actions, mechanical devices, minerals, and herbs will be created that change the impurities' magnetic alignment so that they are removed from toxic emanation and are realigned as nutrients for the Earth.

All of you are charged with the mission of spreading the energy of love ─ like nourishing milk from the mother surrounding you to all beings, to help align their lives with love and union with all beings. (The baby dolphin imaged itself surrounded by a soft white light, like its mother's milk, spreading through the ocean. Then the master baby turned pure white, and I felt us as one being.)

The vibration and halo of love emanation that you spread will enlighten all beings so that all act in harmony and peace. It will bring the alignment necessary to restore the purity of the environment, which all the inventions of humans without the love could not do. We are here to help you remember and return to that oneness that is in your memory and is your true nature.

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