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Remembering How to Hear Animals

Article written by Kate Brower (now Solisti) for Species Link Issue 10, Winter 1993 about her animal communication journey

As a young child I heard plants, animals, and minerals speaking to me. I thought everybody could hear them. I quickly learned that this was not the case.

Hearing over and over, "It's just your imagination, dear" made me doubt the truth of my deeper connection. In order to be accepted by family and friends, I shut down my ability to hear. I tried to forget what I had heard, but somehow always remembered conversations with my cat.

As an adult I longed to "hear" my animal friends again, but I had no idea how to reawaken this ability. A friend told me about Penelope. I sent immediately for her book,
Animal Talk, and devoured it. I thought, "If she can do it, I can too—I think. Unfortunately, thinking gets you nowhere, and Penelope's workshops were too far away for me. At this point I realized that animal communication is a matter of the heart.

I began working on my own,
removing the emotional blocks that I knew were preventing me from being open. All of those years of people telling me, "You can't, "That's impossible, and "Don't be ridiculous, took some time to erase. As we entered our thirties, my husband and I began personal growth work to heal our marriage—another matter of the heart. We spent seven intensive months removing anger, emotional pain, and old belief systems. Our lives and marriage improved greatly. Happiness, once so elusive, became a reality.

In January of 1992, while taking a course in Reiki healing, I met a professional psychic who invited me to become his apprentice. I was flabbergasted! Apparently, my personal growth work had resulted in a reawakening of my psychic abilities.

As we worked together, I was amazed at what I could sense. I allowed myself to receive details of his mother's childhood and origins of his favorite crystals. Then I opened a strong connection with my own spirit guide. Finally, my friend and teacher asked me, "What do you want to do with your abilities?" I responded, “I want to hear animals and plants again.” My husband and he had given me the support and encouragement that I needed. Now it was time to go do it!

Golden Retriever with tree background
He sent me to one of his own clients to help her figure out what was wrong with her Golden Retriever. To my delight, I was able to hear the dog, who shared with me a traumatic event from his past. I described it to his person, and all the pieces fell together for them both. The dog forgave her instantly, once the misunderstanding was cleared up. His health steadily improved from that point on. Wow, I was doing it! I was communicating! Now what?

In order to practice my reawakened ability, I decided to volunteer at my veterinarian’s clinic. I practiced Reiki healing and animal communication with recovering animals. For me this turned out to be fabulous practice. The animals really wanted someone to talk to, So I listened, reassured them, and helped them physically with Reiki.

My confidence grew, and the work expanded. Soon people began to call me. Word spread, and I was featured in a statewide Sunday newspaper. Now I am pursuing animal communication full time. I am happier than I have ever been, and I learn more with each conversation.

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT.
Be patient, practice listening, and clear out the emotional blocks. With a strong commitment, you'll reawaken in your own time and in your own way. Trust the process. Soon you'll become a link to the past and a powerful influence on the future as you help animals and people understand each other.

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