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Animals Taking On Our Issues

Thank you for your website and your blog, it is very important for me developing my animal communication skills.

Some people believe that animals take over illnesses from their humans. A shamanic practitioner I know tells a client that his dog is sick because of his suppressed emotions and the person feels very guilty after that.

I believe that animals too could get sick because they have their own karma. At least I cannot be sure if it is true so I find it not right to say this to a client. What is your experience with this ?

We Are Connected
Often there is a correlation between what humans are learning in life and what animals experience or respond to in us. No matter our species, we are each other’s helpers and mirrors, giving us a chance to see, often in an exaggerated way, what needs to be illuminated next and which may be clouded due to our habitual patterns or suppression.

We are connected. Generally, beings that we are close to in this life have been with us before. We learn and advance along our evolutionary journey together. Others, of all species, can reveal to us our own beliefs or conditions to help us grow and live to the fullest.

Helpers All Around
Animals help us; we help them. This can include animals or humans taking on each other’s negativities to clear or release them, within or across species. Animals have their own spiritual paths and make their own choices. They may choose to help and uplift us through energetic healing and at the same time are uplifting themselves spiritually. I’ve written about this in my publications and so have many animal communicators.

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In a previous article I put together on the subject, animal communicator Lynn McKenzie agreed that animal companions partner with us for many reasons and take on very specific roles in our lives. “While they definitely have their own journeys and purposes, most of them also come to us to help us stay on track. One of the roles our animals take seriously is absorbing or clearing energies from us and transmuting them so that we can advance along our paths and move into the highest expression of our souls. I regularly see animals take on emotional issues, as well as physical ones.

“Animals nudge us toward harmonious and balanced lives, freeing us from the messes we make. If they take on energies from you when you’re going through a rough spot, they can be cleared of those energies, usually much easier than people can clear them.

“When clients have asked me to try to stop the process of their animal companions absorbing their energies, sometimes the animals tell me that it’s the main reason they came to their person in the first place.”

Stephanie L. Brown conveyed that in order for animals to take on anything from their human companions, there is first a contract between the two. The contract, whether spoken or unspoken, requires that both souls gain something spiritually.

“You may not want to see your animal suffer. However, maybe your loving and devoted animal friend is learning her life lessons in this way and also helping you to learn lessons associated with that kind of love. The contract may be necessary to both participants and if unfulfilled, both parties may have to learn the lessons again in some other way.”

The Energetic Milieu
We are also affected by each other’s energies, consciously or unconsciously, depending on our choices and state of awareness. As we heal ourselves and consciously grow, we help those close to us and all beings. We assist each other on our life journeys.

Nancy Marsh agrees, “…animals are helping us with our lessons. We need to support them doing their work. But they don’t have to be affected negatively by us or our stress if we are aware of ourselves and simply honest about whatever is happening at the time.

“Our animal companions come to be of service to us. Most animals provide service as healers and assist us in making positive changes in our vibration, often without our awareness. Often, our animals want us to wake up and become more conscious of some aspect of ourselves or our lives that we might not have been paying attention to. My experience has often been that whenever there is an animal difficulty, it is cleared up or greatly assisted when the human involved gets the message and understands that the animal is trying to help us become aware.

“One of the best ways we can help our animals, and ourselves, is to consciously invite them to be with us in our journeys, especially during the disruptive times. We can ask our animals to help us with whatever we are going through and they will be delighted to help. We then must recognize their help.”

The Soul Journey
Some people insist that whatever the animal is experiencing in the way of illness or injury is always what is within the person or what they need to learn about. The correlation doesn’t seem to be so black and white.

Animals also have their unique soul journey and purpose in life that is not identical with ours. They may have decided before coming into this life that they would fulfill a certain purpose and live for a certain period, perhaps departing by illness or more quickly by “accidental” death.

An animal having kidney disease does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with their person’s kidneys. It may be that the person needs to learn more about holistic health and natural ways to help when standard drug use fails to help their animal friend. People may be learning new levels of caring for others through the influence of their animal friends. Or they may be learning not to identify so strongly with illness or physical conditions and to focus on what is more essential in the long term soul relationship, lifting them to a higher awareness and relationship with their animal friends.

Connecting with Compassion
An animal communicator or other practitioner who operates from an agenda or preconceived notions about what certain conditions in an animal mean and evaluates the person because of that may cause distress or emotional pain in a client. An intention to generate more understanding, harmony, and evolution for all concerned should be foremost. Biased thinking must be put aside to really see and feel clearly what animals are communicating and experiencing and how it relates to human clients.

Making a person wrong or guilty should not be part of a professional consultation. When practitioners maintain telepathic connection and loving compassion with both animal and human clients, they speak in words that promote understanding and growth. People resonate with communication given in this way and open to new realizations and understanding.

Compassionately feeling into what will help a client brings out what the person is ready and able to hear. You can’t force readiness or awareness. You can just be present with another in compassionate understanding of their journey and be sensitive to what will truly help.

Most of all, we can learn from our animal friends how to live with more balance and compassion, especially for ourselves and the challenges of the human condition.

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