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Animal Communication Morsels, Part 2 Animal Consciousness, Telepathic Communication and Dementia, Communication Technique

People often email me their questions about animal communication or their animal friends. As appropriate, I refer them to animal communicators for a professional consultation. Others I refer to publications or other professionals such as veterinarians for help. When I feel I can answer quickly in a helpful way, especially with people I know, I buzz off a response. Here are a few more of these questions and my answers as food-for-thought. (Names are changed to preserve confidentiality.)

Snail Consciousness
I saw the absolute beauty of two snails courting, and I thought about your wonderful snail story and the film, My Octopus Teacher. I wondered since snails are mollusks, might they have a similar level of consciousness to an octopus? How about clams?

Snail on a log reaching out to grass
Animals of all kinds experience awareness of their place in the cosmos and web of life on Earth. We all share our soul nature, although many humans are not aware of this. Other species are conscious of what they need to fulfill their purpose as that animal and act accordingly. Snails express their consciousness in a certain way that is different from an octopus or a human. Each is amazing just as they are and express themselves, as you well know.

Telepathic Communication and Dementia
Because psychic communication appears to involve the mind as it extends beyond the brain, I wonder if any animal communicators who have become afflicted with Alzheimer’s (or other forms of dementia) have found that their communication skills survive and work around the ravages of the disease?

A companion question: might it be therapeutic to work with early Alzheimer's patients on developing psychic skills? That might be a real blessing.

I haven’t known any animal communicators who have had Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

When we are connected to our bodies, all communication is filtered through them while we are conscious. The brain must be functioning well to process whatever telepathic or spiritual communication is received or transmitted. Any disease involving deterioration of the brain or severe damage to other parts of the body can interfere with clear communication of any kind.

The spirit, apart from the body, can communicate telepathically. Others who are consciously telepathic can receive the communication. It would be therapeutic for people to be conscious that they are spiritual beings and not their bodies, so they don't identify so strongly with their physical form and its states of being, especially in old age when bodies deteriorate. Having this consciousness would also help prepare for life beyond death.

It is possible to communicate with people in various states of body consciousness and after they die, with their willingness, ability, and desire.

Becoming An Animal
To telepathically communicate with animals, I have read that you can pop into their bodies down through the crown chakra. I have been studying animal communication for several years and my approach is to stay out of the animal’s body. I was taught that I might take on their issues if I enter their energy. Can you shed light on your viewpoint of this technique?

I’m glad you’re avoiding an approach to animal communication that sounds invasive and disrespectful.

You can connect with animals with their permission and unite with them to feel what they feel directly for telepathic understanding, which is not invasive and does not involve taking on their energy or issues. Watch any inclination to mirror your own issues when communicating with other animals to keep the communication pathway clear.

In my publications, I teach people how to be present and truly listen to animals and receive their communication without mixing in their baggage, agendas, thoughts, and issues. See my book,
Animal Talk, and the Basic Course Audio Recording set for exercises on how to give and receive communication with animals. The exercise on Becoming An Animal found in these publications helps you unite with them, recognize the difference between your thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of animals, and keep your ideas and agendas out of the way.

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