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The Big Storm & the Little Rabbit

I live in the Sonoran Desert in a rural area north of Phoenix, Arizona on beautiful land surrounded by mountains and filled with an amazing array of wild animals.

Summer brings Monsoon, when a shift in wind direction from dry westerly to moist southerly winds brings a season punctuated by big winds, lightning and thunder storms and flash floods. The last two summers have been excruciating dry, a drought exacerbated by very little rain last winter. We hoped for a good rainy season this summer.

The first big rain of the monsoon brought a surprise to my door.

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How to Ground Disoriented Animals

Lisa Mapes writes:
I was called upon to meet with a dog that I helped in the past. This time I found his behavior so unusual. He seemed to be in another dimension and was very ungrounded. How do you ground someone who is so taken over by another realm? I know food can help, and play with the other dogs, and I know he loves the land. But the energies come over him and he floats away, sometimes ending up down the road in the subdivision! I am amazed with what I am seeing and was wondering if you have had dealings like this? Such a fascinating and powerful situation. The horses honored him and the dogs just allowed him to be, even as he paced or floated through the house at night. When he would look at me he would hold my gaze and look through me. I just feel so honored to know him, to have the experience of him.

Yes, I have been asked to help animals who were so immersed in other realms that they did not function well in the physical world and remained in an expanded but dysfunctional, ungrounded state, partially or wholly disconnected from their bodies. Bodies may be left to run on automatic when beings are not fully connected and in control. They may be jumpy, easily startled, prone to run away, or have behavior and health problems.

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