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What Does It Take To Be An Animal Communicator?

You might think that the most important prerequisite for being an animal communicator is loving animals and wanting to help them. That is a natural, deeply felt characteristic of all animal communicators I know. Even more important is a willingness and ability to communicate well with people to help them understand their animal friends and increase harmony among humans and other species.

Most of the people I have trained who do well as animal communicators have a background as human counselors or educators. Some have worked in a business field that emphasized good communication with clients and excellent service.

People who feel they love animals but loath people do not do well in this field. Vital to being a good communicator or counselor is love and compassion for all species and individuals you work with, including humans, and (perhaps, most of all) yourself.

If you feel hostile or judgmental toward human clients who come to you, your own preconceptions and judgments will cloud communication and may upset both animals and humans. People call for help because they sincerely love their animal companions. They are vulnerable and tender regarding their animals even if that is not apparent in their outward mannerisms.

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I have experienced animal communicators who feel they are being direct and honest and relay communication just as an animal gives it. They may also have an attitude that they are on “the animal’s side” as if this is a battle and the human is the enemy. Their agenda reeks with desire to make people wrong and themselves right rather than increase harmony, which is the purpose of a good animal communication session. They may have little concern with how the human client will receive or understand the animal communication as they transmit it.

When animal communicator’s agendas are mixed into communication from animals, the communications don't feel right to people, are upsetting, and have negative results. People usually recognize and accept the tone of genuine communication from their own animal friends. Accurate communications help to resolve conflicts and problems.

Being A Clear Channel
Your personal outlook is inevitably part of any perception of communication, whether verbal, physical, or telepathic. Communications are least altered from the animal’s original intention and meaning when you are a clear channel for communication to come through and you stay in a neutral place, not overly coloring the message with your personality and experience.

A good communicator translates animal messages to people in a helpful, positive way. It is very important as you stay telepathically in touch with your animal client, that you also stay telepathically in touch with your human client. You need to understand the person’s feelings, intentions, and desires as well as the animal’s. Then, when relaying what the animal communicated in response to the person’s queries, words are chosen or just flow out in a way that brings further understanding to the human client and elicits the cooperation of everyone involved.

Know Best Attitude
This work cannot be done with a "know best,” righteous, or authoritarian attitude, no matter how strongly you feel about your own opinions or solutions. Some people who are new to this ability or suddenly feel perceptions opening may be carried away with the excitement of it. They may feel that whatever they get is superior to anything else they’ve ever heard and people must listen to them.

While personal truth is vital for oneself, other people’s perceptions of reality and feelings are also valid. If animal communicators impose their views or advice on others, they may end up upsetting their clients. People may consider them fake and not really tuned in with their animals or even regard the whole field of telepathic animal communication as a sham.

Dispensing Advice
An animal communicator is not a behaviorist who just dispenses advice based on past experience with other animals, even on common issues like cats going outside the litter box. Animal communicators listen to the full and unique communication of the individual cat to understand what is going on. Only then will a positive shift be possible, both in the human’s understanding and the animal’s behavior.

Animal communicators may use past experience with other cats on the same issue in questioning the cat about what’s happening to understand it better or to check on potential solutions after fully listening to the cat.
Animal communicators have the opportunity to get to the heart of problems with animals from the animals’ perspectives. This unique service helps difficulties dissolve and new answers and possibilities come forth.

Animal communicators are also at different places in developing their skills and in their experience. It is expected that they will improve with years of practice, as they learn from mistakes and grow spiritually and emotionally from each consultation. In time, the animal communicator’s practice can reflect the depth of results possible in this field.

True Animal Communication
True animal communication is not about giving generalities about what you know or about what to do. It is from the animal in their purity, in their pain, in their joy, in their truth. It is linked with the heart of their human friend. It resonates deeply.

When humans hear it, they may weep with relief, burn with joy, or be filled with understanding and gratitude. The miracle of true heart-to-heart communication has happened again. Lives change. People wake up. Their animal friend’s suffering is relieved. Their knowing is validated.

Transformation. Inspiration. Pure understanding. That’s the result of listening and truly relaying what an animal feels about their life, about their human’s life, about life in general. It can’t be faked. People know it when they hear it.

It’s way better than any general advice about animals you can give. It’s what people really want to hear. It’s what they call an animal communicator for. They call to connect with the wisdom of their animal friend and with the wisdom of animal in themselves, sometimes lost for a long time and now reawakened.

Your words come out filled with compassion, strength, and tenderness when they are connected to the heart of the animal, connected to the heart of the animal’s person, connected to your heart, connected to the heart of hearts.

The words find their truth expressed through love and compassion. Not with agendas, or know bests, or with the urge to make people suffer for their ignorance and their mistakes.

They come from a person who holds harmony and compassion for others in the highest regard, who is willing to set aside ego demands and be a professional. A true animal communicator is a clear channel for grace to come through, for miracles to happen.

Why settle for less? Why pretend that you know, that you have the answers, that you have to impress a client or be liked as your modus operandi?

The Sacred Path
Have as your intention to link up all beings involved, to bring understanding, to find the middle way that connects hearts. Then your words result is purest grace and harmony, sparks of light and joy bursting from the holiness of it all.

Know that you have entered a sacred path. You are touching on a deep well in people even when they try to hide it under superficialities or wounded defensiveness. Honor that the person wants to understand their animal friend, wants to learn, wants to relieve suffering. Why else would they call you?

Touch the place underneath all artifice by being true to feeling who animals really are and what they really are communicating, what they really want their person to understand. That will bring flashes of lightning - pure awakening opening to tender understanding and fresh doing.

Handling Challenges
If the door remains closed, if the client’s heart is not opened, it could be that they came with an agenda to hold on to what they think they know, to refuse to change, or even to prove that you’re a fake. Fortunately those instances are rare, unless you are inviting those particular challenges in order to advance on your spiritual path.

If a client appears to be closed, listen deep and remain true to who you are as a centered, compassionate professional person of service. Be true to who the animal really is and who the person really is under all appearances. Then magic may yet happen.

All challenges with people or animals are invitations to learn. Take a look at why you didn’t reach the person, what you need to learn to grow, how you need to look at what is there to understand from your place at this moment. The animal communicator path is filled with opportunities to grow and learn and help, to act with kindness towards others and yourself, to bring harmony to all. Notice everything you can. Be kind and let go. Relax into the next opening for yourself, your clients, and all the animals of the world, including humans.

When you are willing to touch this pulsing heart of being, the true and the good in yourself and in all, when your agendas surface and you can put them aside or dissolve them with a wink in the moment or a longer perusal later, then you are ready to follow this sacred path of service, this holy torch of union that burns in you and in all.

The Core
When animal communicators follow the path, listen and learn, they arrive at the same place in the core of being, the heart of wisdom, the center of union. Their work becomes a priceless treasure, full of humility and miracles.

We all make mistakes. We can be nervous of failing and prone to self-doubt in smidgens or barrels. That is the human condition. Fearful and brave. Seeing and blind. Helpful and spiteful. All in the same basket.

Acknowledge it all and step forward if this is your calling. Telepathic animal communication can help bring you and others to melt into mutual understanding and love in small or big ways. Animals of all species call and love to teach you. Humans cry out to feel understanding and the touch of union in their hearts, with their animal friends, and with all of life.

They are calling to return home. You are calling in the same way. Do you dare to help another as you help yourself? Then go forward with your openness to hear the messages, the feelings, the thoughts, the love of all beings and give them wrapped as blessings for all.

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