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The Reality of Telepathic Communication with Animals

A concerned animal lover sent me an article published in the September/October 2001 issue of The Animal's Agenda (a magazine published by "The Animal Rights Network") entitled "Hear Spot Talk — Are Animal Communicators Psychics or Shams?" by Elizabeth Hess. While the author exerted genuine efforts to explore the field of animal communication, her general tone in this lengthy article came across as cynical to mocking.

The title of the article seemed strange, juxtaposing “psychic" and "sham." Usually people who are suspicious of spiritual realities assume psychic and sham to be inseparable. I wondered if she was going to elucidate the difference between a true psychic and a phony. In relaying different practitioners' approaches, she appeared to cast doubt on all of them.

The reality of telepathic communication seemed very nebulous to this author, as it does to many people. It brings up the central issue about how we can ascertain what is "real" or "true" versus what is "phony," "made up," "imagined," (the last three are synonymous to many people) in the physical universe or in any dimension.

What is Real and True
People have unique and evolving perceptions of what is real and true according to their own senses, all the influences within and around them, and their own choices. Many people feel uncomfortable with and resist the fluidity of events and perspectives in this universe. They may seek to maintain rigid points of view and to dogmatically categorize things as true or untrue, right or wrong, good or bad, without room for debate or shades of difference.

Our experience of this universe is subject to our imagining and how we focus. We can imagine and focus on our experience as benign, peaceful, and harmonious, and for us it is so. We can imagine and focus on our experience as threatening, filled with horror and pain, and for us again, it is so. We can imagine and focus with others on a common reality and agree upon its nature and for we who have agreed, it is so.

What is real, eternal, solid, and never changing? Ageless wisdom from many traditions tells us only that which is found deep within us and everywhere in every element of the universe, called Spirit, God, Divine Being, True Self, or core essence. What is ever changing, illusory, a "sham"? The material universe or physical reality. This universe is our constantly changing playground of illusions with which to experience a multitude of colorful realities and enjoy ourselves as different aspects of the Whole/Oneness/God of which we each (individual beings and all elements) are part.

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Michael Roads details his gradual acceptance of the reality of telepathic communication with other life forms in his excellent book, Talking with Nature. After a tortuous battle between his intuition and personal experience against his logic, skepticism, and fear, he finally concluded:

Where is the boundary between reality and illusion? Who decides what is real and what is illusion? Do we accept a common belief, or can we have an independent belief, isolated but real? How much our experience is an illusion based on what we think or expect is reality?

...If this is an illusion I am experiencing with Nature, if it is all imagination — then it's okay. I like it. Who can make me a better offer? Polluted food and air? Is that better? To maintain a belief in death, fear, greed? Are they better? A dogmatic religion with a judgmental God? Is that better? My experience is uplifting, expanding, loving, creative, intelligent. Who can offer me a better reality or illusion? If I feel a great love toward Nature, and I feel love radiating to me from Nature, who has a better illusion to offer? If I feel compassion and love for humanity, if I am happy doing exactly what I want to do, who can offer me more than this?

Suddenly it hit me. What am I fighting? Am I fighting an offer of love, of peace, of expansion, of creativity, of insight and intelligence, of knowing "me," of what "IS"? Fighting it for what? Do I want to remain with the common belief of pain, suffering, death, drudgery, sickness, of being the victim of life's misfortune — when I know I can be who I am, where I am, when I am? Right... "now."

...I am not denying the pain, fear, doubt, sorrow of everyday reality, but neither need I cling to such a powerful belief while denying the creative, intelligent love of Nature... I accept my experience. I believe my experience. I know what I know. 

For me what is real or true in this world is what resonates with the core of my being, my deepest experience, what feels good and right in my heart and soul, what works for me and is helpful to my evolution and happiness which includes all that is around me. In the field of telepathic communication with other species, I have found that telepathic connection resonates deeply within me and brings extraordinary and beautiful manifestations. I have seen in countless cases how practice of this communication brings more peace, harmony, and happiness in our lives and the lives of our animal friends and all beings on the Earth.

What is Helpful
Understanding of communication, whether human, interpersonal, internal, or interspecies is shaped by those involved. Modern science tells us that anything that is observed is influenced by the observer, therefore making notions of scientific "objectivity" an elusive quest. As people follow the path of opening to their innate ability to connect and communicate with spirit in any form on Earth or beyond, they can experience many stages of growth. Skill with communication and how to interpret and counsel others with what they receive from animals improve with practice.

It is unreasonable to expect animal communicators to infallibly interpret and handle every situation that comes up with people and their animal companions. People in any helping field are wise to acknowledge their limitations as they humbly give their best service with loving care.

What is gleaned from communicating with animals to soIve a problem may be as simple and practical as “move the litter box," advice that could come from other means than telepathic communication, but is found very pointedly and quickly in this way. Sometimes communicating and counseling with animals creates amazing and immediately perceivable results, as spiritual roots are able to be tapped and fundamental realities are shifted in animals and people. Miracles or unexpected healing and changes occur. That depends not only on the skill of the communicator, but the openness or readiness of the animals and their people to change, and divine grace within and all around received or felt by those involved. What outcome is best for concerned is not always what we think it should be.

There are many worlds to experience beyond socially accepted versions of reality. When a person is tapped into the multi dimensional nature of our existence and our own creative power, miracles are ordinary, and the ordinary is a miracle. We can decide what we wish to experience and assign it our own meaning or value. The way we envision the world in our inner space manifests in the malleable energy of the outer world. Many of us are shifting to a new vision of a world where all beings live in harmonious connection with each other and the magic of communication with all life is the norm. Let it be so

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