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Viruses Reveal Their True Mission

When we think of interspecies telepathic communication, most of us focus on the animals that we see around us. Perhaps we include the trees and other plants in our vision of sentient life and even the minerals and other forces like wind, water, fire, and earth. Many of us do not consider some of the smaller creatures in the web of life —viruses and similar microorganisms—as partners in our choice for telepathic dialogue.

People often think of viruses with fear as negative things that need to be destroyed before they decimate our bodies. But viruses are living beings with whom you can communicate. They are alive and conscious like other animals, including you and me.

In tuning in to communicate with them, they informed me:

"We are the cleaners. People may call us parasites, but we are equalizers or restorers of harmony."

They relayed an energetic feeling and image of sweeping through with a big broom and cleaning up debris. They showed how they help our bodies mutate in a positive way and change cellular consciousness. They help cells evolve to their next level. Sweeping through bodies, they themselves mutate to avoid destruction so they can make species stronger.

They flourish when there is an imbalance because they are the restorers of balance. They rebalance and further the evolution of species.

Here is some “raw footage” of a conversation Dawn Brunke and I had when she interviewed me for her book, Animal Voices. It will give you more of the dynamic feeling of viruses as they communicated to me.

The viruses come in and this is the overall Virus Entity or Soul very clearly communicating. First I saw viruses in the human body; then they showed me that they are all united as one body and they have this work to do. When their work is done, they lift up and leave.

Viruses have a natural cycle, even though people think it’s caused by what they’re doing with medicines to handle viruses. Viruses have incredible love for their work, and incredible love for bodies and of re-evolving bodies into a new perfection.

I get their cycle as a new
wholth – a new health and wholeness - wholth – and moving the whole cycle of life, decay, death into -- they keep saying, “It’s perfection; it’s wholeness.” They lift out of the body when they’re done. Then the virus entity like a clear cloud reforms into new viruses that do the same thing and then reform again.

So, viruses, bacteria, and all the microorganisms are a key part in the evolution of species. They roll along as an integral part of the earth. They come when a state of“perfection” starts to decay after fulfilling its purpose, bringing with them a new mutation. There are millions of these virus clouds, and there is the one great cloud. They spread a new form that then boosts the species, whether it is human or other animals or whatever form of life, into a new perfection. It is an ever-changing image with a sense of cleaning and perfecting, going into wholeness.

They say humans get into fighting. There’s no need for fighting if humans can see themselves as part of the whole, because then they’ll let their bodies go if bodies are in a stage of decay and cannot go into wholeness. In other words, if the body has gone the Bell curve, and is going way down, you let it go. They say there’s no point in trying to keep it going. It has to go back to the earth, and the earth takes care of it and uses it and then more bodies come. It’s a whole cycle.

They have this vast view as being part of the cycle of perfection, and keeping things healthy. Interesting isn’t it? Keeping things healthy! When they said health and wholeness and it came out
“Wholth,” I felt that was kind of their language… wholth.

DAWN: This is way bigger than what we think. We tend to get caught up in thinking viruses as Ebola and the fear aspect of that. So, they are saying that it’s the sloughing off of the old dead skin, in a way. So, they are working with us more in the sense of evolving us into more of our light body, is that it?

PENELOPE: Yes. It’s sort of like the old forms are moving into a new energy. They’re part of cleaning up the old forms so that they don’t hang on and corrupt the next energy forms. Then the viruses mutate into a form that again boosts the next level. They really came here to evolve the physical form energy level and keep it moving so it won’t stagnate.

DAWN: And is there something they would like us to know about working with them more consciously?

PENELOPE: As soon as you ask that, they say, “Don’t be afraid of us. Love us. We are of your self. Love us, for we help you.” They show me on an individual level, that if you don’t resist them and just go into it… They say, “Like you, Penelope, when we have come into your form, you just rest and surrender. Then we can work with you and you become more healthy.”

