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Real Deal Communication with Animals

In teaching telepathic communication with animals, I emphasized that students develop fullness and depth in communicating. This involved learning to use all their telepathic sensing ability to get what an animal feels right down to the smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing of it.

The most direct way of communicating with animals that is the least likely to mix in human thinking involves becoming or uniting with animals spiritually. A mutually agreed upon connection like this enables you to feel what animals feel and receive their thoughts simultaneously in a rich, nuanced way.

The Tone of Genuine Communication
A true communication from an animal courses through your whole body, right down to your bones. It doesn’t stem from your own thoughts or preconceived notions. It is an immediate visceral transmission from the animals of what they experienced.

When a telepathic communication from animals is expressed in words, it can have an impact like poetry or spiritual insight, causing transformation and realization in the hearts of those listening. It conveys and is truly respectful of the animal’s intelligence, viewpoints, and feelings. It represents animals honestly because it is from them with no added judgments or human ideas of how it should be.

I taught aspiring professional animal communicators to maintain telepathic connection with the animals and people involved in an animal communication consultation. Then the verbal expression of the communication would come out of that compassionate circle of connection to help resolve the situation harmoniously, No judgments about the animal or human clients cloud communications given in this way. Coming from a place of truth with loving kindness is essential to the spirit of the
Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators.

Thinking vs. Feeling
In my advanced courses, I also taught students who had done their introductory work with teachers who did not teach my methods. Some would offer “thinky” communications full of words but not full of feeling from the animal. Their words might also be veneered with the communicator’s own interpretations and viewpoints. This can be found in beginning students who have not learned fully how to differentiate their own thoughts and feelings from the animal’s. However, being a clear channel for animal communication must be honed to a high awareness to be an effective, ethical professional animal communicator.

Child communicting with goat face to face

Telepathy means feeling (-pathy) across a distance (tele-). Without getting the animal’s feelings, you can easily get lost in the thin stratosphere of the human mind instead of the gutsy, full depth of animal soul and physical reality. When students expressed “wordy” communications they got from animals, I would ask what physical and emotional feeling the animals had about that. The animal’s feelings give full-bodied essence to the communication that resonates as real in the heart of the listener.

I also advised students to feel their feet on the ground in preparation for communication, to feel their connection with the earth, and to feel the animal through their connection with the earth. Out of the head and into full-bodied connection with animals is the goal.

The Foundation
The foundation of telepathic communication in grounded, centered, meditative presence creates a clear and receptive field and a channel for open and true communication. Animals are willing and usually eager to communicate with people who are quiet and receptive and not projecting their own energy and thoughts onto them. They relax in this field of calm presence and receptivity. The impact of an animal consultation with this full communication is immeasurably different from that of thin communications laced with human guessing or agendas that clients might feel are off the mark or even fake.

I remember doing a consultation with a group of performing Amazon parrots who appeared on television. Their person requested that I communicate with them to find answers to puzzling behaviors and help to handle some challenges.

When I walked into the room of many loudly vocalizing birds, the cacophony of enthusiastic communication to each other immediately ceased. They all looked at me with fascination, and understood telepathically why I was there.

Their person was stunned. She told me that her Amazon parrots never quieted down like that for anyone unless she directed their attention to performing tasks. Throughout the time I was there communicating with various individuals, the group was quiet and focused. They listened to each other communicate to me and listened to me communicate to their person about what they had transmitted. They loved the attention and understanding. Their person commented several times that she could not believe their quiet behavior and would have expected them to vocalize again soon after we began talking to each other.

The consultation was very fruitful and brought a great deal of understanding for all involved. Without the foundation of calm, centered presence and connection, this silent, rapt attention from naturally vocal birds would not have happened.

Where to Start
Cultivating the kind of telepathic connection that brings pure and full communication and often dramatic, positive results requires devoting much time to effective practice.

When people first start rediscovering their ability to communicate with animals, as with basic course students, they may get only snippets or glimpses of communication from animals - a short phrase or feeling impression. As they practice and follow tried-and-true methods, they get fuller, deeper communications and are more confident in their reception. As with other skills, experience brings proficiency.

To rediscover your own ability to communicate with animals, I recommend you start with my book,
Animal Talk. In it is the exercise in Becoming An Animal I mentioned as the fullest way of communicating. My book, When Animals Speak, will take you further in understanding what is possible when you truly communicate with animals. You may want to get the Basic Course - How to Communicate with Animals audio recording set with booklet for home study and practice. The Animal Communication Mastery Series (six audio recording set), gives you guidance to greatly expand your telepathic communication skills.

For more in-depth information on how to tell if you are getting the real deal in telepathic communication with animals, listen to my teleseminar “
How to Know if Telepathic Communication with Animals is Real.

Wishing you a joyful year of true, full telepathic communication with animals.

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