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How Horses Feel About Humans

Horses enter the spotlight in our animal communication focus as a reader sent me this thoughtful question:

I am 17-year-old girl from Poland and I have recently been fascinated by Animal Communication. I also love horses and have ridden for 10 years. But now it is time in my life when I am wondering if maybe I should end riding, as it might be too cruel (even "natural horsemanship").

I wonder, what do horses think about being ridden and generally about humans? Do at least some of them like their work? And what would they like us to do to make them happier? Has any horse told you anything on this matter? I would be very grateful if you could write about it. It is really important for me...

I could give numerous stories where horses delight in the company of humans and have fun in riding for pleasure or competition. Horses are also some of the most mistreated animals in the history of human/animal relationships.

However, I’ll give you the answer straight from the horse’s mouth. I received a message from horses in 1999 when I was asked to give
Millennial Messages for Humankind from various animals for Animal Magazine (now Animal Wellness). It completely answers your question.

Millennial Message from HORSE
I am horse. I hold the beauty and the standard of freedom for all to see. I am unlimited. I am most unlimited in physical form when I am wild and free. Yet, I have chosen to be with humankind as companion and friend. I treasure that aspect of me that goes into the barns, shelters, paddocks and places near where humans dwell.

I, as horse, respect my dignity, my grace, and myself. We, as individuals, give this gift to humankind. The grace, dignity, and the beauty of being companions and at the same time holding our freedom. Understand this as the freedom of living life on earth through our feet, through our ears, through our eyes, through our noses, and through our exquisite sense of touch and feeling.

We love who we are. We love the nature of our being. We delight in our sensuousness. This is what our companions, our human friends, feel in us, and rejoice as it percolates into their own forms. Then they remember that they are also free and dignified beings. We hold that grace in great honor.

For so long we have dwelled with humans and honored their need to be free to move like us in the wind. We ask only that humans remember that we freely give ourselves to them. It is not bondage and we do not want to be treated as slaves. We want to be treated as whole beings, who love, breathe, think, and feel as humans do. Otherwise, why would we be with you?

We are gentle, loving, sweet and holy companions of life. Humans who feel we are their slaves degrade our basic nature. We feel lost. We feel oppressed. This is not what we want in the relationship. We want to dwell in harmony and peace with humankind.

We gladly participate in the activities that humankind treasures with us. We honor the creativity of the mind of humankind in finding so many ways to relate to us and with us. All we ask is that we be honored as who we are. We ask that we be given the space to be our natural selves with you, so that we can transmit our greatest gift— the deepest love of who we are in ourselves. When we give this gift, we know that you too feel who you are.

We allow you to ride on our backs. We do not want this holy bond to be denied or severed. Yet, we want to be respected. So, when you see the horse, and see each horse as an individual, we ask that you look at our souls and know who we are. Then you will honor us and treat us in the way we deserve, in the way that you yourselves deserve as fellow beings, and as souls of beauty on the earth.

So, human friends we ask for a new vision, a revision of the old pact from when the first horse came to be with you as a companion. We opened the door to a new relationship on the earth. We opened the door to a new unity. May you be reminded of your unity with us and all the elements that we so freely give to you. May you remember who we are and in remembering, come home to the holy being you are. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your grace. I am horse.

Spirit of a Horse Released
A message published in the Spring 2008 issue of Species Link Journal also illuminates the horse/human relationship.

When Linda Schreiver’s 21-year-old Quarter horse mare, Blue, made her transition into spirit, a member of her animal communication practice group, Suzy DiStefano, received this beautiful poem from Blue.

I am strong and bright and beautiful
Beaming with delight As I race across the evening sky
And kiss the morning light

The moon is now my rider
The sun my guiding light
The stars my coat of armor
As I thunder through the night

Mane and tail flying
Casting drops of rain
Blending with your tear drops
Free of guilt and pain

Grieve not for my freedom
But celebrate my life
The gift that you bestowed me
The ending to my strife

See me now with fire
I climb the Milky Way
Hear me in the thunder
Through the universe I play

Feel me in the breezes
Gentle on your face
Hear me in the bird song
From tree to tree I race

Touch me with your heart song
I hear it strong and clear
I touch you with my heart song
And dry your gentle tear

We are strong and bright and beautiful
Beaming with delight
As we race across the evening sky
And kiss the morning light

One morning, a few weeks after Blue died, Linda went out to the barn to feed the horses. It was still dark, but the sky was clear and the full moon was shining brightly. A cloud passed in front of the moon. With the moon as a backlight, the cloud changed form into the shape of a horse with mane and tail flying. Then the moon rested on the horse’s back like a rider.

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