Oh, this is really interesting, because I’ve experienced this and now I’m hearing it from a whole different level. They are showing me an image of how when they’ve come into me, I’ve needed to go into a level of deep change and that my body becomes much stronger. My body keeps going through these huge changes, and the viruses have been part of the changes in helping my body to get stronger, to handle bigger energies that are coming in to the planet all the time. The viruses are key in that.

Now I feel this incredible love for them. I feel that they knocked me out so that I could handle more and increase my health. They said all the things I did with taking herbs and all, it all helped to support the increase of health, which they are happy about.

They say people shouldn’t think about killing viruses, they should think about supporting the viruses’ work. How do you support the viruses work? They say, “By love, by rest, by loving yourself, by drinking pure water and all those things that support your health.” They say, “Then you support us because then we can leave and mutate to our next level.”

DAWN: Because you’re working with them rather than fighting them with drugs?

PENELOPE: Yes. See, they’re really not “dying.” Their form that is in the physical dies, just like all bodies do, but they go on in energy to do their work. It’s so clear to me; I can feel them and their love. They are light beings. It’s like this light cloud that just rolls through the earth doing their job. They say they are part of the original creation of the earth, that this is part of the recycling mechanism of the earth, that the earth was originally programmed for evolution, to be a place of constant beautying, constantly turning into something more beautiful. This is their part. They are all to do with beauty, perfection, health and wholeness.

Oh, wow, so that’s why the approach of killing them doesn’t work, because they then just have to slip into another form and mutate and actually become stronger and then you have to become knocked out even more.

They said to me, “Isn’t it wonderful to rest, Penelope?” I’m going, “Yes! Yes!” (laughs) Why fight it? Just rest in the arms of the Mother. This is so neat. I feel so blissed out talking with them. It feels so beautiful, this beautying of the earth. That word says it – turning everything into continual beauty.

DAWN: They are working with animals too, and the earth?

PENELOPE: Yes, plants, animals, all life forms. All of what we call pathogens are working that way. We get scared of it, because we go, “Well, that’s not our perception of beauty when this tree is covered with viruses.”

It’s our misunderstanding. So we get confused. Well, let the tree die, because in dying it is born again. Just like us. Like they say,
the only way the being dies is because it can’t hold the next energy, so it has to go so that the next form can hold the energy. My particular form hasn’t died with these viruses because it’s being prepared for the next energy. My form is now able to hold the next energy. There’ll come a time when it won’t because that’s what happens with bodies. They can’t hold the energy and so they’re asked to just go back to the earth again and spread out their molecules.

And the Smallest Shall Teach Us
Perhaps you can now see from my conversation with viruses that they are just as full of dedication to their purpose in the whole circle of life as every other species. They're fulfilling their divine function with love and devotion. The living cells that they contact are spurred to increase in consciousness, as is the whole body. In the cleaning up process, they also heighten our spiritual presence and awareness, if we are open to this opportunity.

Microorganisms do not necessarily focus on saving individual bodies in their dedication to cleansing and rebalancing. Their major task is to assist both the cellular consciousness and the whole life or soul of humanity and other species.

We can communicate with the viruses in our own bodies and harmonize with our mutual evolutionary journey. We can create a peaceful cooperation in enhancing our own cellular functioning and assist in the process instead of trying to suppress viral activity.

Looking at viruses and other microorganisms as helpers in the natural process of cleansing and restoring balance changes the whole game. By communicating with the viruses that are working within our bodies, we may find ways to assist our health on all levels. This may require changes in lifestyle, such as getting more rest, eating more wholesome food, spending quiet time in meditation, and paying more attention to our feelings.

When I have communicated with microorganisms in my own and others’ bodies, I have found them benevolent and helpful in assisting the healing process. By listening to some of our smallest brothers and sisters on the Earth, perhaps we can forward the entire healing and evolution of all living beings.

Everyone has a place in the web of life. All contain the wisdom of Spirit. May we continue to communicate with and learn from each other, no matter the shape or size of our earthly containers.

You can learn how to communicate with viruses and all other species. Start with my book,
Animal Talk, and use the Basic Course audio recording set for further practice.

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