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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 4—The Body and Cancer Cells

Your blog on the coronavirus and how it is supporting the balance was very interesting! I am also from Hong Kong and have a similar question: have you ever had a word with cancer cells? If so, what were your findings? Moni

Communicating with Our Bodies
In line with the purpose of this series, I’m going to focus on how you can communicate with cancer cells yourself and get your own answers.

I have often told my students how I regard
my body as my closest animal friend and treat it as I would my other animal friends, doing what I am able to do to lovingly support its life, feeding and exercising it in the way it needs to keep healthy. I communicate with my body telepathically, with feelings, intentions, thoughts, as I do with other animals.

If a body part is hurting, I work to give it the care and energy it needs to heal. I can communicate with each body part through touch, thought, feeling, just as I do with my whole animal body. This goes for internal organs as well as what can be seen on the surface.

Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells. Each of them has its unique function with instructions on how to do its job in its DNA. All the cells work in concert with each other to keep the whole body in balance.

DNA chains in gold and brown
Cells can veer from healthy operation if there is damage to their DNA instructions. This can happen when cells replace or copy themselves, especially as our bodies age. Mistakes in the genetic code can be inherited. DNA can be damaged by chemical pollution in our air, water, food and habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. All of these things can result in the uncontrolled cell division we call cancer.

Our immune system regularly dispenses with abnormal cells. However, the same harmful inputs that create cancerous and other abnormal cells can also overwhelm the immune system.

At War with the Body
Often, the approach to cancer is to bombard the body with chemicals that also damage healthy body functioning.

Zach Bush, MD, offers a different outlook:

Cancer cells are the most isolated, damaged, and fragile cells in the human body. Their mechanisms of repair are destroyed, they cannot produce adequate fuel, they have lost their cell identity and natural function. We are told that toxic warfare on our body is the only pathway to hope for buying us time. And yet cancer rates rise every year. …we continue to see cancer as the problem rather than the symptom of a body that is failing in its inherent capacity for health. We poison rather than support. We treat rather than inspire.

Step one to overcoming cancer is to love those cells back into the community of your body. If they cannot repair, they can remove themselves (apoptosis or programmed cell suicide) to make room for the new (stem cell activation).

We are often removing cancer cells naturally from our body throughout life. Not until our avenues of communication and metabolism are profoundly disrupted does cancer become a clinical problem for our bodies to handle. Cancer is just the symptom.

The Loving Communication Approach
I suggest that, as an addition to any therapeutic program you choose to restore your body’s health, you add loving telepathic communication with your cells.

Use the techniques from the previous three articles of this series on communicating with groups of beings. Damaged cells often respond as a group identity and can be addressed and learned from in that way. The steps found in my
animal communication learning program will be helpful, too.

Here is one way you can “
love those cells back into the community of your body.” Compassionately looking at cancer cells as isolated, damaged, fragile, and needing assistance to function naturally, connect with them and find your way to give them healing energy.

Ask the cancerous cells any questions you wish about
  • how they developed,
  • how you can help them,
  • how you can assist your whole body to heal.

You can also
communicate with and enlist the support of all your body’s cells working together to bring back health.

Breathe in loving energy to both cancerous and healthy cells and breath out/release toxic accumulations and trauma. Mother Earth transforms the expelled energy to fertilizer, nourishing the soil for all of us to live.

You may also ask in these communication sessions
  • how and why this journey with cancer cells is part of your life path,
  • how you can grow spiritually from it.

Delight in the enlightening, uplifting communication, connection, and understanding this brings.

Healing Journey
We have all experienced damage and trauma in our lives on Earth. Focus on life as a learning and healing journey. Flow with the intention that we are continually moving back toward wholeness. Practice approaching other beings, including cells who have been hurt, with loving communication and tender kindness. We have so much to learn from each other.

We are One Life. There’s no getting around it. We are immersed in the great ocean of life together. We are part of it, united with it, encompassing it, floating through a continuous atmosphere that influences all of life and knows no separation.

Feel the unity and dynamic relationships of all of us in the web of life. Enjoy it. Bask in it. Dance and sing with it.
We are One Life.*

*We Are One Life is the first song in
Chants for the Journey Home

(This is the last article in this series: Communicating with Groups of Animals.)

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