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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 2—Trusting Your Connection

Improving your telepathic communication with animals enhances your relationship with all of life. It is a spiritual journey that requires the discipline of digging in to practice. By validating your own native ability to telepathically communicate with your fellow animal friends, you also honor the intelligence, willingness, and understanding of the animals you communicate with.

The animals of the Earth are ready and willing to communicate with you. Are you willing to take the steps you need to get to the same place with them?

In that light, here’s a question asked awhile back about communicating with groups of animals with the answer I sent then by email.

I live in New York City and feed my beloved pigeons every day. They get string and hair bound around their feet and cannot dislodge it. It winds tighter and tighter, cutting off blood supply, creating great pain and often resulting in losing a toe or even an entire foot. You see birds limping about on nubs. They are incredible survivors!

I and friends carry manicure/dental pics with towel and alcohol to do what we can on the spot. When the feet are too bad, we take them to Wild Bird Fund, a non-profit who will provide medical vet care. I feel ambivalent about going there. I have taken them two birds—one with Paramixo virus and one had lead poisoning. When I enquired later, I was told that they tried their best but had to put them down. Their goal is always to release them after treatment but sometimes it's not possible.

Should I take them or leave them be? I am never calm enough to communicate to them at the time, with all the noise and the difficulty in catching/holding them. What can be done to help? I do Reiki healing for them also.
Kay Lindstrom

Pigeons on street with little girl
To know what to do, I suggest you connect with your inner wisdom, your divine center, by getting quiet, taking long, slow deep breaths, feeling your feet connected with the earth. Then, feel your connection to your pigeon friends through your connection with your feet on the ground (indoors or outside). You don’t have to be near the pigeons to do this. Be in a space that is comfortable and supportive for you.

Ask the pigeons to help you access your own internal wisdom on what is your role in assisting them. Also, ask the
Pigeon Oversoul or guiding light of all pigeons, what you can learn from your relationship to pigeons and what is your connection with them about for your spiritual journey and theirs? Ask any other questions that concern you about them.

Take the time to do this—feeling your own strength and wisdom within and the guiding light and wisdom of the pigeons.

How do elephants feel about being ridden endlessly by humans, doing tricks and behaviors in circuses, being forced to beg with little to eat and to move logs in the logging industry? Bonnie Jay

You could have the answer to your questions from elephants themselves by believing in and stretching your own ability to telepathically communicate with animals. I recommend starting with the exercise “Foundation in Listening” from
my last blog, the first part of this series. You can also review the pointers to enhance telepathic communication with animals and my foundation book, Animal Talk.

It may help to focus on individual elephants, one by one, who you know are in this situation.
Put your own emotions, thoughts, and agendas aside, so they don’t mix in and muddy what you receive. Listen to the elephants communicate about their lives and how they feel about their activities with and treatment by humans. Be willing to receive both their sad and happy feelings and commentaries about their life situations.

You can also communicate with the
Elephant Oversoul (spirit leader) and focus on the purpose of elephants: why they are here on Earth, why some agreed to do activities connected with humans in this life—what is their purpose for that? Be willing to learn from the magnificence and magnanimousness that is Elephant.

Tapping Into the Great Pool of Animal Wisdom
People who tap into and exercise their telepathic connection have received enlightening insights from animals that can help us grow and better understand our journey on Earth. For a sample of wisdom from animal Oversouls, see MILLENNIAL MESSAGES FOR HUMANKIND.

I encourage each of you to add to making the reservoir of knowledge from animals available to yourself and all who seek it.
We are all telepathic and connected through our ability to communicate with each other. We just need to remember, uncover, rediscover, and develop our innate capacity to communicate with all beings.

The next part of this series will focus on challenges with groups of animals (insects in these particular questions) when telepathic communication does not seem to resolve the situation and how to deal with that.

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