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How to Ground Disoriented Animals

Lisa Mapes writes:
I was called upon to meet with a dog that I helped in the past. This time I found his behavior so unusual. He seemed to be in another dimension and was very ungrounded. How do you ground someone who is so taken over by another realm? I know food can help, and play with the other dogs, and I know he loves the land. But the energies come over him and he floats away, sometimes ending up down the road in the subdivision! I am amazed with what I am seeing and was wondering if you have had dealings like this? Such a fascinating and powerful situation. The horses honored him and the dogs just allowed him to be, even as he paced or floated through the house at night. When he would look at me he would hold my gaze and look through me. I just feel so honored to know him, to have the experience of him.

Yes, I have been asked to help animals who were so immersed in other realms that they did not function well in the physical world and remained in an expanded but dysfunctional, ungrounded state, partially or wholly disconnected from their bodies. Bodies may be left to run on automatic when beings are not fully connected and in control. They may be jumpy, easily startled, prone to run away, or have behavior and health problems.

With all animals that you are called on to help, it is important to fully communicate with them to find out exactly what is going on from their viewpoint. Get their feelings and thoughts about their situation that their people are concerned about. Find out the details of when the issue started and if it is connected with a traumatic experience. Unite with the animal and feel what it’s like to be in their body from their perspective. Then you will understand better how you can help them.

There are many healing practices that help beings get more grounded, balanced, and stable, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, shamanic soul retrieval, or Reiki, among others. People may not have access to practitioners or be able to afford these therapies for their animals.
There is a simple and free alternative.

I have had good success with
simple grounding practices done with animals in-person or at a distance. You can use these methods to help your own animal companions.

Do-It-Yourself Grounding Methods
Grounding is simply connecting fully to your body and to the earth and orienting to the physical world around you. It helps you feel centered, balanced, solid, stable, strong, healthy, and able to fulfill your purposes.

Each of these three simple methods helps animals orient and connect to their bodies and the earth and can be repeated daily or as needed. (Find more about how to do these methods and what to expect in the
Animal Communication Mastery Series recording Healing and Counseling with Animals)

Dog with paws on back on another dog
Grounding Touch
Let the animal know that you’d like to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable through touching them.

With the animal’s permission and according to their comfort, place one or two hands, or one or two fingers (particularly for smaller animals) on their body. Some animals may be more comfortable if you have your hands or fingers at a distance of inches or even feet from their body. It will work the same.

The animal may be standing, seated, or lying down.

Start touching at the top and base of the skull or, if they are not comfortable with head contact right away, at the top of their shoulders. Use a firm, steady pressure.

Ask the animal to feel your hand(s) or finger with each touch (speaking aloud or telepathically). Thank the animal for doing so.

Lift your hand(s) or finger slowly and move along to the next spot, like the top of the shoulders, progressing to the base of the spine, tail, down the legs, and to their feet and toes.

Visualize their scattered, ungrounded, or stuck energy moving along with your hands and going down into the earth. Continue until you can feel the animal is more relaxed and stable.

Sweep your hands gently above the animal from head to tail and legs to toes. Once may be enough or a few times if needed.

Shake your hands downward to release any residual ungrounded energy to the earth.

Connecting Body Parts
Another method to assist grounding and healing is to form a connecting energy bridge between different body parts with your hands or fingers. As with the grounding touch technique, this can be done with hands on or off the body.

You can start by placing one hand or finger on the animal’s forehead or top of the head and one on the base of the skull. Or choose whatever body parts to bridge first that the animal accepts easily, using a pressure that is comfortable for the animal.

Other good connecting points:
One hand on the base of the skull and one hand on the base of the spine above the tail.
One shoulder and one foot.
Any body part to each foot.

End when the animal is very relaxed.

Orientation Technique
This method is especially helpful for animals (including humans) who are frightened, confused, semi-conscious, dizzy, disoriented, anxious, or in any way ungrounded.

focus animals in their present environment by pointing out objects for them to look at, one by one, and thanking them for each time that they comply.

You can say,
"Look at that (door, tree, fence, car, or other object)," and point with your finger at the object.

Normally animals will glance at what you point out. If animals can't concentrate well, and they don't look where you're pointing, you can gently and briefly guide their heads in the right direction.

Just acknowledge that they have looked at the object, no matter how quickly or subtly, and repeat "Look at that ____," pointing to another object.

Repeat until the animal is calmer if they were frightened or upset, or more alert and conscious in the present environment if they were semi-conscious or disoriented. It usually takes five to ten repetitions, but can take more or less. When your animal friends are more focused and content, end off and thank them for participating.

All of these methods can be done at a distance by connecting with the animal and visualizing their bodies in their space or in front of you. You can also use a surrogate, such as a stuffed animal to touch during the process, intending that the process is happening with the animal.

The Anchor
Lisa, your dog friend may have a special mission to accomplish on Earth and these grounding practices will help him to do so. You might also want to check if his name is right for him.

My former orange tabby companion had a specific reason for giving himself the name, Sherman, when he started his life with me as a kitten. He told me he was from an angelic realm of beings who were commissioned to come into form to help beings on Earth. His exalted spiritual state required him to be very grounded or he would just pop out of connection with his body and not be able to function here.

He chose “Sherman” as a solid name
to help him anchor to the Earth while he brought in golden light energies throughout and beyond his cat life. Master Sherman thoroughly enjoyed his almost 22 years in cat form. He continues to work through many other cat counterparts on Earth, who are bringing in golden-orange angelic light to help raise spiritual awareness and loving consciousness for our planetary evolution.

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