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Telepathic Animal Communication: An Affair of Heart and Soul

Telepathic communication with animals is an affair of the heart and soul. It involves getting in touch with the deep core of your being so that you can meet another in the same place. From that strong foundation, you can truly listen to animals’ deepest desires, feelings, and thoughts and understand who they are and what they are communicating to you.

You may have buried and thought you lost your native ability to telepathically communicate with animals. You can rediscover it by
applying yourself to the deep soul practice of being present. That means truly being here for yourself and another of any species and finding the place where you meet.

Penelope Smith and Jerry orange tabby
We Are Anima/Animal
There is no quick fix and no “app” that will do it for you. Only by being willing to honor your true nature as anima/animal (soul, spirit, breath, air, life) can you then honor anima/animal in another being of the same or another species.

Focus on your breath, feel your feet on the ground and how Mother Earth anchors you, and connect with the column of energy through your spine that helps you feel your own expansiveness and strength. These practices bring you closer to being able to hear, to feel, to envision, to touch, to know the life of other souls, all having
anima in common.

Most of the time when people think they cannot get telepathic communication with animals, they really are saying they have not practiced allowing themselves to get in touch telepathically with themselves.
They are not experiencing and accepting their own feelings enough.

They may have rarely practiced being quietly present with just themselves, letting go of the distractions of life around them and just being
here. They may often follow the endless distractions of the mind, letting their thoughts carry them along like a whirlwind. They may have chosen to escape painful feelings or feeling much of anything through drugs or other addictions. In turn, they may have lost touch with their foundation nature - being anima/animal = soul, spirit, breath, air, life. So how can they then accept and feel other animals’ feelings, which is necessary to telepathically communicate with them?

Learn from Animal Teachers
I have described telepathic communication with animals in many articles and throughout my books, audio, and video recordings and detailed a number of ways to access it for yourself, as have other animal communication teachers. The subject bears looking at and touching from different angles, especially to get the initial telepathic connection and then to go deeper.

The ultimate result is a true, deep connection and an understanding of the lives, profound communications, and wisdom of animals that rocks our world and transforms others’ lives through us.

Let your sisters and brothers, the other animals of Earth, teach you how to be your true anima/animal self and open to communication and understanding with them.

Quietly observe the motions of the lives of other animals.
Feel the life force pulsing in their bodies.
Feel how your life is flowing along with other animals’ lives.
Look into their eyes or just be with them and feel their spiritual essence.
Allow your anima to connect with their anima in respect and love.
Feel your commonality and even oneness with animals.
Learn from them about who they are and who you are.

Walking Hand in Paw
You can do it. It is in you. Find the space to begin in the center of heart and soul, in the space running through the core of your body from top to bottom. Practice and enjoy the pleasure of feeling as one walking hand in paw with your fellow animals, no matter the size, shape, or species you connect with.

May this truth nugget help you know more of who you are and who we all are no matter our earthly form. May it bring you closer to home in sharing true understanding of all beings in heart and soul, mind and body.

For more on how to remember and access your native ability to communicate with other species, see the
Blog page on my website and click on the category, Animal Communication: What How Why, especially the articles: Real Deal Telepathic Communication with Animals, What to Do When Emotions Interfere, Accessing Telepathic Oneness, and The Mother Earth Channel… Then review the fundamental principles of telepathic animal communication in Animal Talk to awaken further your anima/animal connection.

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