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What to Do When Emotions Interfere

To receive true telepathic communication from animals requires that you are undistracted by your thoughts and emotions, calm, centered, and ready to connect and listen. You need to be able to receive incoming thoughts and feelings that an animal is communicating, unmixed with your own thoughts so you don’t misinterpret what you receive.

Cultivating this meditative awareness and discipline means you can call on it, even when there is an emergency. Seasoned animal communicators sometimes find themselves caught in emotional states, too. However, they have learned how to return to a centered place to be able to communicate clearly with animals.

An Emotional Storm
A recent e-mail exchange highlights the effects of an emotional storm and how the person handled it to help handle a situation with her cat.

Christina wrote:
I’m in northeast San Diego County, and this morning about 8:30, one of my little dogs was “intruder” barking. I quickly got him and my other dog in the house, and scared off five or six coyotes before going to the motor-home on the side of the house (where my pets and I live) to see if Jill and Sable, my cat, were in there safe. Jill was there, and I couldn't find Sable. I still can't find him.
Coyote with light background
The point I'm confused about is my mindset; if I communicate with him as if the coyotes got him and he's dead, that kind of conflicts with my other mindset of hope and calling him to come home out of hiding. I don't want to confuse him (or my broken heart). My heart and mind is going back and forth from calling him home or grieving his tragedy and loss. If I use affirmative prayer (as we do in Unity church), I feel as if I might be trying to pray him alive when he may have passed on from the physical realm. I'm confused. How should I approach this? 
I'm trying to do this on my own, and regretfully I haven't been practicing. I went looking for a coyote den which was a fruitless endeavor. (I need to have a talk with them as well. I feel so awful... 
Any insights you can give me will be greatly appreciated. 

Penelope wrote:
Connect with Sable first. Ask him where is and how he's doing. You can ask him about the coyotes and if he escaped from them or he was killed and has gone on. Ask him any details you wish. Be present and open to receive his communication. He'll connect and communicate with you in body or in spirit.

Christina wrote:
I thank you with all my heart. 
I am beside myself with emotion! Writing to you was quite cathartic; I allowed myself to move into grief, which wanted to come forth strongly, then I reminded myself to learn from the situation and rethink the level of freedom for my pets. I was able to release a lot of emotion by grieving, which, after the fact, I believe released a lot of anxiety, which in turn allowed Sable to feel more free and welcome to come home! Hallelujah! He just appeared as if he never left, as I was headed back home from walking my three chihuahuas on leash! I had to ask him if he was really here, lol! 
A not so gentle reminder that anxiety gets in the way of any form of communication. It's strange and ironic that when teaching folks how to ride, I tell them to say out loud that they are scared, if they are scared, so the horse can hear them, and they can hear themselves. Somehow, in the out-loud admitting to what one feels, the emotion dissipates to a great degree, and can then be addressed more easily. A reminder to take my own advice! 
Thanks again for your loving and speedy response! I am so very grateful. 

Ways to Return to a Calm Space
Christina found that facing her emotions directly and letting them move through her body released her confusion and anxiety and helped her to think clearly. It brought her back to the moment and feeling connected with her missing cat.

E-motion is energy in motion. E-motion longs for movement and release like a river. Spinning in emotional feedback loops creates a stagnant pool of anxiety and pain.

Here are more ways to return to center when you feel emotional and mental distractions inhibiting your ability to have a true and clear connection for accurate telepathic communication.

Do one or more of these techniques until you feel focused in the present environment and no longer caught in busy thoughts and tangled emotional states.

  1. Talk a walk, slowly looking at things around you one at a time, noticing their color, size, shape, texture…
  2. Walk up to an object and feel it firmly and consciously. Slowly repeat focusing on and touching other objects.
  3. Sit with your spine upright in a chair with feet on the ground or sit cross-legged on the floor. Feel your feet or whole body connected to the earth. Focus on your breathing, each breath, in and out.
  4. Lie down and notice any tight places you feel in your body. Consciously tense a tight body part, hold for a few seconds, and let go with a deep exhale or sigh. Then, go over your whole body in that way, starting with your feet, going up through your legs, hips, belly, chest, hands, arms, neck, head, face… End with a clenching of your whole body and releasing with a big sigh.
  5. Sit quietly near an animal. Feel your feet connected to the earth (sitting in a chair or cross-legged on the ground). Feel connected to the animal through the earth as you breathe slowly and deeply. Notice everything positive you can about the animal. Be open to receiving your animal companion’s thoughts and feelings.

With the foundation of a clear, calm centered space, you are ready to connect and communicate with your animal friends. Now you can be open to receive their thoughts and feelings through telepathy or extended sense channels.

To learn more and practice telepathic communication with animals, read
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