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The Silent Work of All Species

People often underestimate animals’ awareness, understanding, and conscious engagement with the world around them, especially their awareness of human activities.

A person responded to my last article on communicating with elephants:
The elephants' perceptual and communication abilities are beyond anything I would have imagined. Quite extraordinary, and what an eye-opener for me!

This fits right in with my previous article Animals Confound Expectations.

Moving in Slower Time
Animals can be masters of being quiet while fully surveying and feeling their environment with heightened awareness. They can be aware of currents of energy and events far beyond their immediate surroundings and survey events happening around the world through their own species or interspecies connections.

I wrote last year about how Mo, my Sonoran desert tortoise friend, was aware of the
coronavirus pandemic and roused himself from brumation (winter sleep), coming out of his burrow early to sit on the land in stillness and help people heal, balance, and evolve in their relationship to all life on Earth.

This is like the practices of mastery found in many spiritual traditions, where people are taught to move slowly and consciously, meditate, contemplate, pray, and enter the stillness beyond time and space and touch other-dimensional realities. These practices help people to fully remember who they are and why they are here as well as supporting their contribution to the peaceful evolution and harmony of others.

Prayers can be focused intentions uniting with the good in all and promoting harmonious relationships. They can harness natural energy that moves us into cooperative balance with one another. The prayers, chants, and meditations of monks, nuns, and other people all over the world are synchronized with the natural meditations of other species who support Nature’s balance.

When I am feeling discombobulated, sitting on the earth, praying, walking in natural surroundings, or connecting with my domestic or wild animal friends are surefire ways for me to come back to peace within and feel centered and strong in spirit. These practices increase compassion for myself and others and lead to positive action.

The In-Between Places
Tuning in with Mo as he is resting deep in his winter dormant state now, leads me to floating intertidal dimensional zones that glide between physical life and spiritual realms extending beyond them.

As I unite with him, I experience his body as both dense and hollow at the same time. His body is resting heavy with slow heartbeat and breath and is about the same temperature as the earth he has dug around him in his burrow. He can still sense what is around his body if he needs to but his awareness is mainly flowing slowly in a dreamless sleep wave.

I feel him connected to the deep pulse and the wide current of energy that continually flows through the earth and all life.I experience through him a low trancelike thrumming in the space between this reality and other dimensions that is restorative in itself and also opens to spiritual realms beyond it where all manner of benign energies, awarenesses, and beings dwell. He is connected to his tortoise ancestors and the ancestral spirits of all species, including humans.

Even when Mo wakes up and his body begins to move, eat, drink, and function in the sunlight of spring, he still maintains this connection with ancient realities and radiates palpable wisdom. I feel inspired around his embodied prayerfulness.

Water Healing
Our prayers, deep awareness, and loving thoughts and connections foster the healing of wounds and traumas on the Earth and create balance out of disruption. Without these loving thoughts, meditations, and prayers of all animal, plant, and mineral beings, destructive forces such as war and pollution may have reaped even worse consequences of chaos and pain on the Earth.

Earth is a playing field of energy exchanges and evolutionary forces that assist us by our choices to use all experiences and relationships to learn and evolve in our individual and united journeys with each other.
Our thoughts, meditations, prayers, and good intentions can help to make a better playing field for all.

Animal communicator, Bebe Daniel wrote to me:

In your recent blog about the elephants I was touched to the deepest core of my being. I contemplated for a long time about how to rid these toxins for us all. I wrote a short meditation that could make some changes. With this intentional visualization we can assist the elephants and all life by removing what’s been done to our beautiful planet. It does not require a healer’s ability to use this, does not have to be done by people all at the same time, and can be done in a short time. A friend and I came together to create this with the help of the dolphins and whales. I hope as many people as possible can come together to relieve the Earth and her inhabitants.

elephants at watering hole
Visualization/Meditation to Clean the Watering Holes for Elephants and All Animals

Get into a comfortable position and feel your body’s connection to the Earth. Begin to focus on your breath, breathing in and out slowly and deeply to let your mind and body relax and be present here and now.

With your mind’s eye, survey the natural watering holes and flowing waters as well as the ocean’s depth.

Then visualize plants beginning to grow in the soil, bursting with healthy light and flowers. Watch the roots as they go deeper and deeper, penetrating the crust, the mantle, outer core, and the inner core of the Earth.

You needn’t concern yourself with the details of the planet. Just see the flowers and trees sending roots deep into the planet. As the roots go deeper they anchor themselves completely so they can stay as long as needed. The roots begin to absorb the poisons humanity created by being reckless with the earth.

These energetic flowers and trees are growing for the “soul” purpose of absorbing the poison. As they reach toward the sun they bloom beautifully and bear healthy fruit. Once mature, see how they dissolve the poison and all unhealthy energies along the way, making room for new plants and trees to continue the process.

See the water glistening alive and healthy for the animals to drink, bathe, and play in and how their own bodies release the toxicity as it rises out of their bodies and dissipates into steam. Notice how the sun then eradicates that steam, leaving the planet and animals healthier than when you started.

You can also join a monthly Global Water Healing Meditation sponsored by animal communicator, Mary Getten, at

Ways to Help
Pray, meditate, visualize, send out loving thoughts for the Earth and all her inhabitants. Other ways to help that come from communicating with animals and Mother Earth: