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"We'll Never Really Know" True or False?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’ll never really know” uttered with a shrug of the shoulders, eyebrows raised, and palms open to the sky when something mysterious happens and no one can readily explain the cause of it.
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A very common attitude of people unaware of their telepathic connection is that humans will never be able to understand what animals think and feel. People relate amazing stories about animals and then add the caveat, “We will never know what the animals were really thinking or what really happened to them?” This rests on a supposition that animals are something very separate from and incomprehensible to humans and we cannot communicate with them.

This tried-and -not-so-true phrase is also used when animals behave in a way that people consider strange or unusual, such as when a dog suddenly snaps at someone after always being well behaved. When asked why this happened, people try to figure it out and propose logical explanations or might say the dog can’t tell us and “We’ll never really know.”

But that’s where
“We’ll never really know” falls short. We can know, when we can telepathically communicate with animals and ask them about what happened and why they did what they did. When we communicate telepathically and get animals’ feelings and viewpoints, we can truly understand them. Animals are very willing to communicate with people who are sensitive to them and respect and treat them as fellow beings. They tell us their stories, their adventures, their feelings, decisions, and attitudes when we are willing and able to listen.

When Knowing Takes Time
Sometimes finding out what happened and understanding an animal’s experience takes time to allow things to fall into place. With time and openness to further understanding, sometimes communications can be interpreted more accurately and make sense.

One of the four members of my cat family at the time, my Angora calico, Chico San, was accustomed to going outside and returning whenever she wished at our Inverness, California rural home. Chico San was not one to wander far or be away at night until one day she did not come home. I called and searched for her with no results. When I contacted her telepathically, she told me she was having an adventure.

Okay, we all need to have adventures, but, of course, I was concerned. In the days that followed, when I was doing phone consultations with people and their animal friends, I felt Chico’s expanded presence helping me bring healing and harmony to the situations that were being addressed. I often felt this expanded state of being in animals who had gone on, and I began to think that Chico San had died, although she did not communicate that to me.

As the days passed, I received images of Chico’s body being very still on the ground in the forest with her spirit expanded enormously above her cat form. It felt like she was on a vision quest. However, my motherly concern wobbled in and out as I missed her very much, and I could not ascertain clearly if she was dead or alive. I assembled a collage of photos of her and placed them on my bulletin board as a memorial to her. It helped me to accept that she might not return and I felt more at peace.

After a week of being gone, to my surprise and delight, Chico San returned in good shape other than having a few ticks and forest debris in her long hair. She then explained that she had to be quiet and could not communicate much while in the expanded state she experienced on her spiritual retreat. She knew I would understand.

It all became clear after she returned. It was easy for me to listen to her tell about her adventure now that she was safe at home. It was also the right time for me to know about it.

That was a once in a lifetime reset for Chico San, who was a dedicated healer and teacher for students at the advanced animal communication training courses held at our home. She had never gone away like that before and she never did again until she made her final departure at 19 years of age.

I have witnessed other animals who have departed home give a similar feeling of being expanded and quiet but do not communicate exactly what is happening, when they will be home, or if they are dead. It is easy to misinterpret their feelings and images or jump to conclusions in our desire for closure. Sometimes, we have to be patient for the right timing for revelation.

Animals are usually willing to communicate about their adventures if we are open to listening about ways of being that we might not have experienced or don’t expect that our dear animal companions would. After they do things that don’t fit our preconceptions, we don’t have to distort their communication about it because it seems far out in order to make it fit our own sense of reality or please other people’s expectations. When we honor and are confident in our telepathic connection with animals, we really don’t have to shrug our shoulders and sigh,
“We’ll never really know.”

A Golden Key
Telepathic communication gives us a golden key to learning and understanding what we didn’t think we could know before with our animal friends. Practice and then trust your ability and enjoy the doors of understanding and realization that open to you.

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