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Are Cats Cruel When They Hunt?

We just came home to find our cat had captured a chipmunk and was torturing her until I got hold of her and returned her outside. Can you please tell us why cats appear to want the pain of capturing and eating a fellow animal to linger? Why do they "play" with the creature? It looks so cruel to us. How does the cat consciousness explain this?

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SARS-CoV-2 Virus Question

It seems possible, if not probable, that this virus form was created in a lab as part of "gain of function" research. If so, what can the viruses share about our human intervention in their own natural mutation process. How do they view our genetic lab work? I must admit I have less faith in humans than the viruses in this regard! Thanks in advance for sharing any communication that you might be able to receive! Dave Carman

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Ancient Redwood Friends

Have you ever had the feeling when you’ve just met someone who you instantly and deeply connect with that you’ve known them for eons and lived many lives together? That’s how I feel about my friends, the giant redwood trees, especially the elders.

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Who is Listening?

Honoring my dog companion, Belinda’s passage into spirit November 1, 2018

I hear the breathing
I feel the pulsing
All around.

Some say no one is listening
To our prayers
Our desires
For peace, freedom, love

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