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The Mother Earth Channel to Communicate with Animals

Here are a few approaches that you can easily apply in daily life practice to deepen your telepathic awareness and connection with animals. I used these techniques to great effect in the animal communication courses I taught.

The Mother Earth Channel
After having facilitated a number of whale journeys, one day the whales directly helped me improve my teaching of animal communication. They advised me to get people to connect with animals through their feet on the ground. By feeling their feet firmly on the ground, people could then feel through Mother Earth the common link they had to all the other animals on Earth.

Geese grazing in grass
Grounding and connecting in this way helped to get people out of their thinking about animals and into a viscerally felt link through all their bodily senses connected to other animals’ bodily senses. This link opened a channel to true telepathic communication: feeling what the animals felt, sensed, and thought rather than mixing in their human preconceptions. It helped people to get beyond any barrier or fuzzy separation that prevented them from feeling they could communicate with animals.

You don’t need to stay in a futile or frustrating habit of just thinking or guessing or trying to figure out what’s going on with your animal friends and coming up short. Try this when you want to communicate with and understand something about any animal.

Sit or stand quietly, breathe deeply, feel your feet on the ground, and feel your connection with the animal through your feet on the ground. Then, ask the animal what you would like to know. Still feeling the connection through your feet on the ground, open to receive the animal’s communication in the form of feelings, thoughts, sensations, or knowing. While feeling how connected you are through the Mother Earth channel, accept whatever you get and acknowledge your animal friend.

Hands Alive
Another practice I incorporated into advanced course exercises was using our hands as sensing devices to get beyond the interference of human thinking mechanisms. This is a way to deepen our ability to sense and receive the full range of telepathic communication from animals including all that they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.

Open your hands and feel how sensitive they are. Imagine all the nerve endings of the hands as formed into little eyes, ears, mouth, and nose on your hands to include all the physical senses.

Place your hands facing each other about 6 inches apart and feel the energy activating and exchanging between them. Make the distance closer, then further, as you notice what you feel exchanging between your hands as alive senders and receivers of communication.

Then open your hands toward the environment.
Feel the energy exchanging with your hands and objects you focus on one at a time around you. Try it indoors with the furniture, walls, house plants, animal companions… Then walk outside, feeling the energy exchange with trees, soil, animals, mountains, water.…

Now, like you did with your hands, let your whole body activate as a sender and receiver of communication from what surrounds you in your environment.
Feel how alive your body is and how your intuitive sensing increases as you focus your hands and your whole body to sense and communicate through rather than just your thinking mind.

You can also ask your animal friends questions as you keep your hands and body and extended senses open to receive their communication.

Telepathy is about feeling - sending and receiving feelings across a distance. No more thin thinking or human guessing games when you want to understand animals. “I feel” is the key here, rather than, “I think.”

Animals are alive and in touch with their senses and feeling. You, too, are an animal who can open in this way.
As you let your intuitive animal nature come alive, you activate a direct channel to receiving other animals’ communications in richly felt dimensions of meaning and understanding.

Sharon McCullough recently sent me a story of her experience after she did an awareness exercise in a course by one of the teachers who trained to teach my courses.

I walked behind a church where my dog Cody and I used to walk together (he has passed). We often saw a mourning dove there. I happened to see the mourning dove (I'm pretty sure it was the same one). I'm enclosing his picture too. We just looked at each other and then I heard "Cody loves you very much!"  And I said,”I miss him so much." The bird said, "Yes, but he is with you in spirit." I replied, "I don't really know how that feels." Then the little bird flew up to the roof of the church. There is a little lip on the edge of the roof and he jumped behind it. Then I heard, "It's like this, you can't see me but you know I'm here." And then he flew away!  

Mourning Dove on limb of tree
Here’s a program, using my publications, showing how you can activate your telepathic communication channel and deepen your communication with animals.

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