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Accessing Telepathic Oneness

In my article on the stages of growth people experience on their journey of opening to telepathic communication with animals, I mention the concept of oneness, a universal connection with all life.

An essential part of oneness is the reality of the physical web of life, where all species support each other. We share the same sustaining atmosphere and elements. Air, water, and all molecules recirculate and recycle through our bodies and the earth from all other beings who live on Earth through space and time. New creations birth out of old creations.

All-encompassing spiritual oneness of being is similar. We are all made of the same energy or essence underneath the costume of our skin or outer form. We extend within and around each other individually and as one infinite spiritual essence.

Spiritual connection and oneness brings the possibility of full telepathic communication according to our focus and awareness.
An expansive, rich, tender, full feeling of understanding can accompany realization of this state of telepathic connection. We can learn how to feel the joy and wonder of it with our animal friends and all other forms of life, if we take the time to re-discover what is already within us as a native ability.

Becoming an Animal
I emphasize becoming one with an animal as the most complete way to step out of our own thoughts, preconceived notions, beliefs, and world view and truly experience what an animal communicates through the animal’s senses, feelings, and thoughts. It is a direct and immediate telepathic experience of communication. Translation of this direct experience into words has the greatest truth and impact when one stays in the experience of union with the animal as one communicates what has been received. This eliminates overlaying and mixing in of human mind filters and perspectives as much as possible.

My book,
Animal Talk, includes a meditative exercise on Becoming an Animal. In the Basic Course How to Communicate with Animals CD set and in the Animal Communication Mastery Series CD “Understanding Animals Viewpoints” I voice and pace the Becoming an Animal exercise so you can practice it easily.

Flowing with the River
River with banks and house

I came across a beautiful meditation on the We are Wildness website called The River - A Deep Ecology Visual Poem, that can also help you get into the deep communication experience of becoming another.

different senses activate awareness in different ways for people, here’s how I recommend you experiment with this meditation to move into a state of oneness with the river. This, in turn, will help you to move into a state of union with animals you wish to communicate with and understand better.

For me, silently reading and following the actions of the words of this beautiful poem, flowing along at my own and the river’s pace, put me into a state of deep experiential oneness immediately. I became the river and all the other beings mentioned that are associated with the river and could feel as they felt.

So, I recommend that you first try reading the poem at your own pace, silently or aloud.

Or you might find that just listening to the audio part of the film works better for you, listening to the narrator voice the words.

The film is beautiful. However, our visual sense often triggers other thoughts that may distract us from the experience of going into a deeper state with the river or animals. Experiment with what mode works best for you to access the state of telepathic oneness.

You may also want to read the Feb 5, 2018 Blog on this website called
The Spirituality of Wildness. These attitudes and practices help us to feel the great web of connectedness that is life on Earth and the spiritual oneness that is our heritage in and out of form in this and other realms.

We are One Life. The animals, plants, waters, rocks, and all aspects of Nature on Mother Earth will guide you to feel that if you let them.

For more help accessing true telepathic communication with animals, visit my website
teleseminar page and also listen (and re-listen) to the timeless Animal Communication Mastery Series.

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