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Animals and Unresolved Issues

I was speaking to a puppy, Tutu, who had transitioned recently. She was living on the street with her family and was in and out of homes when her mother was neutered, then again when she had Parvo. She was adopted for a few days and abandoned. She was upset when I connected with her, and wanted closure as to why she was not allowed to just be by the feeder and that she could never really belong and felt unwanted. This was my first experience for an animal seeking closure and I was not sure if it was me projecting. When I spoke with other experienced communicators, everyone said it was my projection or the animal mirroring the need for closure of the human. But I still feel in my heart that it was the animal. Would you have an insight into an animal's soul journey? Could they like us also need closure? Could they too have unresolved issues? Preeti Garg

Animals’ Soul Journeys
Non-human animals have soul journeys just as humans do. They change and grow, learn from mistakes and other experiences, can have issues to work through, and may seek resolution or closure for unsettled situations.

While animals generally don’t make life as complicated as humans do by spinning around in the thoughts and calculations of busy human minds,
they can have mental, emotional, and spiritual problems, too.

I have helped many animals resolve deep issues that were influencing their behavior negatively and keeping them back from fully enjoying life. You can find examples in my written, audio, and video publications. I also explain how to help animals heal through counseling and other methods in the
Animal Communication Mastery Series “Healing and Counseling with Animals.”

Not Always Living in the Moment
I have often heard people say that animals just dwell in the moment and are always grounded and present in their bodies and senses. Although non-human animals generally do a better job than humans at being here and now and fully enjoying life, this is not always the case.

3 blond and tan street dogs
Animals can have disappointments, fears, stresses, dysfunctional genetic predispositions, and emotional traumas that can haunt them and trigger past experiences. They can behave in erratic, dangerous, or puzzling ways when they react from past memories rather than clear present observations.

These influences can also cause them to have anxiety or fear of what’s going to happen to them in the future. This is particularly true of domestic animals, who have to adapt to the physical and emotional stresses and sometimes toxic energies of living with humans.

Their past lifetimes as other animals or as humans can also affect them now. Wild animals can also display the effects of traumas and need to heal not only physically but emotionally.

Needing Closure
Tutu obviously had traumatic experiences as a dog on the street without a stable home or human family. She might have left these experiences behind when she died and immediately experienced peace and expansion in the spiritual realm as most animals I have connected with do when they leave their physical forms.

you found out when you connected with her that she hadn’t fully sorted out and wasn’t done with the trauma she experienced on Earth and wanted help with this.

In communicating with her, you had the opportunity to help her see her unresolved experiences more clearly and let go of the grief and pain she felt, so she could grow and move on as a spirit.

I have experienced other animals in spirit who were stuck or “earthbound” as some call it, and benefited from communication, understanding, and counseling. It is not just their connection or mirroring of their former human companions that causes these stuck points.
These are their own issues that they have created to resolve which helps them evolve on their spiritual journeys.

Be Open to Surprises
There is a danger in animal communicators expecting to receive only what they have previously experienced about animals.

I advise animal communicators to be fully present to each animal they are working with as a new experience without preconceived ideas.

Set aside your past communications with other animals. Be open to the particular thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the animal who is with you now.

Most of all,
be open to surprises. Each animal is unique. You may learn something entirely new.

After I listened to what animals communicated, my consultations were often punctuated by, “Wow, this is amazing!” or “Give me a moment to grasp (the depth or expansiveness of) what the animal is communicating so I can express it clearly,” or “Wait till you hear this!”

One of the hallmarks of good animal communicators is that they are
open to learning from each animal, including human, they meet. This prevents superficial conclusions that are not really filled with the depth that is possible from communicating with animals as individual souls with their own enlightening journeys.

Go for the gold and reach for the root causes of problems and the full range of knowledge the animal has to share. Then you can help animals resolve issues and increase understanding not only between them and their people but in themselves on their soul journeys.

What a wonderful gift that is for the evolution of that special soul and for us all!

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